What fuel do you use?

What fuel do you use?

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My owner's manual recommends regular unleaded so that's what I use.

94 octane in the summer, 91 in the winter

That's 100 and 98 for Euros




Where do you even get these? all the stations around me only go up to 91


Buying fuel is a meme and only gives the oil jew more shekels

Find a "high end" gas station. Like a WaterWay or something.


Petro Canada offers 94

what happened to your dct evo?

93 Amoco

RON vs AKI numbnuts
Its not an evo.

93, although my car specifies 87
I've heard it's better for the turbo

ok fine

what happened to OP's Lancer?

How the fuck do you refine the oil? Pls tell

Used cooking oil

The hopes and dreams of a generation


I assumed it only needed 87 when i got it used.

It came to my attention today it prefers 91, so i'll fill it up with that next time i need to.

>Mfw i've had this shitbox for nearly a year now and never realized this


I've only got 95 and 98 in my country to push everyone to buy recent cars

I have to use 95 then but would be better if there was 87 or even 91

>y-you sure thats not RON rating user?

lol what cucked-out shithole do you live in

No RON rating is above 100 most of the time

But it depends on the gas stations, there's some with more choices

France, wherever you are besides Paris you'll only get three choices for your gas :

Unleaded 95
Unleaded 98

Sometimes there's premium but then no regular

>mfw I drive a 31 years old shitbox and I have to put unleaded 95 in it and it misfires one time out of 5


my condolences, macron winning the election there is probably the biggest disappointment of the year so far

diesel with some 2 stroke oil
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These threads suck because the OP never replies, it's boring.

I don't know haha, whatever the hubby puts in my Audi