You have 10 seconds to explain to me why you're not using REC90 100%, non-ethanol, gasoline

you have 10 seconds to explain to me why you're not using REC90 100%, non-ethanol, gasoline

are you fucking poor?

I use 85% ethanol cause I like making power. Also Smell.

>90 octane
Enjoy your economy car

>90 octane

Might as well whip your cock out and piss down the hole retard.

>he thinks octane rating matters

It doesn't by the way

I run a 50/50 blend of 110 octane race fuel and Lucas brand octane booster in my integra and you bet your mothers fat black ass I can run down any piece of shit stupid enough to line up against me.

>Tfw beaten by two wheels and 600cc

why, my engine was developed to run on partial ethanol from the factory. ethanol/methanol can also produce more power if you have big enough injectors (at the cost of milage)
>insert mcm CORN JEWS meme here
ethanol just sounds like shit because of old rubber compounds and the fact ecofags won't shut up about it, but alcohol has been used in racing for years

no one cares about motorcycles gtfo and die already



slow piece of shit...i can smoke the fuck out of this in my 1994 EG hatch with a couple of simple mods:

- 10 point cage with Parachute
- 3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend
- spec-R full drag suspension
- Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor
- 1 044 bosch pump
- 1200 rc injectors
- golden eagle sleeved block
- cp 10:1 pistons
- Eagle rods
- arp headstuds
- oem h22 headgasket
- Balance shaft delete
- competition clutch twin disc
- Port and polished head
- skunk2 valve springs and retainers
- Str cam gears
- crower stage 1 cams
- aluminium radiator with slim fan
- gsr transmission with itr lsd.
- qsd h2k intake manifold adapter
- k20 rbc manifold
- qsd throttle body spacer
- blox 70mm throttle body
- 4bar omni map sensor
- 6al msd with coil and cap. 3 step launch control
- hks bov
- Garret 102mm turbocharger.
- Custom t4 front facing turbo manifold with 44mm flange
- 44mm tial wastegate
- Custom water to air intercooler set up
- aem eugo wideband w/ gauge
- tuned on chipped p28
- 13 inch volks drag rims
- 2 15 inch volks rear rims
- arp extended wheel studs
- si cluster
- 150 shots of nitrous

im making 248 horsepower to the FRONT WHEELS because thats the only place the power should ever be.

I payed 2.59 for 93 yesterday. Up to 10% Ethonal, tho. (but does it really matter?)

OP, you have ten seconds to explain to me why you're not living in Texas so you can pay less money per gallon for higher octane fuel.

Because race gas

You have 10 seconds to explain to me why you're not using 100LL 100% non ethanol leaded gasoline.
>Leaving performance on the table

how do you find this

Go to local airport
Drive onto strip
Screech at people until they give you gas

because I drive a 15 year old taurus

>No auto fuel STC


>(but does it really matter?)

somewhere a corn (((farmer))) wrings his hands

Can you use REC90 if you have a catalytic converter without fucking it up

I use 98RON

I live in the sticks and it's like impossible to find. The only non-ethanol shit I can find is like 85 octane. I have to use that ethanol conditioner with 91 w/ ethanol

just kill me.

ethanol fucks up your catalytic converter and your motor if it's older

I'm english and we don't put ethanol into fuel here.

>are you fucking poor?


Because I drive a diesel.

Is ethenol free fuel something special in America? Here in Victoria all fuel is ethenol free apart from E10 (10%).
I think NSW has ethenol in all their fuel, kek

I'd rather have the highest octane available because my ECU will retard timing to compensate for shit fuel.

why dont you get 100?

whats that cost where you live?

4.99 a gallon.

I've seriously considered fueling up at the pump at work, but eh....$5/gal on an engine that's like, 8.4:1 compression, that works just fine on 87 unleaded for half the price?

>are you fucking poor?

because 92 octane is better

My car was designed in the Soviet Union. Does not need fancy petrol.

>off road
Theres different taxes on off road stuff. Not nearly as much as regular gas. Also very illegal to use on gubburmint roads

102 RON all day every day

95 octane is standard here, you shitty amerifag.

>its a eurofag pretends to be retarded episode


No, 95 is the lowest here

can confirm

90 AKI then, does Europe use ethanol?
that's 90-93 AKI, not a big deal

looks like a comfy place to die tbqhwu
i like the long grass and gravel driveway, as well as the slowly dilapidating house with cheap windows

>doesnt know octane is just the fuels resistance to igniting
>he thinks higher octane = more power
I bet your engine calls for normal 87 unleaded and you are just blowing money straight out the tailpipe

when tuning it helps a lot, keeps it from detonating.

Well it = more power in a turbo car in the sense that you can turn up boots without detonation. But yeah, idiots that buy anything but the cheapest gas in their normal cars are absolute morons.

well yeah you have to tune for it

is this Neste Latvia?


it does if youre not driving a shitbox

94 is cheaper then that where I live lel

how will anyone know? its not red like diesel


That's RON not AKI, convert and then you can continue.

Perks of going to an aviation school, no microwelding here.

Cetane rating is too low.

It tickles me how the claimed horsepower seems to get lower every time I see this.

You have 11 seconds to tell me why you're not running SR18.