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play blazblue

Play Gear


play punch planet

Play rashid's game

play with my penis

Play Jive

Play injustice 2

Someone's gotta overthrow these gay furries, why can't it be one of us

>tfw you will never be a fat korean man making funny faces on a Tekken stream
Why even live?

playjustice 2

play marie's game

>finally find someone to play umvc3 with
>win first game
>"ill play a ft5, then i gotta bounce"
>"wait scratch that, FT2"


>online tournament gets a shitzillion signups
>first hour is lost to admins trying to DQ all the no-shows




>Not good

I wish I was Miss Kanzuki's wife...

I'm a dude with weid thigh fat that makes my legs look really feminine how do I lose the fat there

Anything I should play on PC that isn't jive?

Tomboys #1


people routinely show up an hour late to offline events too

maybe stop dodging highwaystar and broski
you literally have nothing to complain about

fuck.. Now I need to fap again.

Is /fgg/ the most sniff-friendly general?

yeah buts 100x worse for online tournaments cause you can just enter with a click and then forget all about it

pre-tourney check in exists on challonge (assuming it does on smashgg too?) but they almost never use it for some reason

Is that steam version any good, reviews are mixed but steam reviews are kinda pointless most of the time.

play animal ears

Why don't you see for yourself? The base version of the game is free to play.

i havent dodge broski in marvel ever
i dont play US people

I guess it really is true dudes. They aint showing him until NCR. At least Capcom is learning to get that free publicity.

Can't wait for the beta

eat at a caloric deficit while hitting the proper ratio of macronutrients
workout at the gym lifting weights and supplementing with cardio on off days

repeat until you have the desired amount of body fat and then you can bulk

if all else fails take DNP but watch your dosage because you might overheat and die


Wow, I didn't know that they were making a Steven Universe fighting game.

What part of Marie Rose's body is the most provocative?

oh gosh what is vanessa doing to my mariposa

Stop posting that NeoGAF propaganda image

the other thing about online tournaments is that the TOs almost never put their foot down

oh, you forgot to register and the tournament started 20 minutes ago? no problem we'll just add you to the bracket WOOPS LOOKS LIKE THE WHOLE THING GOT RESHUFFLED EVERYONE BETTER START AGAIN

me on the bottom

excuse me?

play ichiban

Her hairless vagina.

Are you trying to prove something else with this image because nothing in this implies gloves

I will!


>reddit filename
>believes the gloves theory
checks out

it certainly implies gloves, it just doesnt prove it. learn the definition of words before you use them.

guys please, i am at work. please only post sniffs after 5pm, thank you.

None of these anime girls would ever be interested in you if they were real

The only reason you're seeing gloves there is because of the NeoGAF image that completely made up the right side of the arm out of their ass


maybe not those guys but I bet they would all like me

i like getting cucked

say that to me irl not online see what happens

>tfw want to get into tekken but i play on hitbox

I will.

wow what a cutie
the girl looks ok too

introduce me to your gf. i could help you with that

so what are you seeing? an arm band like zangief?
inb4 fence sitting faggotry

I'll have you know I'm a very cool and interesting individual.

You can still play online, nobody will know


sit down

I see a handful of blurry pixels making a nondescript outline

You byronfags are pathetic

thats not a girl,pal...

in other words, youre a fence sitting faggot that is compelled to comment about every subject only to explain how epic and neutral and disconnected you are form the discussion. kill yourself.

It shouldn't even be a discussion to begin with. What is the purpose of arguing pointless theories?

>There's like 3 people playing on the East Coast
Never again.

Best GG.

This picture is a lie. She isn't that thick in game.

Why would I want to be claiming to know it's definitely a moustached army negro with savate gloves from the storymodes when there's literally nothing to imply such in the silhouettes

the only one arguing is you, because youre an autistic homosexual. a rational person would say "i think its probably a wrist band instead of a glove" or if you dont care, you simply wouldnt post.

>mfw fence sitting is such an objectively superior option that polturds can do nothing but spam shitty strawmen

There's nothing in the images to imply "its probably a wrist band instead of a glove" because it's a bunch of blurry pixels and you're reading way much into it because of how much you want to rabidly shitpost about Capcom being lazy about using storymode characters for season 2

i suppose i should have seen that coming.
did you at least get to tag his boipucc?

I'm not even that guy. I just came into the thread to say that the people making speculations about a character in a shit game that will most likely be unoriginal and boring is pointless.

is KoF 14 fun?

So why don't you compete in tournaments user?


What FG character do I play to let everyone know I am gay furry

Is KoF94 popular in tournaments

Fox McCloud

whats a fighting game where i can play with a pair of two super villains?



eww what are you, some kinda queer?


I have better things to do, like shitpost on /fgg/

Here for all you future Hwoarang mains.

I don't have a car

I'm not good enough anyway

too poor to travel. locals are too far away, and I actually do have better things to do than play video games professionally for little to no pay.

Injustice 2

we'll set up a GoFundMe for you, broski

attend locals or else.

Controller support is completely fucked, lobbies are missing, it eats a little more resources than the graphics should and it misses the 8th gen features which includes some stages.
Apart from that it is actually quite good and fun.

I play on hitbox

Because I'd have to drive to Atlanta and that traffic is fucking absurd.

is it hard to pick up?

Play supergirl's game.

Smash TOs are a ghodsend. The rest of the FGC only needs to let them take over and everything will be run way better.

hard to say really, have you ever played a kof before?