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best girl


Best girl is in that image, but it is not Ohya

RyujiXAnn objectively the best ship

Good post. Ohya a cute

Does fortified moxy stack with apt pubil? how good is it?

>Omega Quintet coming to PC via Steam in 2017

>Nights of Azure 2 coming to Switch

>Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star coming to Switch

Persona 5 on PC/SWITCH is just a matter of time at this point.

You guys better play the game while you can because soon it will not be an exclusive anymore.



Calm down Ryujee a friend of mine started my save on SAFE and saw too much EXP and Money was given so i started a new game on Easy

There's a guide for P5 for maxing out everything in first run and plenty of autists around here bragging about finishing dungeons underleveled and on the first day they go in.

Any tips?

Sadayo freaking out when you confess is super cute.

>You guys better play the game while you can because soon it will not be an exclusive anymore.

Does the game automatically delete itself from my PS4 library once they bring it to PC or something?

How does one get into the restaurant on Shido's ship?

Go talk to people, one of them will say they dropped their membership card at a bar, then check the bars, it's at one of them.

Woah, hey guys

Cool. Thanks.

>3 kusoge titles going to Switch/Steam

Guys please, whoever you prefer Ann or Makoto, let's agree on one thing.

How beautiful Goro is.

I mean shit, never seen a villain that hot before, it makes me question my heterosexuality.

If only he was real...


God Tier: Lavenza, Makoto, Haru
Good tier: Kawakami, Tae, Hifumi
OK tier: Futaba, Ann
Shit tier: Ohya, Chihaya


Until you get the SP accessories you'll have to rely a lot on physical attacks and items for SP recovery and healing to preserve it. It's a pretty tough thing to do but it's possible.


Why do I get a prompt saying Mega wants to store files on this device when I try to download the P5 OST? I hardly ever use Mega.

>cure all non-special aliments

What are the special aliments that this doesn't cure?

Lala a cute

Stuff that only shows up once like Madarame's paint status, etc.

Fuck off Goro

Terrible, terrible list.
Here's a better one.
God Tier: Lavenza, Kawakami, Haru
Good tier: Makoto, Tae, Hifumi, Futaba, Makoto
OK Tier: Ann, Chihaya, Ohya.
No shit tier.

Haru is FUCKING trash.


Here's your (you)

>He wouldn't haru Haru's harus
more for me

Official Waifu List:
OK Tier: Kawakami, Ohya, Chihaya, Tae
FBI Watch List Tier: Makoto, Ann, Haru, Hifumi
Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 Tier: Lavenza, Futaba

Why do people like Makoto, besides dat ass? She's fucking boring.

Better list

God Tier: My Waifu
Shit Tier: You're Waifu

Reposting my response

This game isn't as easy to one day dungeons like P4 and there's no easy way to replenish SP (especially at first), so it encourages you to WORLD OF STRENGTH everything until you get to resist and reflect physical demons.
Just go with physicals and try to save SP for healing or light knockdown use. Stealthing around enemies if you want, but you'll lose out on exp doing this. Fuse personas. Don't be afraid to use your limited ammo gun, just don't go rambo on one enemy. Abuse negociations to end battles early or gain money/items. Buy the SP items in the vending machines in early game

but we have the same waifu

t. My Waifufag
You're Waifu is clearly better.

Lavenza's so cute, holy shit

I don't really she is boring, she's just the kind of character I like.

Every character has their own demographic. I, for one, don't really get what people see in Futaba, even though shes' also very popular.


So where the hell is Ann during the day? Do you need stats for her link?

Is Haru the most boring, pointless party member in JRPG history

She isn't funny, she isn't serious, she isn't smart, she isn't dumb, she isn't pretty, she isn't ugly..... She is just kind of there...Boring as toast.

She was terribly introduced, has absolutely no chemistry with any of the other characters and her social link is about growing a garden? ROFL...

Fail character.

Guys please, whoever you prefer Ann or Makoto, let's agree on one thing.

How beautiful Goro is.

I mean shit, never seen a villain that hot before, it makes me question my heterosexuality.

If only he was real...

I agree, everyone was like Batman, and the only one who wasn't like Batman was the character everyone hates and forgets.


M-mosquitto man?

>mfw I can play it on handhelds when P5C comes

Lavenza x Justine x Coroline when

Underground Mall and I don't remember


>Rank 10 of any SL

Mask on.
Fuck it, mask off.

Rate me

Name: Pepe Trump Jr
Team name: Hitler's Chosen


>Joker X Makoto
>Ryuji X Ann
>Yusuke X Art
>Futaba X Camwhore watchers
>Haru X New Fiance
>Morgana X Stray Cats

>eating Ramen with Makoto
>"your here with me"
>she raise her fist in the air and thanks me
Best girl.

Shitposting loudly/10

Straight ahead from the Underground Mall spawn point and lvl 2 kindness.

She's literally the cutest girl. Why won't anyone hire her?

Cause she looks weird with her hair done up.

is 5th palace meant to be easy? im on hard and it seems easier than others

Is there some type of events you can have with her or is she just going t obe there for the last 3-4 hours of the game?

I finished strength arcana too.


>When you've maxed all your stats but nobody is available to hang out

So if I downloaded all the free DLC, then installed the game, when do I actually get access to it?
I couldn't see Jap dub options or Merciless difficulty anywhere.

>Futaba when you clear her dungeon in a day

she just going t obe there for the last 3-4 hours of the game
and has maybe 30 minutes of screentime

Try restarting the game on your PS4.

You should be able to choose the Japanese audio either from the config menu or by pressing triangle on one of your save files to switch from ENG to JPN

You have to pour Boiling Hot melted butter inside your PS4, Trust me, I work for Twitch Support.

>or by pressing triangle on one of your save files to switch from ENG to JPN
Only from the title screen, you can't change audio from within a loaded game.
Or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I'm PS3.
Does that change anything?

Mehh... at the end only The World Arcana. Minato is still the strongest hero of the series Persona.

That means to piss in the butter before you pour it in.

True it makes sense that it would have to load the Japanese audio from loading it up. I think you can only change it on the config menu at the main menu as well.

It shouldn't matter, I don't think. Try checking the download and restarting the console.

holy fuck why did they have to make Mona so god damn annoying

>tfw my dick grew 2 inches since I started getting 12 hours of sleep a day


How did I get locked out of Tae's romance even though I flirted every chance I got etc?

where can i find the dlc that i bought?



It's pretty fucking obvious you can date her in rank 9. You must be retarded.

The homeless assassin was not wrong


Did everyone just forget how much more annoying Teddie was?

You can get locked out of romances? I didn't even TRY to romance literally anyone and I still got the Rank 9 scene for literally every girl.

Yeah, but thing is.
I double checked, and chose all the right choices, but nah.

I wish you could form a Confidant with Lala. She sounds interesting and she's so nice.

Spent 10000 yen on an affinity reading and nothing happened? Is this random or are there limits?

I don't think it's possible. If yo ucheck, choose the right options, it's date time. Joker himself say you need to be careful.

Teddy was not always with you

>Makes a DIO reference
>doesn't even have a 'Yare yare daze' or similar counter-reference as the response
Shit dub. 0/10.

>"You performed Sodomy with... Makoto?"

The readings don't guarantee a rank up, they just give you some affinity. Sounds like you're still below the threshold or trying to advance a locked SL.

I wish you could do crossdressing at Crossroads.

Yes, they did, because they just remember Teddie's funny moments.

At least Morgana's kind of a cunt in-game, and people get sick of his shit, whereas the IT would just let Teddie run wild.

Should have been a romance option desu.

I want to do Makoto's SLink and romance solely for the purposes of pissing off Sae even more.

There really should be an option to secretly romance Sae and cuck Makoto though.

I just thought of something, could it be because I have a physical copy that's doing something with the installation?
It's been ages since I touched a PS console so I've kinda forgotten everything.

Why is Sae such a bitch to her sister?

Telling the student council president to grow up seems ridiculous.

Affinity is 5000 and gives immediate bonus points to confidant. When you do it she either says "That's all for today" meaning next hang out won't rank up or "you might even be able to better your friendship" meaning next event is a rank up. Depending on how you do links and if you do or do not use matching personae one reading might not be enough. At some point most if not all links lock behind a Mementos mission, so you have to do that before you can keep the link going

Chase a check, never chase a bitch