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Tharja is a niggerbitch and will never be canon while FE's Lightning exists.

Breed Tiki!

Azura is shit

I want to drug Tiki's drink and watch her pass out as I scoop her limp body in my arms and fondle her giant boobs, lick her neck, then take her dragonstone and tie her to my bed and throw myself on her, rubbing my hands up and down her thighs while i bury my face in her chest

What would you do to her if you found her like this, /feg/?

tiki is


Which is the real thread.
This or

Reminder that every Tiki is best Tiki, even if IS prefers the little one themselves.


Neither, since the previous thread still hasn't hit bump limit, and now we're stuck splitting our attention between three threads until mods come to delete them all. This is why early threads are a bad idea.



Hector a best

What should I do with my spare 5-star Lucina?

Is it better to merge her with the one that has better stat distribution or have someone else inherit her abilities?

Python is hot

Nintendo think they slick

.A cute girl will never give you this kind of attention.

Is your other Lucina fully SIed?
Get some skills you want on the other Lucina and merge.

Am I supposed to feed everything to Marcus on FE6's hard mode? Because every other dude I have gets shat on by axemen.

Didn't they ban one of the generals from Veeky Forums? If /feg/ can't stop doing this shit they should just ban the general from being created at all.


Fe 6 hardmode is brutal. Just be smart and turtle. use terrain completely to your advantage. Use units you KNOW you won't be using later to help whittle down units.

I haven't merged or tried inheriting anything yet, so you're saying I should just use the one I don't want to boost the other one's stats?

I don't think you can ban a general unless it's for something that has its own board(i.e. Pokemon), they probably just banned all the users who usually make threads for that specific general for flooding up the place.

Which general got banned?

I want to kill Celica

Save until you want to inherit skills. It's alot easier to get SP on the level 1 one.

You can delete your post, but you can't delete the fact that you fucked up.

Ah yes, it's all coming back to me now.

What to do with 2 Ninos?
>Use both
>Farm HMs
>Send home
>Pass skills to someone else


Roy and Eliwood actually have very nice stats and growths. The problem is the fact that both of them promote so fucking late.

Send them both home. I'm sure the children she abandoned are missing her.

He has good growth rates for the game he's in. His bases, late promotion and the fact that every mission is a escort mission is what makes him seem worst than he actually is.

+Atk -Res and +Atk -Spd

Feed everything to your cavs and then to Rutger. Maybe Lugh could be worth too. The rest are not important in the early game which is the hardest part of the game.


best special for nino?

Never forget.



Draconic Aura.


Moonbow is literally the only option due to blades special trigger increasing.


Why not moonbow?

>give Kagero Fury
>she murders everyone


What the fuck is this unfunny garbage.

this shit makes absolutely no sense to me

if 2&4 are armored units and 1&3 non-flying/calvary with draw back, will the team be stuck like in second pic ?

trying to come up with funny defense baits...

It's azurafag "humor"

yay or nay? TA, Blue tomebreaker, threaten res and moonbow seems like it'll make him strong

Robin has fallen out of the meta significantly.

It feels as though it gets longer and more expanded every thread

Not necessarily. If red 3 has WTA against blue 1, for example, it might try to go left because it thinks it'll eventually have a more favorable match-up.

Melee units move before ranged units, so you want to make sure 1 and 3 are ranged. From there, it's kinda hard to be sure that they'll move evenly like you want them to, but I give it a solid "probably."

Argument for:
"It's part of the game's challenge and the maps are designed around it, one of the more notable aspects of Binding Blade is its difficulty."

Argument against:
"The late promotion comes too late to be helpful, you can beat the game without even using him at all outside of seize until you need him for the final hit on Idoun."

Vengeance if you're using her properly

binding blade's difficulty comes from its shit hitrates and fragile units, not actually good game design like Conquest

you're absolutely right but you're going to be flooded by >conquest >good and etc now

Don't throw stones from a glass house.

>good game design

Nice meme

The game gives you the tools to win.
Use them.

No, Binding Blade's difficulty comes from enemy reinforcements appearing at the end of your turn.

>Perfect triangle coverage

If it can be beaten dealing with shitty hitrates and fragile units, it was probably built around being able to be beaten despite(or because) of shitty hitrates and fragile units. The only dumb thing is reinforcements moving at the same time as they show up, but they always give warning for those aside from the thieves that come to jank all the treasures from castle maps.

Most of Hidari's guys are smoking hot t b h.

Am I supposed to know what you mean by this? I was just saying the comic makes no sense to me.

Meme how? Linde is objectively a better blue mage. Azura and Ninian provide better utility, and then units like Ephraim and Effie are just more well rounded blue units in general. So even if you dont own Linde Azura/Ninian with Ephraim/Effie is going to be your blue units anyways. There is no space for M Robin anymore.

Not to mention Reinhardt exists now and shits on Takumi a million times harder than Robin ever did. Hell I would say even Bunnycina is better than Robin.

>Deathblow on Ephraim.
Fucking lol
>Drawback on Nino
>Darting Blow on Nino
>Olivia instead of Azura/Ninian.

this bitch just took your orb!

how will you get it back?

Add a lvl 2 special to olivia and report on what rating you get matched up to in arena

The ninja brothers are showing up.

Draw Back is still very useful on offense. Its only considered bad on defense and because of ardent sacrifice/desperation memes.

It works for what it does. Fury on Ephraim would be better, but I don't have Fury Fodder.

Once this season ends, Nino is also getting Blucina's Sparrow skill.

>Not wanting a perfect triangle.

Linde was always the best blue mage, but she's still not on a focus banner to try rolling for intentionally. All the others short of Azura were though. Robin M being common at least means he'll be easier to merge without needing to whale on a focus banner, and there's still not too many other blues good for tanking arrows and Kagero with or without Triangle Adept. Cavmages normally won't have to since they'll nuke her on player phase, someone crazy enough to slap Blue Tomebreaker on Kagero might be able to take out Linde if she keeps her default tome, but that's rare.

If anything, it's the advent of good greens screwing RobinM over, Nino and Cecilia are common as fuck, Minerva was finally featured on a few banners, and Spring Camilla is a staple on flying teams often coming in either blade or raven flavors, either of which can often 1 shot many blues, including him and his mediocre res.

No Regrets.
Its what Takumi would have wanted.

It's the usual Shitzurafag logic, ignore him.

That is fucking disgusting, both the character and the setup.

anyone have the next banner picture?


Actually it was anti logic that was spun on them.

Does pity % reset when a new banner comes along? Or does it carry over?


Axebreaker seems like a waste unless you're using her on a non-flier team, mine is +Spd so flierbuffs are enough to double most of the axes I'd need to make 2 hits with her to deal with, Minerva might be an exception but her Res is garbage, especially with Life and Death and "optimal" IVs so any that survive are liable to be taken out by either a Brave Lance or my own Minerva in one attack with how little HP they'll have left.

>25 speed

It doesn't even carry over to other banners that are active at the same time.

The .25% increase per 5 units you roll that aren't 5 stars.


Take away more of her clothes


I just replaced my Julia with her on my team from last season. I had Axebreaker from before I put Close Counter on her to kill Hectors. May replace it with Vantage.

The maps this Pvp round really seem to favor fliers though.

Holy shit I completely forgot Rinka existed.
I remember everyone suddenly stopped circlerjerking about her being the best waifu of all time when she was shown to be hot garbage in-game.

How are you taking screenshots? Is there a way to take screenshots with a hacked 3DS?

>5 star selena

Fates works with miiverse. You could just use the NTR plugin if you hacked it, though.

So Celica is going to get her own banner on the future, right?