Jaguar xf supercharged 2009

Jaguar xf supercharged 2009

Soo ive been looking for a used car recently, and just so happen to come across this jaguar xf supercharged. What is the general concensus on this beauty? The asking price is 11k with 98k miles.

Is it reliable at high milage? Longevity?

Also being a luxury "sports" car with original price at like 65k.... Why is it cheaper than a same year g37 with similar miles? The g37 is a whole tier below the jag... Original price was almost half. So?

Anyways tell me what you guys know or think. Thanks.


I can somewhat understand sacrificing a little reliability for style, but buying a used Jaguar with 100k miles on it is massacring it.
It is an anomaly, nearly a miracle, that a Jaguar has survived to 100k miles to begin with - buying it with the intention of actually driving it is insane.

I've always been interested in getting one and they are much cheaper because of Jaguar's reputation for reliability or lack thereof. Nowdays they are much better than they were. Typically modern Jags are no more troublesome than any other luxury car but it will still take you to the cleaners when things do go wrong.
They are relatively easy to work on compared to the other European luxury brands as well.
I've seen 2009 XFs in my area with almost 200k miles already somehow.
They aren't as unreliable anymore as they used to be.

Go full Doug DeMuro and buy one off of CarMax and get a bumper to bumper warranty and if you're financing it only finance it for as long as the warranty lasts.

Wow had clue that jaguars were ridiculously unreliable. How do they get away with pricing them soo damn high? It should be a crime to expect a person to sign on debt and not offer a genuine product. Buy the car for multiple tens of thousands (2 or more straight years of hard labor) it breaks and then "oh fucking well, your warranty is expired".

Don't listen to these dipshits OP
from what I'm seeing XFs in general are getting good consumer ratings on sites like and Edmunds, not sure about the supercharged model, but if reliability is what you want I'd stay away from British and supercharged, find one with the V8 and have some cash saved up for when something goes

They were massive shit when owned by ford, no surprise there

All the current reviews and owners give jaguar praise and their v6/v8 lineup is based. You may want a newer model with the ZF8 trans over the 6 speed. The only knocks against them ive heard are the standard touch headunit, seems the larger one is better and more responsive

It's broken as a matter of fact.

i call bullshit, the cheapest 2009 i have seen is around 18k, yours is literally broken

Did I hear that correctly?

Did you say, a





>11k with 98k miles.
>11k with 98k miles.

I'm sure it is a perfectly reliable car with no issues, you should totally go for it

poo generation jags are not as bad as their german counter parts

The one im looking at is a private sale sitting out on the owners lawn. But besides that i went online and checked to compare prices and other 2009 with similar miles are priced almost exactly the same. So idk idk what you were looking at.

There's a 2010 Premium V8 in my market with under 65k miles and they want under $12k for it

I work at an American Jaguar dealership. the reliability certainly has gotten better, but every time you go in for any amount of service for when something inevitably does go wrong it's gonna hurt. Parts are expensive, labor is expensive.

Fuck no. That's too cheap. It's salvage title or it has a shit history. Buy one from carmax and get the warranty

It's not, Jaguars just have such a shot reliability rep in the states that it still affects they're resale value

Bread on Carfax or gtfo

>get the warranty
But is the Carmax warranty worth the no-haggle Carmax markup?

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For a jag? yes. For a camry? no.

ITT morons pretend it's still 2001.