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First for four door skyline

Trading up the LS2 for a 13B

I actually started building the twingo on redditcanvas and had to buy the sticker

me too actually lol after working on it all night I said fuck it

Nice. My original plan was just a row of twingos but I like the other cars.

/mlp/ rebuilt the cars for us by the paintings. That middle spot is going to be too hard to handle.

Can I be cool now?

i feel like i need a smug porsche-tan and/or an "angry-doggo" toyota-san

needs more downforce to be cool

where to buy cool stickers for whatever car i might buy in the future?

If some user could make an Asuka sticker for my ae86 I'd love you forever. Or if you can link to one already made. Preferably not just a vector of a doujin or some shit, I could make that myself.

I figured I'd let you boys make fun of me.
Bought this today, cutting the check on Monday. Paid 14250 on what was 14863 on the windshield.
I read the sticky and got no ammo for negotiating, if you can even call it that. No noise, no leaking. Ran fine. I needed something that can handle snow and didn't have a lot of time to look. I had 14 hours to be exact. It has 82k miles.
How'd I do?

If that's burgerbux you overpaid

My dad has a 2007. Has been very reliable it's honestly not that bad to drive.

I'm buying a miats and I'll eventually itasha it with my waifu and I'm gonna go for a custom plate. But what to put on the plate? Is it the worst kind of cringeworthy to just have her name on there? Not in a "do normalfags care" way- I don't give a fuck. But like, am I honoring her properly by having her name on my numberplate? It seems like there's a better way.

it depends on the waifu

It's Samus. Inb4 criticism, I'm not one of those zero suit fags. I loved her when she still wore power armor and was 6ft tall.

Anyway, I was thinking I'd name it after her ship but her ship never had a name. I could put unrelated other stuff from one of the games, like TALLON IV or something, but it has nothing to do with her personally. HUNTER is obviously taken. GUNSHIP is also. Surprisingly SAMUS isn't taken, but S ARAN is. I just feel she's such a well-known character that it'd look stupid.

If Samus isn't taken and you can get it then go for it my guy

also patrician taste

What's going on with Imouto and Boba? Seems like Boba is a little upset over the Satania sticker?

SPACHNTR - space hunter
JSTNBALY - justin bailey
CHOZOYFU - chozo waifu
ZBESRBST - zebes or bust


JSTNBALY is pretty good, but I just remembered my folder full of these dumbass comics.


dude if I saw a Samus itasha with a TUUUUBES plate my sides would be in orbit.

get someone to make you some space pirate stickers and slap 'em on the intake piping under the hood.

Thanks you for all your feedback last thread guys!
Ill be sure to order a good number of freedom slaps, along with a selection of the downhill vhs and strike witches slaps!

could've aimed for something sporty that was AWD

he made a big deal out of throwing away imouto's stickers because s(he) makes fun of autism with the sticker. Then I guess said you could just buy it off redbubble or that she stole it from redbubble?

Yeah. If I had more time to look I might have but it has all the shit I wanted.
I learned a lot. Next time I'll be prepared.

Check pastebin
What were you thinking? I do commissions sometimes.

hey guys im back from nippon, all outstanding orders including pre-orders will be sent tomorrow


you'd better do something cool in my package like i asked you to

i'll never forgive you if you don't ;_;

So who did you get to make you these stickers on this run?

Since you never make good designs.


Writing and drawing dumb stuff for orders was always the best part

He was saying I stole it off redbubble?
But uh, it's from Veeky Forums, someone drew the hat on satania and posted it on Veeky Forums initially lol.
Whatever dude normies are fucking retarded.

Sorry to break it to you, but it is actually from a guys deviant art. And he has a link to his rebubble page with that shirt and design.

I dont really car honestly. Just make sure no one finds the DA page. They guy doesnt have that many followers so you should be fine.

>85% done with G3 vector
>Illustrator crashes
>No autosave in CS6

> want to make this a slap
> am fine with anime slaps but feel furry slaps would be a new level of degeneracy

I mean I wouldn't buy it, and I'd also reccomend gassing yourself because >furfag.
But if you want to make it, you have to.
I've seen a few shitty stickerfags plug furry slaps and they were received with good response. Not like there aren't furries in the stickerfag community or Veeky Forums who wouldn't buy it.

yeah i know i really should kys due to the overwhelming degeneracy that comes with being a furfag, Also you're right. though I feel like going through the process of printing this would be sad. I don't know the process but I feel like going to kinkos asking to print a weirdly cropped shot from a furry doujinshi wouldn't end well.

print it through someone in the pastebin

Here's a recommendation:

Some unintentional sticker modification in the race yesterday

man. life's too short to concern yourself with other people's opinion. Do your own thing. We're all dying on a rock hurling through space. Let's have fun with the little inventions we make. Have a chill day senpai.

most normies will just think it's some knock off Tony the tiger. it's not like you have anime tiddies like some of us.

vic user here, I just want you to know that I'm going to be the first person to order the Downhill Masters slap

You're killing it with these designs, speedmaster, keep up the good work

I really appreciate your support, thank you!
They shouldnt be too long either, ive only got a small number of this current runs stuff left and ill be making the order after i get a couple more orders

It's sold out now, but he's already restocked it at least once. May happen again.


Nobody here should ever feel bad about "stealing" a design off redbubble, because
1. Everything on redbubble is stolen from pixiv or somebody's DeviantArt, there's very few pictures actually being sold by the original artist
2. Redbubble stickers are trash quality, like if you put a light colored sticker on a dark background, you can see the dark through the sticker

you have been visited by buddy, may he cheer you from any negative emotions.


buddy will give anyone a gentle tap on the back as an attempt to cheer one up, no matter how people view him as.

>got two [EUROBEAT INTENSIFIES] stickers in two different yellow tones instead of one from yummy

t-thanks I guess

Korbo kar

Are there any stickers relating to owning a moneypit project car? I didn't see one like I was cruising the sites in the pastebin but there were a few related to shitboxes and broken cars.

*one like that when

Nice flipflops :^)

Cute girl feet

Please put furry slaps on your car, it's a good indicator for sane people to remove themselves from your vicinity.

Post hoards

Those twingo plushies are cute as fuck. Where did you get them?

>only tryhard meme store stickers.

Lol so sad user.

poo in loo pls go and stay go


Thanks Yummy! Still trying to figure out what to do with the wording though

>Zetsubou sensei

Who's selling the Luluco one, I can't read it

Illegal Tender. If you notice, they're grouped by vendors.

what's the appeal in collecting these?

he can't fit them all on his bus pass

Which store has that awesome "ARIGATO" sticker?

This one? Kitsune Magic

Thanks m80

>w2c bad decisions hoodie
>don't want to wear something that has BDSM emblazoned on the back

come on BD, can you just do the outer text on the back with your little star logo in the middle? it'd look so much better and i wouldn't have hypebeasts fucking with me when i try to wear it.

Bdsm is what makes it good though user.

i mean i like the BDSM design, but the thing is that *I* get it and nobody else will

Just get the suicide one :^)

That's why it's good

Part of the appeal. Who knows.you might even pull a kinky qt who's into the kinda stuff.

don't get my hopes up with your saccharine lies, user

Boba got triggered by a meme in sticker form.

damn where do you get that red green blue wat sticker?

Laundromat vending machine stickers are better quality than redbubble

jesus christ I thought mine was bad but
>buying two of everything and not even using one of them
How much autism can one user possible contain?

>Ordered from shitbox.me the second I could
>"your order is complete and will ship soon!"
>this was on 6/2

>tfw you will never cozy up to your touge sweetheart in the back seat after finishing laps at sunset while they shudder your name as they cum

I didn't ask for these feels

tfw I'm in the same boat
tfw my order was from May 26
tfw I've gotten two orders from notori in that time
tfw my bdsm key tags have come in, in that time.
tfw I'm feeling hustled.


I live in Toronto. For a fee I will go and collect your money and stickers.

Wait shitboxme is from Toronto? I'm in Montreal my order shouldn't take 3 weeks to arrive.

It always makes me happy to see someone with one of the stickers I designed in these shots... But I've never actually seen a photo of one stuck to something.

Spotted a Br/o/ at the IPD meet yesterday.
Where you at m8?

Did you escape jail just to hang with some neckbeards?

>Inb4 pointing out reflection meme

Wew, ya'll are on top of it today.

I'm in eastern Pennsylvania, idk how long it would take if its coming over the border...

Ontario, if i'm reading this correctly.

My depression and autism is reaching a zenith.

My urge to obtain stickers has greatly diminished.
I still want to plaster my truck in them, but any time I go to get stickers I just end up not.
I'm actually kinda sad I'm not buying more stickers.
Well besides the lewd from waifu squad, that ones going to happen. And it will be seen.

>tfw want to get lewd sticker to put on the inside of gas cap
>tfw my dad fills up my car from time to time without telling me

I absolutely cannot allow my parents to unexpectedly witness some perverse anime stickers on my car.

Grow a pair