Cuts you off and brake checks you

>Cuts you off and brake checks you

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>wanting it into the ass that badly

>run into them with no brakes at all, sue them for damages, and win easily because of dash cam footage

>Elantra automatically brakes thanks to precollision safety technology

Post dashcam footage on YouTube and link to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and LinkedIn and Reddit and Veeky Forums and whatever other social media services I can and incessantly send comments to BMW with things like, "IS THIS THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT REPRESENTING YOUR BRAND???? HUHHHHH BMW?????!!!! HUHHHHHHHHH??????!!!!!!!" until it goes viral because of other jealous fags and some autist finally ignores all decency and doxes the driver's license plate and then a million or so people find his personal social media accounts and his home and pictures of his children and parents and incessantly contact his place of employment until they're forced to fire him because of the negative publicity and within a year his wife left him and took the kids and moved to the Gulf and in with some dude named Jamal and the guy is forced to sell the bimmer and eat ramen after he comes home from his nightshift to his studio apartment in the 12th most populous no name city in my country and he sits in silence while staring at the snub nosed revolver he purchased 2 months ago and stares at every night while thinking...

>lol nothing personal kid

I expect no less.

>ram into his rear end
>total his car
>show cops dashcam footage of him brake checking me

fire up my led police lights mounted in front of my rearview and watch him shit bricks

>get seen by actual cop and get arrested


Try to follow without looking obvious. Wait for him to park and leave the car, then key a giant swastika on his door. I might have done this before.

imagine having a dick this small

>hit him, get launched through the air and die

No smaller than yours with that amount of projecting.


>no u

At least you're learning.

>gets btfo
>keeps posting


>Keeps thinking this game has a winner

>he's still posting even after getting btfo

cry more butt-tears from your butt, small dick


How did I get btfo, junior?

>he got so btfo he doesn't even know what happened

max par

Fug u got me

*pull out muh gun*
Brake check THIS motha sucka


*continues following at about 5 inches*


Nice quads checked

GOOD reply

this but with less autism

>is superior to other cars in every form and is pure Driving Perfection™

Why the hell would I bother brake checking after I pass you? I got business to do.

Also, most BMW assholes I noticed are the tards driving the basic 3 and 4 series shitboxes.

The left lane is for passing. If you dont like getting cut off, high beams flashed at you or brake checked get the fuck out of the left lane.

Indeed high beams are not a big deal if you're being a slow ass but even in that case, it's just plain dangerous and dumb to cut people off and brake check them. 0/10, try harder.

And its dangerous to be occupying the fast lane going under or slower than the cars to your right. You are forcing people to pass in non passing lanes which can cause accidents and traffic. 0/10 learn how to drive.

I never said it wasn't also dangerous to be slow in the left lane you mongoloid. I'm saying two wrongs don't make a right.

But three rights make a left.

>Cuts you off and brake checks you
I'll make a video clip for the Driver Rating website:

People know the complaints are not fake when photos and video are included with the complaint at the website. You see complaint videos of people trying to hit other cars. Or bad parking (let's double park in the busy road).

Also, send in the complaint to your state website for traffic and road hazard reports. While they cannot issue a ticket, if the video adds up, they will put a note into the person's records. So if the highway patrol stops that driver, the officer will see the note and decide to NOT give that driver the benefit of the doubt because he has various complaints on his record already.

Oh look, the 13 yo is here. Dumb ass grow the fuck up.

You triggered some truck fags, gj

your fault, you should show a judge you did all you could to avoid it, the vid would show you wanted it to end like that

I like to keep up with drivers who do this especially those in a M series.

There's nothing better than keeping up or passing a M3 in a shitbox honda through twisting roads. Sure they have the better, faster car all around but they don't know how to drive it and their $ 50 000 sports car looks a whole lot worse when a 1.5 L Honda fit is taking up their rearview mirror.

>PIT him with my POS I don't give a shit about. Pull him out of his car and breat the piss out of him to teach him not to fuck around and drive respectfully.

what did i read

>4 wheel manual drums don't stop quick enough
>Plow into the back of his car and smash the rear end to bits totaling it instantly
>I impale myself on the steering column killing me instantly
>Rich dad isn't rich enough to fight off their baby boys vehicular manslaughter charges after his 3rd DUI
>Gets rapped in the ass by Jamal in the slammer
Sweet justice is served

Yet they're not poor and in a shitbox

>4,000lb truck has manual brakes
>plough through the plastic kraut mobile
>minor scratches on my bumper
>totaled BMW
I like it

>rapped in the ass
2Pac or Biggie style?


I d justify by saying my reactions are not that good .


>more buttanger

feed me, feed me!

>Being so retarded you think this would work

it actually worked for a guy in germany, read up some lawsuit cases when there was the discussion if dashcams are allowed
>guy gets overtaken by bmw, bmw pushing breaks right in front of him for unknown reasons resulting in a crash
>bmw-driver gets fined for reckless driving

It really is that easy to ruin someone's life nowadays.

people who spend most of their time earning money often don't have time to practise their touge skills

Hit the back of him, I have a dashcam.

you'd get your license pulled or evaluated medically if I'm not wrong.

*Brakes just as hard*
Wow rude.

New pasta time

I guess someone better call her husband and tell him she stole the bull's car. Obviously, with that sort of driving it can only be a woman.

>I guess someone better call her husband and tell him she stole the bull's car.
If you somehow get their phone number, they might accuse you of stalking them. After that, everything bad that happens to them gets blamed on you.

I turn around and go fuck his wife in his own bed because I know who that cuck is.

we did it reddit!