What do you think of the Abarth?

What do you think of the Abarth?

Does anyone own one?

Being single in my late 20's its definitely a car i'm interested in getting next, reliability be damned. I'd like something fun and quirky and unique. But I care about quality, and I can't help but thin a GTI is the obvious better choice.

I would consider leasing a '14 or '15 for a few years until I need a bigger car.

I think they're pretty cool and read you can easily break 200bhp with a tune and exhaust/intake, but to put in perspective, it's about 200lbs heavier than an ND Miata.
Also, the Cooper S can outrun it in a straight.
Still, barely weighs anything for what it is and looks fun. My mate has one and going WOT in the city is fun because you hear that exhuast note reverberate off all the buildings. I was considering one, but I think I'd rather get a Civic because 1) I don't trust Fiat and 2) I don't want to own the same car as my friend does.

>way cheaper used than a used GTI of the same year
>retro styling if you're into it
>that exhaust note
>fun to drive
>beneath the flashy bits it's still an econobox, so noisy ride, cheap plastic, etc.
>not as fuel efficient as its size would lead you to believe, if you have to worry about that sort of thing
>muh Fiat reliability (just do your damn maintenance on time and take care of it, it'll take care of you)
>may or may not summon an autistic furry spergout
I like mine so far, if you're into cheap, fun Italian cars than go for it. Also what the other guy said

the engine is damn reliable and can make a lot of power

>everything else on the car, especially the electricals, are viciously unreliable
>the engine bay is compact as fuck, good luck doing any work in there
>the gearbox is glass, really limits your power

Good to know the engine is solid. I can deal with wonky electricals and I don't really thrash my cars so the transmission thing isn't a big deal.

My friend has one he bought used and it currently has over 90k miles.

He got a code recently and it seems a sensor went out, hasn't had any other problems.

>leasing a used car

it's why i'm into the 124 abarth, it's miata reliable everything but the engine is the only reliable thing fiat makes and the NC miata transmission to pretty damn tough

i'm surprise this isn't making more news as a tuner's performance bargain

Because for that price you could have a number of cars with more power and aftermarket.

They look nice though

For me it was between the 124 and the 500 Abarth. I went for the 500 cause I could get a 2015 for half the price of the 124, get the sound without having to mess with the exhaust (why they stuck a muffler on the 124 I have no idea) and get more useable space. Like what said though, it is a damn slick car. Made me have second thoughts just sitting in it.

1.4L is just too little displacement to play with

and they haven't cracked the new cpu yet, which has already been out for a couple years

i think it's no coincidence that it's name is cleary a shortening of Afterbirth

>late 20s

Where is Cummy, he'll have some things to say about it.

It's slow, it's not that reliable, it's a pain to work on. The Fiata would be a much better choice

I think it's a great car for a single girl in her late 20s!

At what point did britcucks get fucked into only driving hatchbacks? Not even American.

>implying hatchbacks, liftbacks and wagons aren't the only bodystyle that even makes sense
Enjoy your vanity case trunk, coupe and sedan faggots.

Meh, I have a utility trailer and a sedan which can tow 4603 lbs. I don't need a XBAWKS huge trunk.

In yurop it's incredibly expensive to own a car, let alone two.
This is why they're all cucked into driving one car that "can do everything" instead of buying multiple vehicles for multiple uses.

>odd number in lbs
>convert it
>odd number in kg
What did he mean by this? What fucking car is rated for 4603 lbs or 2088 kg?

Also weird numbers aside, it's still good to have some decent cargo space without having to attach a trailer whenever you need to haul a bicycle or nightstand somewhere.

>This is why they're all cucked into driving one car that "can do everything" instead of buying multiple vehicles for multiple uses.
This is literally the reason Americans buy pickup trucks though. I CAN USE IT FOR BOTH WORK AND FAMILY VACATIONS. In fact any person with rational sense that's not distracted by a hobby obsession will try to find a car that can do as many things for them as possible.

It's because we have quite alot of thin roads that you wouldn't even dare to take a huge pickup through, never mind a small econobox (but they can sure as hell be fun in the right car)

>math fail
Oops, should have been 4630 lbs or 2100 kg. Of course, I am probably the only asshole in North America who has an E550 with the rest-of-the-world option group 550 for trailer towing. I had to import all the factory parts from Germoney.

Absolutely based setup though.

t. German

Autistic furry sperg

Absolutely checked

>more expensive then miata
>1.4t that makes no power off boost and no power at the top of the rev range
>voiding the warranty with a tuna

the stock tune is shockingly bad, there's a few tunes that put it to around 200whp that vastly even out the power band, i have no idea why it shipped with such a shitty torque curve

>Being single in my late 20's
Shooting for being single in our late 30's are we?

Fiat has the lowest customer satisfaction rate of all the car companies.

You might want to consider what that means for the car you're considering.

It's slow, it's heavy (seriously 2500lbs wtf), it's going to break down more than it should, it's gay looking, also these posts

Probably just Fiat not realizing that slapping the same engine into everything regardless of its purpose isn't the best idea.

Maybe they're trying to stop the glass trans from grenading before the warranty is up

>glass trans
nah, it's using the NC miata gearbox which is very beefy

>it couldn't have been an Alfa spider with an Alfa engine and Miata running gear because Alfa is autistic about putting their badge on non-100% native designs

The transmission issue was solved for 2017+, there was a casting error in early units. Older cars get the fix for free if it fails

Neat. That's some good peas of mined to have

The retractable tow ball is the tits.