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/sthg/ #731 - Sonic FORCES you to fight for the Resistance Edition

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Xth for best girl.

Second for RADICAL theories

>Apparently, Sonic Mania looks like it will have at least 23 stages.
This is incorrect. The words magazine said years, not stages. 23 years since the last Classic game.

On a certain site

On a certain board

In the last post

Of the last thread

You'll find all you need to know

>implying cunt bird is best anything

Depends if it's cringey deviantart humor or not.

Either post it here or fuck off.

Huh, found it.
>posted a month ago


>Sonic Forces is internet guild-based, hence the name
>Complete side missions to get your custom faction growing

That wouldn't make much sense since this is obviously a 2-sides fight.

>post it here
Spoonfed generation, everybody

So what's potentially the best plot and the worst we could get for Forces?

She's only a cunt in the original Riders though.

Well, at least Flynn has experience writing donut steels

No one gives a shit about your cryptic riddles.


Eggman wins and kills everyone.

Post it for god's sake.


For now

99% of the Earth being conquered means it must be liberated, plus competing teams fighting for their own objectives are a thing since Knuckles first appearance.


>Sonic Runners Adventure Rumor!
>and WILL be revealed at E3 2017!
>Sonic Forces Japan Site lists a date for friday 4/14/17! Could be new content.
Stop with the fake pseudo-professional enthusiasm. That's so reddit.

Like, Shadow having a "witty" retort between him and Sonic.

What if for forces, Sonic & Friends acted like your mentors for your own OC's like Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

>The hero is Soni-NO THE HERO IS YOU!

O shit


i mean... those that have found it, has it been correct so far?

>I'm Sonic, and so are you. He's both of us, together.

Then how did literally 8-10 people make that mistake in the last two threads?
If you're actually right then I apologize.

Post. It.

This is not Mega Man Battle Network, where you're like "Oh it's a secret, I won't tell cause I want you to find it ;)))"

Wait what the fuck? Was that before or after SXSW?

There is nothing to post.

Two people on SSMB have said that the kanji says years.

Well since everyone is going to be fucking cryptic so we can't discuss it, let's go back to posting waifus.

Waifus are always good

>Tails... I'm already a speed demon

We can discuss it though. Apparently someone either leaked plot relevant info a month early or a bullshitter got real lucky.

>you will never hold Amy to your chest against the starry night sky

Cream would make a nice daughter.

>That end game moral
No names saving the day and we don't get a hip new character.

Thanks for reminding me to replay BN3


I think I may have found it.
I'm playing the first one currently. Regarding program advances (I believe they're called that), is it just a case of experimentation with chips?

That was what made BN so fun. Everyone was an asshole or a comedian or both.

So I'm being rused by a samefag?


Best girl!


Seems like the weeaboo ruse of the sekrit moonrune breaking news

It is. You can look em up yourself if you want but otherwise you may have to do a bit of experimenting. I don't remember much about the first game but I do know in the later games at least, you're occasionally given hints on what chips work. The formula for the basic ones tends to just be "three of the same chip with the codes in alphabetical order"


So this image spammer was actually legit then?

Sonic characters should have unlockable skins in the games. Like Amy gets more cute outfits, like Roll in MMPU.

>the third character is actually Green Hill Zone

As someone who's been playing since the start, I really don't comprehend how people like Amy outside of the comics.

Some people find her cute I suppose.

Most people tend to care about characters because of their design, or because of a few personality traits they have.

The people who like Amy probably nut to every panty-shot the games give them.

>Never been to the reddit
>Apparently adding exclamation points automatically makes it reddit tier

Sorry that I was enthusiastic about the TONS of unscheduled news we got randomly on an unexpected date.

>not Green Hill the Zone the ultimate zone created 26 years ago back to keep a promise it once made

How can you nut to anthro, I find Amy really cute but I just can't feel any kind of attraction to her.


Because she's cute, and before Heroes she wasn't a waste of space and actually tried to be somewhat independent.

Also because in Advance she plays differently enough to Sonic, Tails and Eggman to justify her being playable while still being fun.

I'm going to click on the Embed for that Sonic Runners Adventure video, and if it's some random literal who youtuber shouting "WHOA HEY GUYS SONICLOVER233 HERE WITH BIIIIIIIIIG NEWS" I am going to close this tab, open a new tab, return to /sthg/ and call every single one of you a retarded niggerfaggot.
Why not just link to one of the hundreds of articles written on Sonic fansites about the game leak?

>Green Hill the Zone gives Eggman the power to destroy the world
>so he can remake it in his image when he's done
>every level is Green Hill

Why is classic sonic starting in green hill zone again?

This is after generations right?

Shouldn't he be at Sonic 2? Emerald Hill Zone?

Or did we really reset all of Classic Sonic's character development from Generations so he'll be an even more one dimensional character?

There's your explanation.
She was still a waste of space. All she did in SA1 was make Gamma kill himself and in SA2 set Sonic free from his cell, which would have probably been done by Tails if she weren't there.

Is it safe to post again? Did the Forces autism stop?

Because that's TailsChannel, who is actually affiliated with Sega.

Greenic Hillenburg the Zone Cop
Look guys, Archie shit in the games again! :^)

Actually are Zone Cops in general even part of the post-SGW universe or were they Pendered too along with Zonic the character

This. I can understand why people may not like her, but when she's written well and not being overshadowed by her crush, she's enjoyable in my opinion.

>Blaze 3
>Holding up 4 fingers

>Blaze 3 fingers on pointing to Mega Drive

If he was actually "affiliated with Sega" he wouldn't be posting about a rumored leak. He wouldn't be able to discuss anything that hasn't been officially revealed.

well is blaze in it

He doesn't work for them. There's no NDA on the line. But he does moderate the Twitch channel, and he's collaborated with Aaron on a ton of shit.

Is he right?


Pendered. We know there is definitely a multiverse (which comprises of Archie's Sonic X, Sonic Boom, the games, and then Archie/Sonic's World Prime much like the old continuity) and then an extra layer which includes the multiverses of Mega Man and Street Fighter among others, but no mention is made of the Zone Cops or anyone maintaining such a thing.

>obese fat tails


I cannot believe I'm saying this, but Green Hill in Lego Dimensions looks better.

Is Sticks being aroused?


That's not "affiliated with Sega", that's "picked by their PR guy to mod the Twitch channel that is ran exclusively by the PR guy and also in contact with said PR guy but doesn't discuss anything related to insider info". AKA "Pretending to be e-famous".
I'll take this opportunity to refer you to the "Weird Al" Yankovic song "Lame Claim to Fame". Good song. Music video's not that great though.

Didn't know there was Sticks fanart in 2003!

My point is that the info in the video is legit.

How do we know Sonic X is still around? It's probably as gone as Underground.

Has Sega always been shit with leaks? I've known plot details since January and apparently so have a bunch of other people.

They let shit leak on purpose.

In the second demo for Generations they left in nothing but the credits music, because they knew Retro would comb through it.

What info? That a game was leaked by Gameloft?
Again, could've easily gotten that from a Sonic news website article.
Anything else is pure speculation and the guy having some e-dick points doesn't make it true.
Still not giving him views.

Theoretically you can consider X and Underground to be still around because Sega still owns the rights, they'll just never pop up in the main continuity.


That was before the Pendering, which was stated in-universe to have changed every aspect of all of reality, right down to the molecules. They might as well be dead.

Still, it'd be nice to get another crossover between the X and main comics. Shadow pretending to be his dead X version was neat.


>Archie was part of the original continuity's multiverse
>Got a reboot shortly after Sonic did

The Pendering just got rid of everything Sega doesn't concretely have the rights to. But there's a difference between having the rights to something and feeling there's a decent story to be told around something.

It's on /fast/.

Is there even a Sabrina comic anymore?
And what about those superheroes or whatever that were in that one Sonic Super Special?
Actually those weren't even owned by Archie, were they?