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clubbing edition

>Latest news
-Jewellery box interface improvements
-Chaotic death colour tweaks
-Karamja diary masters are now all-in-one
-Cabbage cape can be bought from Diango

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nth for Hook is cute.

dhargash lol

3rd for 2 D pickaxe drops from kbd in under 80 kills

0-2 Fishing
3-5 Slayer
6-8 Herblore
9 Hunter
0 Runecrafting


Jad pet never...
>t. Fart Shartly

nth for useless crap

1-9 hard clues
0 low alch myself

wheres my autistic gf

who is (s)he?


hi glowing

hey dorp

dorp is een kanker homo

Why the fuck does it take longer to switch worlds in OSbuddy?
this is some cuck shit.

hi dorp

you mean as opposed to the official world hopper?

gee wonder why

Feels good to come back home to progress and a fat cash stack

Okay so, I went and did a few quests since i'm a member now, but i'm at a loss for what to do next that's meaningful.

I did a bit of training for thieving cause I had fond memories of wanting to be a thief back in the day, and now i'm doing agility partially because I hear it's nearly required, and partially because I want the lower weight set thing.

Any recommendations for stuff to do outside of quests? What stats are gonna be most vital for doing quests when I get down to them (besides combat, i'm just taking a break, I 1-40d them all last week in f2p.)

>a bit of training for thieving cause I had fond memories of w
Get stats for RFD


goodness. Well I guess i'll keep on agility for now, then, and then just go back up to the top and work my way down. Thanks.

Hows the drop rate looking for the mysterious emblems?

I would recommend doing quests to gain exp for agility, its not worth girding and burning yourself out

Is Konduit a meme, or do people here actually recommend it over osbotty?

why is this shit lagging so hard

Why is the Karamja shop better to sell stuff than general stores for ironmen?

with Karamja Gloves from Karamja Diary you get more money when you sell shit to that store

it's actually broken as hell and people literally have bots sell shit to it 24/7

I'm already at 30 after only doing recruitment drive, i'm not really burned out on it, it's pretty easy going.

Also I play maplestory when i'm not playing runescape so burning out isn't really something i'm capable of.

>broken as hell
nah lad, nah

>bots with the most basic script imaginable and almost NO stats can profit 24/7
>not broken

you need karamja hard diary you dumb fucking spastic

>ganja woodcutter

>spend a few hours snekking
>3 d hally drops
>no rare drops otherwise

post stats and rate


same poster

shitty shitty thread

nice guess

nice try but literally every post in this thread is me except

this thread isnt shit you dumb faggot

go play final fantasy if you want a shit thread


kys mr blowing

tfw too intelligent to train combat

why is osbuddy taking forever to load the OSRS client?


Your bank is getting hacked kiddo

Wayne, is that you?

good look i have a pin and authenticator

good snek ac

also the regular one isn't working

Wayne builds domes.

He doesn't have time for this type of cuckery.



Why do you hate trannies /osg/?

I hate them because they have disgusting pimply man asses.

Because they are fugged in the head. I've never met one though so whatever

attention whores

>mfw mining volcanic sulphur


im still mining it tho


This fucking lag.

go back to rs3 faggotmania

327 is fine rn

>first time doing barrows as ironman
>iban's lasts for 52 chests
>only get the flail
I have the feeling I'll be here for the next three months

0-1 Swan Song
2-3 Thieving
4-5 Monkey Madness
6-8 Slayer
9 Recipe for Disaster

Just convert to standard

That's one big red pill.

>grind from 30 agility to 58 to get the graceful outfit

>decide to charge the orbs I made leveling crafting

>realize I need 70 agility for the taverly dungeon shortcut

Welp guess im going for 70 agility now.
Literally a whole week of jumping over things in a computer game

saved desu

70 isn't even that bad

Send help

There's a guy here proclaiming how he wants to kill himself. I was just buying my herb boxes and I guess I was only guy here to talk to
The fuck do I do

Oh wow
I think this guy is literally getting cucked, that's why he's so, well, suicidal.

Oh fuck guys, this turned from sad to disturbingly hilarious

My highest skill right now is 64

It's nice that you are trying to talk him down and comfort him, but he's a stranger and frankly you have no obligation to help him. He's obviously hostile and angry right now and it's better to just leave him alone and let him cry it out. You do not have an obligation to take on the emotional burden of a stranger's depression. Save your good will for people who are close to you and aren't calling you a faggot bitch and a cunt.

I'm sorry if seeing that guy acting that way made you upset, user, but the best thing to do is walk away from the situation. He doesn't want help, he wants to hate himself out loud and he probably doesn't care who hears him.

Ignore females, and acquire currency.

MGTOW is a jewish ploy

agility xp rates are decent now that rooftops exist though, it's

wat about men going for other men

It all worked out thankfully user. Turned out he's not an adult suicidal man about to pull the trigger like I first imagined, but a 14 year old pissed off over just losing his girlfriend.

The only thing I said to him was that initial "there's always hope", then I pretended to be afk and he talked to someone else, as it became obvious very quick that he was just venting and not serious about killing himself.

This is like reality tv, but not shit. Post more.


oh no

That was the peak of it I'm afraid, he talked about how he's addicted to smoking weed but that's about it.
I can't stop laughing at this guy literally getting cucked by a black drug dealer.


Did you remember to call him a faggot?


He's still walking around world 41's Yanille bank if you want to do it yourself
I'd call him a cuck, but I don't want to get banned for taunting a ""suicidal"" guy.

Somehow this normie is far, far more pathetic than the usual friendless no-lifers who play the game 18 hours a day, holy crap that's pathetic.


>been busy with IRL obligations
>distantly want to use a throwaway email for that free trial Twitch thing and get a code to get membership for my alt
>can barely go 5 minutes throughout most of the day without losing connection
Haha well, back to the old grindstone, right?

above average acc/10

tfw cat asleep on my lap while i rc

One last little thing, I left but this was pretty good.

>a teenaged cuck from California whose girlfriend got blacked by a drug dealer, and so he vents to a stranger in a nearly two decade old browser based Java game.
I suppose that's pretty sad.

is he doing a clue?

the le fug are you wearing champ

Spottier Cape and Boots of Lightness, I didn't know if barrows gloves worked for Regicide so I was just wearing HAM gloves.

Some champ in full rune with a fury and d scimi just died at blue dragons. How long until his items appear for me? Will they even appear in this shit game?

never ever, this is safe scape

You're the champ for not knowing.