ARMA General - noob edition

ARMA general noob edition.

I grabbed ARMA III and it's DLCs on steam a couple months ago.

Been doing some reading and watching some dyslexi videos and practicing in the campaign and VR modes and the infantry showcase for a couple of weeks.

I've played a few scenarios generated by mods through with friends online and it has been fun, even if I've messed up and done things like shot a rescued hostage running up behind us because we'd dressed him up in looted armor and clothes for his protection. (the solution was to bring a set of non enemy clothes along on the next mission to dress the hostage in so that he wasn't wearing an unfriendly uniform AND a looted enemy plate carrier at the same time)

mission generator mods I've been having fun with.

The CUP mods RHS mods which are very common. These GREATLY expand the number of maps, equipment, weapons, and vehicles available.

maps and equipment

"Art of flight" videos playlist

Veeky Forums ARMA group Al-Kibab /akb/

Anyone have first hand memories of /a3g/?

Other urls found in this thread:

Are their any good underwater base or city mods out there?

I've been playing bioshock and agent under fire and now I'm Jonesing to breach and clear a bond villains base at the bottom of the sea with my buddies.

Let me fix the discord link for you bud :^)

there was no discord link.

this is a shit game. play squad, the real milsim. return ARMA now while your steam refund is available. you've been warned

>/akb/ steam page

no one there plays, it's fucking dead kek, get rid of that link . the real Veeky Forums groups are facepunch and broma

links please.

what is the modding community like on squad?

Are there any euro timezone friendly group around anymore?
I miss playing ops.

any english speaking arma groups in Japan/Australia friendly time zone?

My mom got assigned to 7th fleet so I'm living in weebland now.

what is best calibre?

Does anyone else ever check a window or go outside and check the weather because the sound effects in the game rused you into thinking a sudden storm was rolling in?

Not AKB's fault Bohemia broke Arma 3.

I agree with Facepunch but....

BromA is filled with faggots, anti-social rejects, and Autists.

Also, Nife, who runs BromA is a bitch.

tell me more about the facepunch group please.

it started up just fine for me today.

Nife really is a bitch.

The mod pack is broken for AKB since 64-bit released.

There's the website. But a warning, I heard some of the British people are Muslim apologists.

>nerves trying to pretend all was dead long before 64 bit released.

post that server info. let's look up that o.o attendance.

OP's are dead until shit is sorted.


They haven't adopted a substitute mod list to tide them over until they get their shit in order?

I ain't pretending shit, my dude. I don't fucking care anymore.

what are you gunfus?

Currently my favorite gun for non-specialized tasks is the m4a3 carbine.



Raifu or Raifus

do you speak russian?


/AKB/ content pack is fix'd.

how do i join up?


is there an M-14 variant in arma III?

who gives a shit

if your going to complain about groups then have the decency to link better groups.


>sees M-14
>starts getting really jealous
How much does a good M-14 run you nowadays anyway?

a descent reproduction is like 500 dollars in canada. more in the USA.

Hmm... I still have tax check money laying around...

Why is apex so weird about what is and is not destructable?

anyone have the video 'a3g rip in piss' been searching youtube all morning and feeling nostalgic.
Also; what the numbers like for AKB/ FP ops?

>anyone have the video 'a3g rip in piss' been searching youtube all morning and feeling nostalgic.

didn't know that was even a thing. when was the last time you watched ut?

>vanilla dynamic loadouts
awwww yiss


that's the funniest shit I've seen all day

Where's the comfy posting?

wait why did the arma 3 general return?

>500 dollars

more like 1500

we ww2 ops

Is this some image stabilization mod for gunners?

>real milsim

>tiny maps
>shit for vehicles
>no air
>no tanks
>gameplay literally just Battlefield hardcore mode.

Pretty sure Escape from Tarkov is more milsim than squad at this point.


Are there any WW2 PVP game modes or groups that do that? I'd like to do some battle of bulge thing desu

that's a public ww2 king of the hill. that's all I know of

RIP in peace wrists.

we do a bunch of WW2 missions and play WW2 King of the hill every week together, join us at:

tell them Pucci sent you

I tried one but it wasn't that organized sadly. Or maybe I had bad luck that day.

ty, I'll probably check it out.


man, IFA3 lite textures are total shit. I can't wait till we get a proper WW2 mod for Arma 3

ARMA has surges. Jets DLC about to drop, summer is closing in so more people are probably returning to ARMA now.

News to me but good. I hope ops come back soon in a big way. And give me motivation to finish some missions as well.

5 seconds later bling was tk by the driver.

war is hell

>"dont go in front of the vehicle"
>get run over

Here's an informational story about always checking if your vehicles actually are amphibious
>150 people PVP event with opfor mechanized company assaulting a fortified town
>Not going good, most of opfor's vehicles are gone without reaching the actual town
"BMPs are amphibious, so we can circumvent their fortifications by going around them from the sea!"
>Order a feisty command to his underlings
>They don't question or think about it since it's not their fucking job
>Remaining BMPs get loaded up and race to the sea
>They jump over a small ridge into the water
>They sink like a fucking rock to the bottom of the sea with their crew
>Everyone dies either by drowning or getting shot by enemy MGs as they try to swim away
>Apparently the BMPs were the K-variant which have extra armor on them with the negative side effect of not being amphibious.
>Pic related, it's one of the BMPs in front of the town
So yeah, always check if your vehicle actually is amphibious.



>activate windows

holy shit nigger remove WAT already

Can someone actually tell me what happened to a3g? I haven't lurked arma threads for a while and then they were just gone

not enough people. 27 unique IPs doesn't make a general

I thought the group broke up into several others

Daily reminder that ArmA group exists that has 0 (zero) affiliation with previous /a3g/ and therefore zero (0) of the cancer!

Broke up into /v/ and akb because two groups started to form wanting different things out of it.



2-3 years ago I remember it being posted in one of our old /a3g/ threads
Its probably been deleted by now, still like to watch it.