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I don't speak Japanese, I don't know what it says in the pic edition.

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first for soft noodly body


I don't know what it says, but I've got some guesses...

kys zach

Why dont they make something like the power commander auto tune for cars?

(Transplant comment)

Aayo, fuck these douchebags. HI sounds pretty neato, just small.
Not quite OK small, but maybe GA level.

And Hawaiians are cool as shit, but the rest of oceana...
(My uncle once fled the country, after breaking up with a Tongan girl)

What are the roads like out there? My brother got stationed on one of the mid-islands (I think?) And I think it'd be pretty fly to rent a couple bikes, make him learn to ride when I visit.

>literPeter user
It's about fundamentals. Ever wonder why the middle school goalposts are still half the size of regulation ones?

Any of you have your bike dyno tested to see what sort of power it makes? What does it cost?

>OK and GA
>good for anything
shit states. I've seen Oklahoma. It's fucking trash.

Are these tires good for cornering?

Don't you know that your bike has to look like a space ship to corner good

I dunno dude, Im asking cus my tires look a lot thinner than sports tires..I really dont know and I rather find out from someone telling me than me having to low side and learn it the hard way.

Vast expanses of racists, on the way between Athens and Atlanta. So, better than OK, but still functionally limited.

Like HI. Just replace the confederates with seawater, and it looks the same to me.

Couldn't ride to Starbucks today on my adventure bike so just took old county highways that have long been shut down.

I want to remind you to state the make/model of tire, but you'll catch a footpeg before you get to the edge of anything.
t. Ride nighthawk ni-han. Durotours are adequate for our engine size.

shiny and chrome

just got back from 4 hours of driving to look at bike
>i was not prepared for the v-twin sound
seen a couple of these in parking lots and for a flash in oncoming traffic and such but ugggggggh
>that sound
>muh dick

I didn't actually test ride it because while I had the cash with me just in case, I wanted to check out a couple of other bikes first. It cold started perfectly though and I didn't find any big issues during the inspection (t. autistic checklist-making user)
the owner seemed like a pretty cool guy, said he had given it to his brother when he upgraded to an FZ-01 and his brother had just bought an R6, so it wasn't going to be ridden much now. He also had a Vulcan.

He had swapped in a GXS-R 1000 rear shock and RaceTech fork springs, said the ride was a lot stiffer than stock. He was like 200 lb and I'm 135 lb; what should I expect from this and should I make adjustments accordingly? He offered to throw in the OEM fork springs if I wanted them.

>asked him if he'd deliver it to my place for an extra 100-150
>thought a second and said he'd do it if I paid full price (2600) cause he was expecting a haggle
>mfw my budget was 3000 to start with

I like this but I still want to go check out the yellow one that popped up.

post flexing pics?

Picked these up today with a shit ton of other goodies well below my spending limit. Went in expecting to blow a couple grand on KLIM gear. While I liked it and was ready to pay for it, it just didn't fit me right and that's all that really matters. So hooray for spending a shit ton of money but actually saving money? Mixed emotions.

frosty i didn't know you got a motorcycle

Dude sounds pretty cool. Check the yellow one to ease your anxiety, but it sounds like your mind is made.


who the fuck is frosty

post dbt boipucci

trap user

so that guy was calling my bike gay or what lol

only if u post boipucci

Beta XTrainer still best dual-sport.

how about a nice pic of the otherside of my girl

frosty is a notorious Veeky Forums tripfag, newfriend, who was also known for the shitty quality photos he took of his car with his phone - lots of glare, foggy, etc.


no, i got quads now post boipucci. Nobody whats to see that old piece of shit poorfag biek

>Lowsided yesterday on a wet gravel road
> skinned hip and elbow, bruised knee and shoulder
>Ripped my favourite pair of jeans
>Have been leaking leg juice all day and my boxers keep sticking to my hip
Overall would not reccomend, mostly just pissed i ruined my good jeans

>poorfag bike
Costs more than any jap, american or german shit you will ever ride you uneducated nigger.

post boipucci

>so shiny i can see your reflection in the tank
v nice yes

stay mad stupid poorfag, i bet that piece dosent have EFI or abs enjoy paing more for a piece of shit cuckold bike

That's the problem CV carbs fix. You're using '70's technology there.

Yea I was happy. I ended up getting the drystar gear. I hope it holds up on my trips. It fit better on me than the KLIM. I am not a small dude (wide shoulders), 5 foot 10, 175lbs, but the KLIM fit like garbage bags on me or too tight. Sorta stuck in a middle size that doesn't exist I guess.

The Drystar gear even still allows for me to hide my 1911 without being obnoxious in a custom chest rig I wear on occasion. So I'm happy.

But it's just an old and slow bike, who cares if it costs more.

tegaderm senpai

Damnit, I haven't been here in like a month and decided to check up on dbt again only to see my lewd photo being posted.

jokes on you, i didnt pay a dime for this bike. Unlike the weeb shit im sure you ride, this bike has class and character. Its a 47 year old bike thats completely original, it doesnt need any of that new tech you fucking aspy. If i wanted new frills and pointless shit i would buy a modern bike.

post more bby ;)

definitely not slow my friend.

>justyfing being poor by riding a slow cuckold piece of thrash for beta cuck hipster sisses

I deleted all my weird photos because my mom almost saw them and I got nervous

Where did you guys get your first bike?
Bonus points if you don't live in a city

You should get that speedo cable off the exhaust pipe. And wipe your lens. And do what the quads-man says

make new ones bby ;) u look so cute i would marry you

I dont see any pics of your bike there guy. I would resort to greentexting too if i didnt have a bike

Theres a metal sheath that covers that section of the cables. Its how they came out of the factory.

now stay mad with your piece od shit cuckboi nigger lover homo trap biek

first bike I got on craigslist from a shed in a small oregon town

second bike I got from a shed in downtown portland after I found it on craigslist

third bike I got from a storage unit after sitting for about 5 years when I was browsing craigslist

current bike I got a dealership

I think I was 12, some shitty Chinese 90cc dirt bike
Only if you're a pretty lady


Matter of personal opinion, then.
Not bashing on it, just saying.

Oh I thought you said when, not where. My step dad got it for me from Canadian Tire. I think it was $900 brand new.

>third bike I got from a storage unit after sitting for about 5 years when I was browsing craigslist
3rd bike?

this one

>19.6 billion images in 0.6 seconds
>when I search my emails for a string, it takes 4 minutes and only searches the past 6 months

being this mad there bike is an old piece of shit

At least he has a commanding grasp of the English language.

i guess i should have remembered that Veeky Forums has shit tastes and opinions.

I didn't beleive you, so I looked it up. Fucking brits.

he's right you know, maybe it's time to get a REAL motorcycle, brother. No more of these chink kids toys.

go suck his dick fagboi

lol stupid hipster bikes are shit

Y u so mad tho.

Kit you gotta calm down with the shed buys.
>daily RED

Dude i know, half the shit they put together on this thing amazes me. It's all whitworth tooling too, luckily i have a small enough set to do basic shit to it.

post boipucci

>Kit you gotta calm down with the shed buys.
I did when I got my FZ.

>now I want to buy a beat to shit xr100 or dyna glide that doesn't run and make it work
what is wrong with me.

alREDy have multiple times

>Le superior hipster taste
>likes nigger dick

pls kys cuckboi

yeah but i want to see new pics bb ;)

I would be mad too if i knew an user had a classic bike. He wageslaved for a gay ricer that probably only gets compliments from kids wearing monster hats

come here and you could get the real thing fag.

i would love to rabage that boipucci

Why does every acerbis tank have to look so haram

>This is allowed to stay up

Try to post a picture with only my ankle showing

fuck you Veeky Forums mods

Shhhh. We're still campaigning for /mc/.
Don't fuck it up by making rational points about sexism, or I start pulling reasoned theological arguments about vanity.

can i get uhhhhhhhhhh motorcycle jacket with less than 8 logos please


>Post a link to another board to the ankle, still get banned

I'm not a girl user


>ninja 250
>not a girl


I wish I could leave my helmet outside like that.

>Ninja 250 looking like that
user... I

well I was just taking a picture but the area is nice

Post more doggo

still a girls bike

Doggo for you
Meh a bike is a bike as along as you're having fun thats all that matters

cute puppers

Not relevant, don't piss off the wardens until we get payout.

All puppers and Doggos deserve love and a good life
Posting boipucchi

I do it if the area is okay and I'm only going to be like 15 minutes.

additional doggo for you

They're both dudes you silly guy

So, we talking about bikes or what?
Carbs are coming up for the mini nighthawk. I want to be lazy and just bolt on new Mikuni + pods instead.
Worth it? I've heard of a mythical twin brothers pipe setup, too, but can't seem to find it...
Call it 40% boredom, 60% tactile learning. I'm pretty much making shit up as I go along.

did i make a good choice buying a cbr250rr? paid 2750 au with 25000kms

you wont get more power with mods on that bike, plus pods rouin your engine because shitty chinese paper cant filter dust properly. Theres also 2 to 1's in yurop and nippon for $200