ITT: We roast the car above us and post your own car

ITT: We roast the car above us and post your own car

99' Acura Integra LS

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I've always hated those cars headlights because it looks like it's always in a surprised mood that being said I'm sure your father wasn't surprised you were gay when you brought home that fag magnet

My car: 2001 Ford Mustang it's a V6 go nuts lads

Those cars have some ugly headlamps.

>Calls an integra driver a fag.
>Drives a fucking mustang v6.
Roasted yourself, honestly.

I think your car is sexy AF and honestly anything I could say to make fun of it would just be low hanging fruit, but...
>lol slow


>kekistan license plate
Wew lad

The front says grandma let this sit for 2 years since she can't drive and I'm too poor to buy something nicer so I took it, the side says my mom drove me to and from school until senior year.

MY car: 2017 Mustang GT Premium, go wild

Your car is black. Nuff said

No matter how premium it is its still a fuckin mustang. Atleast you got a v8

Both are my cars. Feel free to roast either, the hotboy e36 is a little easy though.

What is this black car meme

After second owner, car usually has a tons of problems

BMW will either have electric, cooling system, or interior problems

White mustang
Terrible color

Race me on the roads IRL see what happens fggt. I just drove myself and four full sized adults to dinner in mine and I was worried the back seat would be uncomfortable but they had tons of room and loved how comfortable the suede leather seats were.

Nice rental

Heavy and looks like the designers got lazy after the front and back. Scat is the perfect word to describe that barge of a car.

Garbage power to displacement just like the shitbox camaro with only 485hp outta 6.4l lmao

Nice stickers, dork. Matches your car perfectly.

This is too obvious bait

I'd roast your car if you had one, guess I'll roast your bus instead


If you are a nigger and/or a 70+ year old man, this a decent car for your kind.

Hey, now this is the appropriate thread for this post.

No one's gonna mention that this is a fuckin GTA car?


one of toyota's biggest mistakes

Looks like all 120 ft/lbs of torque was too much for you.

nigga why would you drive into the middle of a puddle, get your shoes soaked just to take a picture of your fwd understeer warrior?

Obvious bait.

My socks were still dry when I got in actually, I jumped to a shallow part


Neutral handling thanks to wonders of torque vectoring

>slower than a base model Camaro

The Camaro is ugly as fuck and a 2ss pushed 20 more horsepower cause it's 2 years newer. Try again faggot

Putting stickers on your car is for faggots.

>4 door r34 skyline

>sting red

enjoy your faded paint

oh yeah better post mine

I already know this joy... and I've grown to not care to be honest
will get a full respray one day if I make a decent amount of money, until then I'm just slapping performance mods into my roasted looking ute


I'm a white thoroughbred, sorry to disappoint.

Nocar bus fag. Get off the board.

almost as much of a nigger/10

prove it, monkey



oh, so you're a sandnigger


I request more bantz

Not a sho/10

Said the quadroon.

so you admit it

awful, slow convertible/7.

1998 corolla, although it recently got fucked in an accident.


mommy needs wine/10

forgot to rate. Soccer mom whose husband made her buy this over an acadia which was her first choice/10

Slow? It has a 0-60 of 5.5.

>tfw can't hear any of you over the wind noise.

>speedometer only goes up to 110

lmao, my taurus goes faster than that

Besides you know what, don't these things get like 15 miles per gallon?

can't lose any precious window space with how tiny my windows are

y post this? Nothing's impressive about a 7+ second 0-60

my cars roastable as fuck, go for it - 1984 190d 5sp

the perfect car for a short guy. you thought having a 'nice new sportscar' would actually make girls interested in you, and as such you bring it up in random conversations only to ramble about japanese engineering and your cars specs. you're probably really anal about the stereo too, sticking to whatever shit music you want to listen to

even the example photo you provided has a fucking disabled license plate. literally the same car my grandma crashed into a bus, she was fine because the main design goal of this car was to prevent the disabled and stupid from killing themselves too badly. the only upside of this car is that you can ironically call it a 'clitaurus' because this is the closest you're ever going to get to one.

this is the car equivalent of a girl with daddy issues dying her hair a neon color. it's yellow, and has a convertible roof, so obviously you're sporty young an unique. it has chrome 5 spokes because the fat american in charge of wheels for GM thought the wheels opel put on it would probably snap. at a car show, you have to park next to the PT cruisers and explain yourself to every other 60 year old man who stops long enough to look at it. keep the convertible top up, I don't want to look at you.

how many other white SUVs are in your nice white neighborhood? i see you have the v8, the perfect balance of burning fuel and not getting anything in return, oh, but it probably has a high tow capacity, perfect for that speedboat you'll never actually buy. you might feel tall in it, but you won't actually take it off road because of the IFS and paranoia of damaging your image as a competent white person who can purchase things. god help you if a brand new tundra pulls up next to you, just keep looking at the light and waiting for it to change

you car still gets fucked more often than you do, and all i'm seeing is once.

Scotty asked me to tell you fuck off

Would have cut deep if I wasn't tall and in a committed relationship

Looks like it was wrecked then repaired with an aftermarket bumper because an original was too expensive.

>implying your car can be roasted

why does everywhere in texas look exactly the same?

well memed - although honestly none of his criticism apply to a 1984 merc. his new ones i almost agree with - new mercs suck to work on

i have to try

maybe you'll break your legs and your boyfriend will leave you

I'll just find a new one that has a paraplegic fetish kek

It's not so obvious from the photo, but the paint is in horrible condition. You could always default to >apex seals though.

If you live in Austin I will do a full paint correction on your RX7 for free.

dunno who I'm meant to be roasting so

>apex seals

not here to roast, nice car bro

>nobody owns a pick up.


...Do you have a TRUGGGH?

Gotchu senpai

Forgot 2 roast so you prolly spent more money on getting your stance to look just right than your shitbox is worth

The front lip of this truck being lower than the rest annoys the hell out of me. Also get some better wheels and tires to go with that lift.

isn't it fucking obvious

>chris bangle chassis

I can't name any other automotive styling designer by name. That look is so horrendous that people know the individual responsible.

pic: my car is an exterior-wise stock 96' del sol, only the engine bay is worth mention

What do you mean "lower"? I'm looking at custom bumpers and running into the same thing you're talking about I think

You could have at least bought the JDM version of the Integra. These are ugly as shit.

You can't be serious. I live about 150 miles from Austin, but I drive to that area frequently to visit relatives.


I've always thought that the Del Sols looked kinda gay, and would only be redeemable if they were MR. It's also cramped as fuck. 2/10 get a better Honda chassis to start with. Also lol enjoy your turbo lag. Should have swapped a k20 or some NA high perf Honda engine into a light chassis. Hondas aren't meant to be fast, they're meant to be engaging. FWD will ruin the feeling of high hp anyway.

Ugliest gen of BMW I can think of, and it's new enough to be hidiously unreliable and unengaging to drive. You have neither the status or the driving machine. GTO is sweet though.

Go nuts lads.

Preludes are more expensive and theft-magnet versions of Accords.

Pic related (not my specific car but same color).

not my car but

>hes this autistic

I get 21 in mine. You have to suck ass at driving to get 15

lemme guess

>straight c's at community college
>living with parents

Duh idiot, he doesn't have a car. How new are you?

>Land Rover
The car you buy when you think you may offroad at some point, but realize it might conflict with your evening therapy sessions about your wife leaving you for someone with a BMW

Gimme your best

>Post-renault Nissan
Absolutely horrifying