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>/tf2g/s looking to party queue

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first for demanding next OP be femscout

Daily reminder to report, hide, and ignore any and all shitposting.


Post Pyros


Daily reminder to report, hide, and ignore any and all vivaposting.

fuck off with your furry no skill "class"

why the fuck do you like pyro viva

It's on topic truthposting, though

I like Detonator jumping and reflecting rockets


cause it's a class for retards who can't play a class that takes skill
like medic



Ayy, I meme'd that one before


Pyro makes me hard

these poor idiots

must be real difficult to play scout, dude

We've been over this. All TF2 is is clicking, therefore no class requires any sort of skill.

you must be really good to never get impressed wow!
it's not hard to play against these people

Where the heck did this "i'm friendly, plesae don't kill me" meme start, anyway? It's absolutely sickening the way people beg to not be killed in a FPS of all things.

>want to frag
>internet is eating absolute shit
>considering going outside
send help

Go outside and frag.

go frag outside, retard


A baseball fan? Yikes, the horror

People complaining about getting killed in video games, too. Like the other day in GTA, I spawn into a spot after a Heist and kill some guy. I do it like 5 more times and he's calling me an asshole and all that jazz. Like, he must know he can become ghosted towards me or go passive in general

I guess people just love bitching about deaths


Is this what India looks like

this shit's going straight to viva's house

Its been going on as long as I can remember.

these fucking sloshing noises when you walk on shit are great

enjoy your shit viva

Jesus Christ, it's like fighting the Great Poo all over again; there are even footsteps for the map

no shit

i want to eat that


alright, i'm done with this shit

Dude just go spy, disguise as a heavy on your team. Pretend to hoovy, backstab the unsuspecting. Ive been let down to enemy Intel before doing this.

Post big guys

dumb q cc tranny

>not taunting in 1rst person



It's really nice outside today. I just got back from taking my dog for a walk. It's hot, but there's a slight breeze making it the perfectly late spring/early summer type of day.


>when you can't outplay "that guy"

The best kind of weather is grey and black rainy skies with thunder and lightning

for you

>when you never get dominated by "that guy" because you keep getting 5 damage assists

literally left that match a few minutes ago because
>5, 4, 3, 2, 1
>you fail

good taste for once

Post Mechanical Manlets.

Stop posting them.

Feels when I won't have time anymore to play TF2 because I have to train how to kill people in about a year

wanderer cool it on the loadout posts
save it for dead hours

the 3 games i joined before that were like that

requesting the picture of vsauce with the toy gun for inspiration

haha wish wash doggo

you could join any casual server and teach people how to kill right now

What if every hour on tf2g is dead hour.

This is the hardest achievement right? What're some other really difficult achievements?

lol, enlisting in the Marine Corps.


authority is a fuck and I don't want to taste boot polish my entire life

I wanna put my dick in that slobbery mouth

I like your minigun


you are not gettin' my you, you commie fuck

Do they have Medi Guns in war?

With technology making big moves every year, can we maybe get Revive-O-Meters?

There's no coming back from death, you chucklefuck, and you should be thankful it isn't a thing yet, because people already breed too much as it is.

give spy a suicide vest

Why not commit your life to something more meaningful than bagging groceries or playing videogames all day, if there is only one?

what would a suicide vest do

why the fuck are you all talking without replying to each other

}being this new


t. newfag

>murder the civilians of some shithole desert country
>assist your fellow countrymen and sell + bag their groceries, toiletries, etc
the choice is yours

Videogames are more meaningful then pushing papers every day for years, unless you're stupidly lucky and manage to become a dj or whatever
Besides who gives a fuck about meaning

Medi-guns in war. Lmao.

If I went to war, the first thing I want to hold in my hands is a nice solid massive weapon. I want to mow down any indians who spend their time maining Medic/Pyro.
I'll probably be heavy than a soldier inrl.

>dying in some shithole desert because of some politicians/jews wishes
Good goy
Prison is preferable to that

closest to irl class is sniper
1 shot kills, fragile, and no mobility gimmicks

>1 shot kills
>3 shots to kill an overhealed healy
is it because he's russian and his brain is peanut sized

Heavy has a thick skull. Bullets literally cannot penetrate his head unless they ask politely.


charging up can kill any class in 1 shot
you think irl snipers are running side to side on a visible high ground trying to get quickscopes?

>what is an overhealed natascha heavy

>damage resist now only applies if they're below half health
>what is the machina


>that kid in school who wanted to go to war because of CoD

I don't think giving snipers a 1 shot ability is a good idea.

How can they get a date if they one have 1 shot to impress their husbando?

>That strong young man that wanted to serve his nation in school

>oobla doobla dooo

>that kid who's only notable accomplishment was being born in america
nationalism is a spook



heeekmagibama henmdaf



Lol this dude mad af

What are some clever things I can write in chat after I score?


>that kid who got thrown out of a helicopter