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Finally a proper OP edition.

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>Veterans get some good loot when 2.0 drops

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Play all the heroes on free rotation or try mode and see who you like. Don't buy heroes just to get into ranked, you'll regret it. Also never buy Probius, under any conditions.

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"/join Veeky Forums" in game chat

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Previous meme:

First for fuck Blizz for increasing shard cost on popular items.

Xena Maiev when?


I'm pretty sure I ate rotten meat, am I going to die?

Naw. This is a good thing. Now you can roleplay Butcher or Stiches.
Also fifth for Li Li being fun and pure.

What? Now this too?
Are you talking about that Zagara skin becoming Legendary or did they change more?

>Love playing Jaina, Li ming and Chromie
>Hate playing KT and Gul'dan
Next qt mage when?

What relevant qt mage could they add to the game?

9th for adventuring with Li Li!

Updated the following items from Rare to Epic:
Brown Dire Wolf Mount
Dire Wolf Mount
Horde Dire Wolf Mount
Updated the following items from Epic to Legendary:
Kael’thas Hero
Tracer Hero
Azure Nimbus Cloud Mount
Jade Nimbus Cloud Mount
Nimbus Cloud Mount
Abathur Announcer
Brightwing Announcer
Murky Announcer
Updated the following items from Epic to Rare:
Saddled Battle Beast Mount
Tan Saddled Battle Beast Mount
Teal Saddled Battle Beast Mount

Nah they made Kael'thas, Tracer, Brightwing, Murky and Abathur anouncer legendary instead of rare.

Only the greatest and qtest mage of them all.

>Tracer Hero

This one makes sense at least, she's worth 10k isn't she?
Rest sound pretty bullshit though, I agree.

Sorceress from D2.

They could add Selendis or Rohana
Sorceress from D2

Enchantress from d3


First time i've played since December 2015. What the fuck are these brawls?

This.... is the best thing i've ever seen in my life. Silly, fun, ludicrous, and even gives you gold for doing it? Man... are brawls usually fun like this or is this a complete fluke?

Sometimes they are just shit like "dragon shire but everyone gets bloodlust" or "5v5 all mid" but sometimes they have cool ones. Brawls are free gold and fun, nice addition.

Uncle! You're being lewd again!

Guys.. what happens next week when they release the Overwatch map...

And it's good?

Alrighty, i've got a bunch of heroes at level 9. Is there any reason to power them to any specific level? 10? 12? Or should i just fuck about until 2.0 now?

The 750 boost is nice. As many of those as you can get is for the best for rerolls.

We will complain nonetheless

post a guy u rlly wanna see in the video game

They won't be releasing it next week you inbred hillbilly. They're just going to release details about it, learn to read.

best guy

Naga hero when?

Who would be a notable Naga?

only according to picrel

Lady Vag I guess?

>Abathur sits behind gates all game
>Doesn't soak lanes at all
>Hats the ranged and not the melee
What triggers your autism?

tfw we will never get a vengeance demon hunter because its just diablo with muradin jumps


>Brightwing Announcer

You will still spend the necessary shards to get it, won't you, friend?

how close does abathur need to be to get exp from minions anyway?

best guy hands down

Same as any other hero.
You have to sit in lane and soak from bushes.

>hey some of our new stuff is really popular
>wait what if we increased the price before it goes live
>do it

Sick, dude.

why do i get a boner from watching oddish? he is not even a beautiful girl

His locust soak xp as well tho.

so he can sit back in a fort all he wants as long as the enemy team doesn't focus the locusts first or the lane is pushed up so far that the locust dies before it reaches the fighting.

No they don't. Locusts ONLY get exp if they get the killshot, and when they're in a wave of 7 other creeps they're not likely to do that.

I can't stop fucking laughing at it why does it exist

Give me any kind of Mogu character. Best part of MoP

You can level them to just below level 11

When the patch happens, are the heroes going to keep the same level they are, or the same amount of xp they have?

why just before 11?

They keep xp. Just after hitting level 11 will be level 20 after patch so you want to stop just before so you can get the level 20 hero loot chest

Ah, perfect! Thanks!

why is tlv never free to play?

Tyrande is CUTE!


can you imagine every qm filled with 2 shitty TLV players for a week?

>purple skins

Superior Elf coming through.

>tfw don't have the technology to play an audio file instead of another one

t. I've never made a program in my life

and people think they can add a better reconnect system or gifting

and that's when you realize all elves are trash
except best elf

Not even close

Schoolgirl lili skin when?


>thursday afternoon HL G5 demotion game
>me last pick hovering lord of sin
>first picks Valla, Artanis, Chen
>4th pick hasn't been hovering or said anything all draft
>everybodys just assuming he's going to fill support
>4/5th picks now me still hovering Azmodan waiting for 4th to fill support
>already having my mouse on the support bracket because this is HL
>2 seconds before timer ends he instantly chooses and locks in valeera
>panic swap to lili because c&f

>loadscreen valeera is silver 1 and has master valeera Avatar

>match starts
>valeera keeps on opening on muradin & arthas by herself
>over and over
>never staying with the team
>lose match after 15 minutes in which she died impressive 11 times
>didnt say anything during entire match or draft

Now I'm in s1 and shit like that already happens every 4th game or so

How tf are you supposed to keep an positive winrate like that? Do you just have to wait for next season & for new placement matches?

Make Tass wall and xul zombie wall and sindragosa vector plz

welcome to mmr hell. I was in it back when it was still ranks 1-50 and i was stuck at 20. Then Artanis came out and i managed to carry myself to rank 6.

best thing to do, is find a hero you're really really really good with and is also some degree of OP, so you can carry the shitters and get above gold.

or just not play ranked

Why do so many people shit on Jaina's Water Elemental?
Yes, it's a bit underwhelming at level 10, but at level 20 it becomes amazing.

Just get luckier with teammates

post your heroes

It's the worst ultimate in the game before 20, and at 20 you have to give up iceblock. As the shortest range mage she needs that most of the time, unless your enemies are shit then just go for win more talents.



>shortest range mage

Isn't Kael'thas about the same?
I always pick the level 1 Talent that increases the range of Frost Bolt.
Iceblock is a pretty great panic button though, I see your point.

Stop using my reaction pic user

ring can win the game

water elemental can slow people a little does no damage and dies to an auto or two but doesn't change much in a team fight

>tfw Varian tank + Jaina
I love playing this douchebag

I like you.

No, his LB has a longer range than her cone and his FS has a longer range than her blizzard also his stun goes about the same range as her fb. Only her fb has an okay range after you upgrade it. Jaina is more of a flanking mage than other mages who just sit back and spam abilities, she needs to get in melee range to hit her cone which is her hardest hitting ability.

I won't. And the next time you post it, I will call you out for it and nobody will able to tell who's the fraud.




the fucking dream, user

Best girl, best FRIEND and best Tank reporting in.

a week in feb I had the play 8/8 Games 4 days in a row.

I felt like Blizzard was just feeding to the addiction at the fourth day.


hot damn

srsly though, and people bitch about how hard it is to grind for gold
i play like 2-3 games per day on VS AI to complete the quests, and after a week i've got tons of gold, haven't that kind of luck with the 8/8 quests though

Just started playing about a week and a half ago, how bad is it doc?

I'm pretty new to the game too but from what I understand, Muradin is literally never a bad pick, not for any map.
Never played the other 2 though.

>tfw Zagara was nerfed to shit

I enjoy playing braxis holdout just for the soundtrack alone.

All these heroes in the roster and you pick a whore, a midget, and a traitor
Good fucking job you fucking pleb

mind clarifying which ones are which? the only blizzard game i've played is overwatch and a shitty warcraft mod my friend made years ago

Xul's ice wizard thing is vector targeted.

Who did muradin betray?

the dwarf is the traitor, he betrayed arthas
the machinegun man is a whore and the panda girl is the midget

b-be nice

>that Sylvanas skin

Wait what
I don't see that in the shop.
I only started playing this year, I'm guessing this was a seasonal skin or something?

Christmas/Winterveil, yeah.

forced 50%

That's sad.
So, if I don't get Love Goddess Tyrande soon, she will disappear forever too?

I actually haven't played Murky or Alarak in forever. But I just play my dudes too evenly for them to be dethroned.

The only seasonal skins that are otherwise unavailable are the winter ones.
Chinese New Year, Valentine, Halloween skins? All around the year. It's only the the Christmas ones.
In this system, anyway.

I'm not sure about 2.0, I couldn't find Ming's lunar skin for example.