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>the cringiest faction in the game
How so? Gates' audio can get a bit cringy mom sometimes, but otherwise they're a good bantering special forces-esque group. I thought they were pretty endearing when you did the Viper level.

I want to drink from Barker's tap!

The 6-4 are meant to be this endearing band of brothers of super-elite Pilots, hence the banter and high-fives for everyone.

I cannot help but feel Gates is a "chicks rule" figure to fly cover for SJW buttfrustration. You could make the case that Briggs isn't very different, but it feels like Gates is over the top.

ACES is the best faction.

The 6-4 were like a group of multiplayer kids brought into singleplayer. Just a bunch of faceless daredevils with "le ebin bantz and stunts."

I was hoping for a good guy group that rivaled the Apex Predator's quirkiness.





Briggs is meant to be the strong female figure, considering she fervently fights for the freedom of the Frontier and is, by the IMC's reckoning, one of the most dangerous people in the universe. She has a face, she has a record, and she's regularly portrayed as competent and capable.

Gates is just Jack Cooper with a female voice.

>competent and capable.
>sends her SRS headfirst into enemy fire
>only Vanguards to make it through the initial assault was her and Cooper
She was annoying in the first game too

I'm confused at how that makes them cringy.

Titanfall is obviously not supposed to be a 40k-style grimdark setting. Everything is bright and beautiful. We see idyllic countrysides to fight for, and even the "dark dreary," urban environment of Angel City is full of color and pezzaz; a far cry from the consistent brown and gray of a lot of modern shooter titles.

The conflict against the evil empi--megacorporation--is obviously there just to give it a conflict. When our robot buddies aren't helping us kick ass, they're helping us farm. Apex Predators is there to be full of war-criminals who sneer at each other and give the evil empire a bad name by being too good at their jobs and executing everyone, so why wouldn't the plucky rebels also have an elite for-hire outfit full of banter and professional high-fives?

Titanfall 2 is a ton of fun but the setting is obviously a bit more wacky and anime-esque than it was implied to be during the first game. Still feeling like plausible far-future but with things like shadow realms to phase in and out of and hyper-custom Northstars that can out-dogfight modern fighters with their own Itano Circus to bring it all together.

That feels like more of a fair criticism, I suppose. I can see it. I never took it that way since we see her fight with the others so it's not like they just had her there to look cool and appeal to tumblrinas. There's also the meta thing of how she's an artifact from when they were going to let us choose between a male and female Cooper.

>Monarch before Frontier Defense
Oh no. Is it going to be in Multiplayer? This game is fucking doomed.

I feel like we didn't get to see enough of them. We only had one level with them, whereas we had the entire game to get to know the Apex Predators.

>new titan isn't called Vanguard but Monarch in the files
>Prime Monarch voice is referenced as BT in the files
>Effect and Cause hints BT got sent to the past after jumping into the ARK at the end of the game
>Monarchs are going to be IMC produced Vanguards and the Prime Monarch will be BT after getting a IMC tune up

Calling this shit now.

Also the new faction is probably going to be Bish instead of Spyglass because we can't have IMC focus for some reason.

Blisk we knew from the first game
All but Viper were just talking heads in our radio
Viper we got to see in his level from beginning to end, what's he's capable of, and set his fight up to be actually hard, compared to the other boss fights

ay b0ss

The NPCs we're killing in Bounty Hunt are Remnant Fleet forces, implying that they are Spyglass's men. Everyone, even ARES, has a kill order out for the Remnant.

That's pretty much my point though. We had multiple levels to listen in on their conversations, we got some interactions from each before their respective boss-fights, and we even got to get really up close and personal when we were forced to watch them kill our Obi-Wan and see the Austrian take ears.

We got one level with the 6-4 where we saw them do a sick wall-run did a bit of a fire-fight, and then saw them execute a nice improv room kill; we then proceeded to get backseat driver commentary before Bear told the others to stuff it.

Realistically speaking I'm pretty sure that if we got as much interaction with the 6-4 and had as many one-after-the-other boss fights where we got to know them a little beforehand, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

>As a child, Sarah lost several close members of her family to incidents in which the IMC displaced Frontier citizens by force. As a result, she vowed to take revenge on the IMC at every possible opportunity, refusing to rest until they have been removed from the Frontier. For most of her career, she served in Covert Operations for the Militia, before moving into the command ranks of the Militia's Marauder Corps. Her long list of successful attacks on IMC installations landed her on the IMC's High Value Target List, where she remains listed as one of the top 50 most dangerous Militia operatives still at large.
When she's not leading M-COR, she's running stealth raids on IMC targets.

I'm a newfag who didn't play the first game. What's the Remnant Fleet?

>The Remnant Fleet is the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation's main surviving military force in the Frontier following the events of Titanfall. The Battle of Demeter resulted in the loss of the IMC's main fuel depot, stranding the IMC fleet without reinforcements or supplies from the Core Systems. Spyglass assumed the position of Vice-Admiral of the fleet following Marcus Graves' defection to the Frontier Militia, and directed the fleet to a secret naval base deep within the Frontier to regroup and rebuild over the following years.
>In accordance with Spyglass' long-term strategy to counter the Militia, a separate effort from General Marder's operations on Typhon, the Remnant Fleet conducts resource raids on Harmony with the dual aims of disrupting the Militia's presence in the system and gathering enough materials to restore the fleet to full combat-readiness. Once that has been accomplished, Spyglass will proceed to the next, unknown stage of his plan.

tl;dr - After the IMC got their ass beat at Demeter (the climactic battle of TF1), the stranded IMC forces left in the Frontier consolidated under Spyglass and went into hiding. They've been conducting raids and building up their resources ever since, and only Spyglass knows what the hell he's planning.

what happened to Graves?

Mac convinced Graves to defect to the terrorists. He is the terrorist dropship ridealong during the epilogue mission, Made Men.

Assuming he hasn't died between TF1 and TF2, still trotting about somewhere within Militia high command.

>He tried to convince Blisk to join the Militia

Blisk knows what he fights for, and that's his paycheck. The IMC are the only faction willing to hire him and his band of war criminals. I think it's supposed to be poignant when he says he would kill Graves for free.

New faction should be viper.

I really wish they revisit TF1's storymode. A lot of the banter just flies over your head when you have to deal with your own multiplayer objectives at the same fucking time.
>Blisk threatens to kill Graves for free
>Never get to see the outcome because "lel you're just an NPC fighting a background war"
>Sloane threatens to kill Jack the exact same way
>She gets absolutely rekt

>not wanting to be associated with fast kills and a good time
>not wanting to be associated with functioning alcoholism
>not wanting to be Angel City Elite

post raifu stats

Help out the same lorefag who didn't play the first game. Who's Baker and the ACE? I assumed they were compatriots from the previous game during The Ark when Baker helps you get on the Malta.


But one of the F3's outscored all of you too. And wouldn't that make it that much more impressive that they were able to do that well on their own instead of a stack?
Please stop, you're not only embarrassing yourselves but the rest of us for being associated with you.

are there any actual decent, as in, fappable, titanfall lewds?

most of them look too cartoon-y

xth For ruse gals

There's some pretty decent SFM type stuff but that's really about it
Titanfall lewds aren't that popular


Where can I get titanfall 2 art?

Download in OP is broke


is the tfg network private?
I thought I was in it but apparently I'm in the wrong one

>tfgeneral in the op
>gallery link
>booru link
Spoonfeed complete.


I just told you, the download link is broken

>next Tf1 map they're bringing back is fuckiing relic


i just logged in on respawns site to join it
i was in on of the lts games that got rolled hard

My nigga

I managed to capture the exact moment my Memestiff pro-screen became a meme

It's netowrk in the OP to the best of my knowledge. Ask in the Discord if you're still confused, Kihota will likely know what's up.

yea I'm in now
I just looked through the server browser whenever it was I thought I joined in so I must of been in an old one.

Down and out for a while? The network shift on PC happened awhile back.

Barker my man.
Barker is a former IMC pilot from Titanfal 1. He was a hell of a pilot and a hell of a drinker, still is. The Angel City Elite aka A.C.E. are his group of pilots who kick ass, drink moonshine, and are trying to find out what's really going on behind the scenes of the war.

no I only joined in somewhat recently so I think it was after all of that

You're right actually, the TFGeneral site's Megaupload links for "The Art of Titanfall 2" and "McFarlane Drawing Full Size" are gone. Dunno who has the original files but looks like they need to be reuploaded

>9k kills on mastiff

How the fuck, the only other people I've seen on kill screen who had more than 2k kills on a weapon were two shitters with 7k and 11k kills on the Devotion.

Welcome, welcome. And that's weird, I'm pretty sure the original public network got deleted.
Pretty sure sniper has the originals.

>tfw came here from warframe and tribes
I mean, it's not THAT fast. Certainly better than the three or four Call of Duty's that came with a poor jump-kit imitation.

Titanfall 2's aesthetic really does turn my fucking crank, though.

War Games is basically confirmed. Look at the greyed out portion of the "More free content to come" picture. Same with Frontier Defense.

Coming Soon! :^)

yea idk there's a tfg network and a /titanfall general/ one located in Australia

not as fast as tribes, sure, but how the hell is warframe fast at any level

Barker was an IMC pilot before he defected with MacAllen to join the Militia. Instead of going all the way with MacAllen to Colony, Barker stayed in Angel City and became a drunk. After the events of TF1, he formed the Angel City Elite.

Barker is characterized by two things - his drunkenness, and his fear of betrayal. If you notice, when he's not talking about getting smashed, he's quipping about not trusting people 100% or the enemy team being ahead because of "foul play."

it used to be, then the devs "fixed" it

Man, if Respawn could take a crack at Warframe, that'd be something to watch. Then again, I don't know how they'd handle stealth.

They're working on Star Wars right now. So maybe we'll get the first good SW game under Disney.

The parkour system is outrageous. You basically do what you to in Titanfall when bunny-hopping: alternate between sliding and jumping.

They also have something called the "bullet-jump," what happens when you hit both at once: you go tremendous speeds in the direction you're looking, no matter where. This allows for you to do turns of up to 180 degrees without loosing any real amount of speed.


An AT-ST is about the same size as a Titan, right?

This isn't fast at all.

>naming your daughter Jack Cooper
>male and female pilots exactly the same, including the voice, but female pilot has a pink visor

They're supposed to be bio-enhanced super space ninjas.

>it changes Jack's "gender identity" but everything about him remains exactly the same
>maximum cost effectiveness while still appealing to tumblr

Hey, transhumanism is a major piece of the Titanfall backdrop, though people don't seem to immediately notice.

holy shit that was slower than even star wars battlefront ii's jetpack soldiers

Spyglass faction confirmed
Spyglass titan confirmed
Spyglass everything confirmed

What is wrong with your eyes, mang?

Go home, Spyglass -- OH WAIT, YOU CAN'T

I guess I got a job to do then.


Requesting someone make this with Ash getting punched by Spyglass

Okay? That doesn't change anything.

Are you delusional? A bunch of flipping animations doesn't make a game fast.

>forgot image

how to aiming softball

Hit their feets

Step one: Aim in general direction
Step two: murder
Step two and a half: Right click to see the trajectory of your projectile, then try to get a feel for how long it takes the grenade to travel. You will catch onto it subconsciously over time.
Step three: Shoot feet, enemy cannot fast if they have no legs.

Wanted to buy Titanfall 2, but can someone explain to me what the "Titanfallâ„¢ 2: Angel City's Most Wanted Bundle" is? If I google it, it just gives me articles that it's a free update. If I read the description, it just gives me the content of the free update.

Is it like a shortcut DLC to unlock everything available? Because it costs as much as the base game.

dlc packs they have released that are $25

its just cosmetics, can also be bought individually anyway but the bundle is cheaper overall

It's just cosmetics. Thats it. All paid dlc in this game is purely cosmetic. You can view every detail on what the cosmetics look like from the in game store.

Nah, it's a pack of cosmetics, so like camo, nose art, and alt titan models, that was released with the free content. Buying the base game gets you the Angel City content (basically the new map) where as buying the bundle gives you ALL of the Camo and Prime Titans that were released with that map.

All gameplay-related DLC is completely free. Maps, weapons, modes -- all free. The only things you buy are cosmetics, like camo packs, callsign packs, and -- most notably -- Prime Titans.

The "bundle" it's referring to is all the cosmetic stuff you can buy that came with the Angel City update in one discounted package. That includes Ion Prime, Scorch Prime, the camo pack, the nose arts and warpaints, and the callsign stuff.

Thank ya'll for the help, seems like the community is pretty nice too. Gonna pull the trigger on this one my man.

>Sims 4

Welcome to the Frontier Pilot. Don't forget to check out the singleplayer to get the feel of the game.

>sims 4

Why does anyone think SMGs are okay in their current state?

donut judge me

RDDT or F3 told them that grapple hook and no loot crates are the biggest things wrong with the game and the SMGs are perfect. Everyone else knows they are cancer.

I mean why not just pirate it?

You can't pirate it, at least not with recent patches or recent expansions and it's not that much.

thx senpai desu

I use CAR when I need to win against one or two skilled players rather than a team of noobs. It's pretty strong.

If you mean to ask if it's 'too strong,' I do think they have too much ammo. No weapon should fire for four seconds straight unless that is ITS THING like with the spitfire.

>grapple is cancer cause my hitscan auto death cannon stops working on it pls fix even though nobody uses grapple anyway cause its too hard and involved

even in a tryhard comp match with full meta loadouts nobody would be "abusing" grapple. what a ridiculous idiot.

The same ridiculous idiot just put out a guide on the EVA-8. Lets stop and let that sink in. This retard thinks every tactical is killing the game, only plays PvP, only uses the meta as defined by him, thinks the game is failing because it doesn't have lootbox bullshit, whines non-fucking-stop when he streams, and is otherwise generally a piece of shit.

I don't know what's worse, that frothingcum still hasn't killed himself or that his cult of f3 and rddt worship him as a deity.