eat more fiber






>checks mileage
>50,003 miles
>" warranty just expired...that's weird..."


>click click CLICK CLICK C L I C I CLIck click

and of course you're currently standing on a rail way and theres a train horn already audible




*crunch crunch*

My fucking TCS kicking in.

> Vrooooooooooooooooom
> Not pushing gas in

>takes it in to the shop after funny noise
>in waiting room
>mechanic comes in with car has cancer face

>Drove mom's new car
>Try putting it in semi-automatic and pretending to be a real driver

>Oh shit
>What did I just fuck u--
>Get hit by car that swerved across the double yellow
>Car got totaled
>Whatever I broke was probably charged to the other driver's insurance


>car starts to hiss
>thick smoke spews from under the hood


*CREAK CREAK CReak creeeeak creeeeeeeeeee*
Every fucking time I slow down to a stop, why br/o/'s?


>Extra rattling when idle.

fucking VAG

>no strange sounds follow
>car feels, turns, revs, brakes normal
>fluids are all fine, nothing seems to be broken

It's even worse if you have no idea what the hell fukd up