You are buying a Cayman S, do you choose:

You are buying a Cayman S, do you choose:

>flat six NA
>turbo 2.4l - 18 seconds faster on (((Nurberger))), but poor sound

>choosing the less fun car based on its time around a track you will never drive
Get the previous gen mane

If Porsche wants to make 4 cylinder cars, it should be the V4 from the 919 LMP.

you can coyote or ls swap the previous gen, is this one capable?


>Mk3 981 Cayman GT4
>Mk4 982 Cayman S
>Mk4 982 Cayman
>Mk3 981 Cayman S
>Mk3 981 Cayman
>All Boxster variants below here

Flat6 N/A's sound is not extraordinarily worse or better than a Flat4 turbo imo, so it's not a deciding factor for me.

isnt the time on the track indicative of all around better performance?

Get an older cayman s or a 997 911.


only an idiot would buy a car based on its performance round a track

new type r is faster around the track kek fwd is king

Manual flat-6 for muh feels.
PDK flat-4 turbo for laptimes.

Love my Flat 6. I don't think Porsche has had a lot success moving them Flat 4's. Imo.

It's irrelevant unless you are going to go racing in it.

Back in the day the Turbo was both the fastest Porsche and the only with a Turbo. Today every Porsche has a Turbo and the fastest Porsche is the only one without a Turbo, the GT3 RS. Until the GT2 comes out anyway.

Really makes the synapses light up.

I'd still take the 718 because it's lighter and more powerful, not even a debate.

>inb4 flat six turbo GT4

>flat six turbo GT4
I wanna see the GT2 RS powerplant in a Cayman.

I'd chose the one that sounds and looks better.

>>Veeky Forums

Or turn it around to get a mid-engined GT2.

flat six for reliability and sound. I've heard the flat six version with a borla exhaust and it was pure sex.

Basically. A lighter, mid-engined GT2, can you imagine the mad machine that would be?

The GT2 RS I'd gonna weigh less than 1500kg, the Cayman 981 weighed 1450kg, and that was without turbo and intercooler and shit.


Fucking phone

Take all the weight saving stuff from the GT2 RS and apply it to a Cayman. I'd say the smaller car would end up lighter.

My dad has a base Cayman with the flat six.

Hands down, flat six. That car sounds so fucking good.

>18 seconds faster
Worth it.

Sure but better performance isn't even close to the same thing as more fun.

M8, if you keep this up you're gonna end up with a Radical SR8 LM.

I'd rather have a GT2 RS than a Cayman with the powertrain of the GT2 RS. Let's wait and see where a new GT4 fits in, if they ever make one.

6 cylinder cayman for established adults
4 cylinder for gofast boyracers

What would be the price of a brand new Cayman S that would be quicker than the GTS? Also I bet that one of the best 6 cylinder Caymans will keep its price better than the first gen 4 cylinder.

The flatsix 2016 Cayman GTS are still being sold for very high prices it seems to me

4 banger because i like how subarus sound
better question is ceramic rotors or not

Are you talking about unused ones? All I can find in EU are pre-owned ones from 68 to 85k euros.

beautiful color. i kind of like it more with the wing though

>I prefer the Porsche 718 over the Porsche 981 because I like the sound of Subarus
I don't even have an adequate reaction image holy fucking shit.

ya that color is sick,

no i am in the market for slightly used ones

>buying a car because of it's lap time on a meme track
No one is this retarded, right? Flat six all the way


Seems like the prices are the same. Do you have a point tho?

what do you mean?

Sorry, I thought that you are the other guy that trolled me for not liking the new Cayman. It's confusing with all of you, Anonymooses.

Does anyone have experience or knows what is going on with these auctions?

Presumably someone bought it, had it delivered, drove it for a bit, but then it ends up at an auction.

I know lots of cars go to auctions, but can I get a quick rundown on this?

That's a nice 240z you've got there!

>That's a nice 240z you've got there!

That was me, left a trip on.

Not talking about performance, you putz

Anyway, look at them from the same rear angle, it's a nice comparison imo