French car thread

Went to a mainly Citroën car show in NY today. Pictures incoming.

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Comment ca va?



2 of the rarest cars there. A Simca 1000 coupe and a Panhard 24.


2cv engine and trans


Lever for adjusting the suspension height on a DS.


A Citroën Xantia direct from Europe

A very rare DS convertible


Just before I left a convoy of Peugeots pulled in

Keep it coming!

Did any hydro citroen do the three wheeled demonstration?

>owning a French car

Not just ANY citroen xantia - that's an activa, still the fastest car to complete the elk test.

Has anyone driven the original DS? What's it like? I love the idea of them and came close to checking some out but I'm more of a sports car guy adn worry that they'll be too slow.

jay leno put it well enough:

Corners better than you'd think (low CG and low polar moment of inertia - the engine is in the middle), and with the body roll you'll be hanging on to the doors. Straight acceleration is not very good, but at least it has good fuel economy.

No, but the guy that gave me a ride in his ID21 told me of when he got a flat tire and continued driving because he didn't know it.

I was given a ride in an ID21, basically a lower trim DS, and I can tell you it has taken the lead as the best riding car I've ever been in. Taking that position from a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow that I drove. It has an immensely smooth ride and still has the ability to handle, very little body roll when going around a corner. It's not the fastest accelerating thing around, the car I was in had a 2.1L carbureted engine, but it'll do interstate speeds no problem and cruise there all day. And if you want more power there's still the 2.3L cars with either a carburetor or fuel injection.

>french cars
Why not just kill yourself instead

And what would you get, a pleb tire German car? Only someone who knows nothing of French cars would hate on them.