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First for artorias a shit

do maces stagger more often than UGSs?

BEAR my children

goddamn am I bored of DaS3

Does DaS3 have a story?

RIP quakestone


Love this crazy boss, i don't even know what he does next or when his HP gets lower, but dayum this is one tough son of a dragon

What are some good str/faith weapons?
I know astora GS & lothric knight GS are good lightning weapons, but I'd rather not get the dex

Being on the Dragon Ruins arena regularly has made me aware of how much better the graphics in DaS3, like the textures on all weapons, armour and surfaces, look when the lighting is bright. It makes me wish the rest of the game wasn't so gloomy.

None of the Souls games have stories.

Everything deliberately vague and "open to interpretation" which basically means that the writers are lazy and want people like Vaati to do all the work for them.

Thank you meymeyzacki-sama for transforming my SS into a UGS :^)

Lots'a fun!

We can go straight for Wolnir next if you want, I've already cleared catacombs except him.

Does the green water bother anyone else?

Pretty much anything lightning infused.

Dude where's you stamina bar?

Pure faith build?

How long is a host locked out of summoning more phantoms if you kill one?

you dont need stamina when ppl die in two hits...
rip quakestone

it's a forest

shit's moldy and mossy


3 minutes

>stealing Oroboros idea


where do you want the sign?

Catacombs of carthus bonfire, I've unlocked the shortcut so its just a dash past the ball to the bridge.

should be until the invader dies to be honest

just disable summons while you have an invader present

call it summon convolution or some shit

How do I become invasion cancer, what weapons let me shit on squads of phantoms

>obobobobobobo tries to take credit for casting lightning blade on a a straight sword and mashing R1

algae blooms so no

It was better in DaS1 when there was hope for anything beyond ebin cycles, and dank refferences. I honestly thought that a sequel to Dark Souls would take place outside of Lothric, and feature the more sane world outside, maybe playing a Hollow hunted in a world of humans or whatever.

But no, everything is some 2deep4u apocalyptic cycle featuring dragons, and girlboys.

Something with hyper armor and good range like a UGS.

STR weapons are always better when you're up against multiple people.

Who is Oroboros? Is he some kind of streamer or YT fag?

oh wait I dont care kill yourself

He tried to take credit for putting a buff on a twin weapon, not sure why you're surprised. All he does is claim straight forward builds as his own and use broken shit pre-patch lol.

this pretty much

14 END, yeah its a pure FTH. 60 FTH and minimal reqs in STR/DEX for the sword and lucerne which I also use

You seem mad he does meta things first.

teach me the ways of this weapon, what stats am I looking at

>tfw lost against a PUGS user

fucking cunt kept hiding behind Zoey once he realized I could hyperarmor through his shit with perseverance.

Who's coming to fight Demon Princes, anyway? This is going to be brutal on NG++.

PC, pass is dsg, reply if you're on your way.

should have equipped wog

fuck skeltal

Im almost certain a million other people saw sunlight straight sword get a faith scaling, went "hmm" and realized its probably absurdly powerful with a buff, its not an achievement and certainly nowhere near a discovery

wingedspear +7 pretty good with chaotic infusion s scaling faith/int

Finally fixed my fucking controller after 2 hours of autistic rage fixing.

Who needs help on PC?

>ds3 player base
>a million

hahaha KEK

That was quite the clusterfuck at the end there, but we did it!

> summoning for demon price on NG++
Super easy boss solo. Dont make it harder on yourself via attrition

Considering everything he does is old in "/dsg/ time" - Not really.

you did it guys

Anything you see a popular streamer or YTer do there's a Japanese guy who did it earlier. FAP toggling still isn't popular here yet but if you watch a JP streamer they abuse the hell out of it.

weaker than 2 2hR1
that's fucking pathetic

of course you lost
you're a shitter who needs cheated items to win lmao
keep munching those duped blossoms and siegbraus kid

Do people still complain about this? If you use perseverance and they'll pass through you and you can bs.

But it's a boss rush, user. The main intent is to summon phantoms for dsg to have fun.

If it does turn out impossible I'll solo it to move on to the next boss, but it can't hurt to have a couple of fun rounds.

Any ultra weapon and never take a direct fight. Always hit and run. Also parry spam. RKPGS are pretty good because of the L1 spam

Can someone PLEASE spoonfeed me a meta 60th build?

I cannot imagine PVP having people using FAP toggling, thats far too much micro management

I can see it in speedruns but in PVP that menu is going to hurt you

It's only good for invasions, infinite sprint + you literally can't be kicked off a ladder.

i would but no way my 7 blue sippies will last me ten hours

all you need is 40 STR. the npress L2 and win
>3 kills with one L2

Why do black knights swing their greatswords like straight swords while my character swings them like greatswords?
What makes them special? Why don't they feel the weight of the sword?

They're big guys.

Because the ashen one is a manlet.

>why are black knights bigger and more vigorous than my tiny white knight


But I can become stronger than them by leveling str. Their size shouldn't matter.

4 u

>it's a swamp episode

Today someone posted a 772 AR LKGS build that I copied, pretty OP. You could try RKPUGS with pontiff eye and l1 spam, but they have already been nerfed

can i get a quick rundown on the PCFC community?

dead or alive?


>it's a drop down to and walk on tiny rafters for an item episode




I just beat Midir - i was left with literally 1 mm of HP AND I RECORDED IT. Uploading now, hope it's quick - that fight was freaking awesome. I would say it was my 10th try or so. I am shaking visibly and am feeling very happy right now.

its a little more erotic with some mystique left to the form. What a tease

3% boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-i

i don't mean the no skill randoms, i mean the vgpcfc community.


Doesn't seem like anyone is going to attempt it (no one is definitely going to do Midir then), don't like ganking spears and Gael is going to practically 1-shot people.

Probably going to end the boss rush here.

Thanks for joining everyone.

Come to High Wall with pass dsg, friend, I shall drop it for you.

>That glorious feeling when you kill cocky shits in a 1v3 as spear of the church and point down on the disturber of the sleep

Nah I got it

I knew all I had to do was complain about it in the thread and it would immediately drop

RNGsus can't out mindgames me

>. FAP toggling

Made me laff, thank you

Re-equip FAP, free green juice

>character starts using dark magic and pyromancies
>equip blindfold because "staring into the abyss" etc. LORE reasons

Going for a new look, what do you think? I don't have much to choose from yet though, just now reached Irithyll. I'm hoping for more "dark robe" type sets, I'm getting sick of Firekeeper's.


was nerfed?

> I honestly thought that a sequel to Dark Souls would take place outside of Lothric, and feature the more sane world outside, maybe playing a Hollow hunted in a world of humans or whatever.

That was pretty much Dark Souls 2 though.
Dark Souls 2 takes place outside of Lordran and is much more down to earth than Dark Souls 1. Dark Souls 2 is like a medieval/dark fantasy and Dark Souls 1 is more mythology/dark fantasy.

The cycle shit only really gets heavy-handed (and kind of sort of lame in a way I can't explain) towards the latter half/end of the game, but for the most part, Dark Souls 2 does a really good job of expanding on the outside world and how it's effected by the functions of things established in the myth-like Dark Souls 1.

Dark Souls 3 took that concept from Dark Souls 2 and kiiiind of ruined it at first. But The Ringed City is really good about how it handles its themes and ideas.

>leveling strength let's you eventually wield an ultra like FUGS or ledo's like its a dagger

Can you imagine

Their "Greatsword" is just a sword to them, hence why its called a Black Knight Sword. Even then, its a really big sword, even bigger than a Silver Knight Sword. Their Greatsword is just a Greatsword to them, but to us its an UGS.
Its a matter of perspective. Its the reasoning behind a lot of the naming conventions in DaS1 and 3.

r8 my castle servant, keeping the castle clean while the lords are away

How do you not get bored as fuck using the same weapon the whole game

They don't give you enough titanite to try new things without having to farm

Rate fashion

Is using the Prisoner's chain without any other ring to counter its damage taken debuff a good idea for PvE now that it's been nerfed, or am I going to get absolutely destroyed in NG+ dlc bosses?

It is almost always better to use it now as long as you have heavier armor sets to wear.


Gotta keep them shining

>berserk 2017

No worries, the malus is almost negligible

Need sunlight medals


That's amazing. Thanks anons

>tfw I NEVER get summoned as a spear

Do co-op
You cant drop covenant items

Listen up fags.

How to fix Arenas:
>Embered health
>Consecutive rolls have increasing stamina cost for each chained roll
>Increased time before stamina begins to regenerate when completely consumed
>Player with highest health on timeout wins
>Central area of each arena now has a Warmth style slow regen area you can fight for control of
>Warmth area doesn't heal while rolling or blocking
>Player healing from eg. Projected Heal reduced by 50%

How to fix build options:
Improve lower investment Int -
>Add non-scaling frost/bleed build up to low level Crystal spells like Hail
>Reduce scaling and increase base damage of Dart spells so they outperform throwing daggers with minor investment
>Frozen Weapon applies a slight movement slow on hit for a few seconds
>Spook adds movement speed bonus for a few seconds after casting
>When inside the Snap Freeze cloud with your opponent outside the cloud, gain weak obscuring ring effect which blocks lockon

Expand options for Str/Dex with Int/Fth -
>Blessed and Simple now have Crystal/Lightning tier damage
>Crystal and Lighting now have the regen bonuses from Blessed and Simple
>Blessed and Simple now increase the scaling of Str/Faith and Str/Int respectively
>Crystal and Lighting now increase the scaling of Dex/Int and Dex/Fth
>Raw gains bonus to buff duration
>Total defences scale up higher based on combined Str/Dex, so Quality gets bonus Def

Swap the offhand block animation for most weapons and some catalysts with a button which performs mainhand WA, as if barehanded.