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early for choco bunny

>play my second ranked match ever
>middle of team, actually do well
>only 4k points
>get bunny anyway
Can't be the only one

Other people have been reporting it adds up your points over multiple matches, so you don't have to score >4500 in one go.

yea lmao ubisoft didn't do the challenge right

I got 5k points but finished second on a winning team and I still got it

It's not that simple. I had been playing casual matches before hand. So they screwed it up in some unpredictable manner.

It seems kinda bugged out, I played spectacularly awful and got both of them in one match.

whats wrong with the starter edition?

I used to play on consoles all the time but when I got a PC I picked it up. I already played the shit out of the base operators so I just paid like 20 bucks and got the DLC operators. over 200 hours on console, hardly place the PC version ATM. I like playing dota too much

Are thermite charges jammable after they have been triggered?
Because I just had a strange thing happening to me.
Basically I was defending garage in chalet, the garage door was jammed, I was expecting a Thatcher so I was ready with a jammer in my hand for when the EMP hit.
Thatcher throws his bomb, but thermite immediately set off his charge before I could deploy the jammer again.
What happened was that I managed to deploy the jammer at the last second before the explosion, the charge exploded anyway, the reinforcement was blown off, but the garage door itself remained intact and I didn't get any disruptor bonus.
Is this what was supposed to happen or was this just a case of the game shitting itself because it doesn't expect people to jam thermite charges after they are triggered?

>Dotard has no problem wasting his money for no reason
Colour me surprised

How is a jammer supposed to stop a chemical reaction?

Is it going to jam the fire?

The jammer stops the remote trigger.

in 2-3 hours the new counters will be uploaded to the booru. if any changes need to be made to any of the counters they should be done now.


So how would you guys respond to the complaints of people running outside at the beginning of the round to get some quick and "cheap" spawn kills?
Bear in mind, this isn't referring to peeking windows, it's referring to people who will run outside at the beginning of the round and chuck a C4 before they get spotted to hopefully get an easy kill.

You have 5 seconds to explain why you don't main Jackal on attack.

>the charge exploded anyway, the reinforcement was blown off, but the garage door itself remained intact
This is an unrelated bug with Thermite's charges. Jammers have no effect on it occurring or not.

because he's not white

It's a bug. Sometimes Hibana's pellets will also start charging up but then fail to detonate at the end.

>still doing casual matches after hitting level 20

What kind of bitch faggot must someone be to do this?

I really enjoyed the game, but did not want to pay full price or wait until a real sale. I immediately regret my decision, ubisoft incompletely fucked the artistic integrity of the game. A football helmet on castle? fucking gross

didnt you post this last thread

Should have followed the advice of tbƕ

Starter edition is far more expensive in the long run.

It's better to buy the base edition and not have to grind hundreds of hours of renown just to get basic operators.

/r6g/ has a penchant for reposting shit constantly. Just look at the first two images of this thread. Both images were posted in the previous thread already.


So i already bought mira with renown. would i get them back if i purchased the year2 pass? feeling kinda silly for buying her as my first dlc op, now that im considering the pass

>ubisoft incompletely fucked the artistic integrity of the game.
and valve hasn't?


>still posting frogs in 2017

What kind of bitch faggot must someone be to do this?

That's any general

This is honestly one of the better ones when it comes to reposting shit, at least here its limited to shitty memes most people ignore.

thanks jewish rat

inb4 someone posts mutes jammies

mind if I one up that user-kun?

Cav's better

caveira a shit

Cav is defense, ya dingus


Yeah I'm aware of the hibana bug, but I've never came up to this thermite bug in my ~100h of game time so I was wondering if it could have been related to the jammer, since it was my first time jamming a thermite in-progress.

Also about the chemical reaction argument, it makes sense, but you can use a jammer to stop hibana charges after they have started burning (and it's not a bug, because you get a disruptor bonus when you do so) so I don't think this logic could apply to the thermite "bug".

>playing casual with 2 friends
>loading into favela
>everyone's game crashes

good job ubi

The only thing valve did wrong was take away the no hats console command.

That is it.

>fuze killing an ally in the killfeed
It's the little things

I think the threshold should be at least level 50, you can get to lv20 pretty quickly and still be a complete shitter at the game, ruining the game for others.

You are supposed to use casual as a training for ranked when you first get the game, you shouldn't try to rank when you barely know the maps

Anyone else have this problem?

Oh and people under the threshold shouldn't be fucking allowed to join a ranked match if invited, that's even more retarded than letting lv20 go ranked.

What's the fucking point of bringing your level 5 friend into a ranked match for fucks sake

I saw Fuze kill himself through the roof of the room he was popping once

What's the point of the test server? do we get to play honk honk ops?

Level 50 takes an absurd amount of time to grind to even inside Ranked itself



>Anyone else have this problem?
yeah unfortunately there are a lot of people in this general who have anime avatars and are fat sweaty weebs.

>Echo calls upon the powers of his ancestors

Well I think it should be raised anyway, maybe something less tedious, like a lv35 or something like that.
20 is too damn easy to achieve, I waited to level 40-something to try ranked because I still had no idea of the map layout and my aim was shit for the most part.

When I'm in ranked and I see more than one player under 40 I simply leave the lobby and look for an other one.

Granted, clearance level is a shit way to estimate someone's skill, but it's the only thing I have so I'm using it. I can assume that with experience comes, at the very least, map knowledge, which is already an invaluable skill to have in this game

its 2017, its been hipster to be an ironic weeb for awhile now

Read the test server FAQ

>under level 40
You have serious autism

Im not fat

I just use myself as a comparison, I barely knew 3 or 4 maps comfortably before level 40 and I still had troubles with the rest sometimes.
I may be a shitter, I suppose there are other people around that can be diamonds by level 25, but of all the times I've played with level

Serious autism. Self admitted shitter uses shitter rule.

20 posters?

dead gaem

Ok m8

>Im not fat
whatever you say rook

GOD FUCK. For the past several games I keep getting matched up with a team full of no rankers. And the enemy team gets to be full of gold players like me. Now I dropped 2 ranks into silver. Fuck my life.


Jesus man you have been posting this fucking soap opera about the counters for like 3 weeks now, who fucking cares

shit it's not working

give me a sec i'll try to see what i can do

kill me pls

Why are you playing with chinese cartoon letters?

Every-time, that kill radius

how long until the new operators and the big update drops?

also i heard that smoke is getting a new camo on the leaks, is that true


ded game
no more updates, ubisoft took several months to fix the ranked bug. The player base has left.

fuze doing the slav squat



Well siege had a good run. Guess it's back to Neotokyo for me.

Alright /r6g/
Thanks to a series of events you are now in charge of designing the next operator in the game - it may receive some minor number tweaks, but it will be brought into the game almost exactly how you want it to be

What do you design?

3 speed, 2 armor attacker. His special ability is that he has a good gun and is 3 speed and 2 armor. Did I say he? I meant she. She is also very smol.

here is something most of you faggots will never remember, we were supposed to have more game modes added. This was one of the very first things promised to us.


>it's another ''4+ minutes with five people'' episode
>oh wait it's a secret ''someone leaves and the time restarts'' episode


Exactly like Jaeger, but with a mustache, and on the attacking team.

Attacker that has reinforcements. Same as defenders. Infinite door and windows, two wall reinforcements. Wall reinforcements can be deployed quicker than defenders can.


back to warfighter for me

d-delete this

>not Mick

Got a buddy who can't accept challenges.

Someone said something about going to their website.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

tactical realism


He will be an Italian attacker named Buzzer with a small shield that covers his head and legs when crouched.

His sidearm will be a Beretta M92fs with a thirty round magazine.

His gadget will act like Blitz's flash but instead of a flash-bang, it will be a claymore duct-taped to the front with a close range. It will have 1 use and will be an insta-down.

Secondary gadgets are a frag and claymore.

He is actually a gourmet chef in his off hours and was a plumber before joining the army.

>can repel silently
>can breach through windows without needing to damage them first
>can rappel up opened hatches

Okay that actually sounds cool.

This has been speculated about since dustline. It's my understanding that ubisoft has commented on stealthy operators for attackers and has said that it will never happen. Apparently, they want attackers to be forced into relying on gaining control of a preexisting entrances through force or making one loudly. The idea is that the defenders always know where the attackers are coming from.

>can breach through windows without needing to damage them first
Can't you do that already?


>His gadget will act like Blitz's flash but instead of a flash-bang, it will be a claymore duct-taped to the front with a close range.

that sounds pretty cool

>login to play with a bunch of friends
>pass an invitation to go for drinks tonight specifically to play ranked
>fuze room next to hostage one
>hostage dies
>banned from matchmaking for 3 hours


Did you just go meet up with your mates?

>fuzing near the hostage
What did you expect was going to happen?

Have a fun night out.

If you ain't proleague, you're part of the 99% pubshit nobodies. No ifs, ands, or buts.

You can rappel up to an intact window and jump through it.
You wouldn't be able to do the whole "jump through an exploding breaching charge" stunt otherwise.