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Say something nice about my husband.

Great for enemas

X for best girls

Friendly reminder that Chiaki is still and will always be best girl.
She got revived by Hajizuru as an android and is now on the boat playing games with the DR2 cast forever.
We still haven't hit the image limit .

Hope always win.

He's so cute
I want to bully him


Nth for happy underrated couple!

He's a good cumdump

Rise x Sayaka OTP

>ywn get extra portions in exchange for sexual favors
>ywn be pinned on a kitchen table and pounded by chubby chef dick
>ywn engage in naked tantric blindfold taste testing
>ywn correctly guess the secret ingredient it's more dick
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heck you for baking too early so I can't post my terufucking desires at the top as usual


>cute idols who wanted to bone the MC

Tell me how'd you bully him

Adorable and fun to tease

I love Angie!

He's pretty. I want to be friends and maybe even hold hands with him.


>inb4 "sister" becomes "girlfriend"
How assblasted would you be?

Yeah that would be a worst case scenario... Really hoping Kiibo's name change and the uncle-grandfather thing in Saihara's bio aren't leading up to this
I wouldnt mind if they chance the incest to platonic devotion, but its still gonna be a fucked up motive

Pretty much.

Uncle-grandfather isn't a big deal, since it's the same word in Japanese.
Actually, that caption on the naked CG already implies that he didn't fuck her and was just super delusional.

>Kiibo's name change
You mean Ki-Bo? Wasn't that how it was spelled even in the Japanese version of the game?

Korekiyo's FTEs become more hilarious after the serial killing thing is revealed

>All the girls cried when he left a certain village
>Probably because he slaughtered some of his friends
>His sister's tulpa came to him during a "binding ritual"
>He was probably captured, arrested and put into restraints

wait what caption did I miss something

Ki-Bo is how it was said during nonstop debates in the Japanese version and other related shit, yes.

yeah, iirc Ki-bo is the same as Kiibo because a dash can be the same as a ii

Thats a relief.. Hes already delusional with the tulpa, wouldn't be surprised if he interpreted her trying to be a good sister to him as romantic interest due to them only relying on eachother and if they were close before the audition

K-boy would have been better.

why is kuzuryuu at the amtrak station

I meant along with everyone else's romanized names that were put in the game. It was distinctly shown as "Ki-bo" along with "キーボ" in a screen in one of the trials.

don't you mean the girl's friends? Tulpaman's only friend is his tulpa

Too assblasted to live. Incest is the reason why people despised him and his sister, it's, like, a part of his fucking backstory. They couldn't hate him just for loving some random girl.

Fuck, I mean

Yeah, my mistake. I meant their friends.

Best V3 butt!

It's K1-B0 or Keebo now.

In the top left corner.

I love this.

But she still sprinkled salt on his spirit. Maybe they were in bad terms, and he just idolized her.

This. It's just making him a 100% Mikan, but genderbend.

>He was probably captured, arrested and put into restraints
That's kinda hot I still prefer the BDSM orgy thing though

Why did they feel the need to give it textured hair?


Natsumi did nothing wrong.

>This Boss Baby shit again


What if they make it H0-P3?

Canon suggests otherwise

Thats a good point and also part of the reason why I said before the audition. If it was a willing audition I could see Nee-san hating him for throwing his life away when she was (possibly) going to die of her illness. But her hating him and tulpaman idolizing her anyways is also an interesting interpretation

The way she did it right after pretending that she was going to hug him and everytime "she" spoke during the trial made me think that she probably manipulated him when he was a kid
Are ghosts even real in the DR universe anyway? I know Komaru got possessed in UDG and there was also Ishida, but since it's supposed to be FIKSHON now


>What if they make it H0-P3?
Please no. I doubt it though, Keebo reads way better.

The BDSM orgy could have been with other prisoners before he escaped from the police

>must not grab it must not grab it


I like that better because it could also be a C-3P0 shoutout if you twist it a little.

Agreed, bro.

Well, they already called Piano Baka, Piano Idiot.

Huh, true...

It's still nice that he enjoyed being arrested and beaten up for this shit.
Why did they even let him go after this?

More assblasting. But they didn't translate Hotel Mirai as Hotel Future in SDR2, so it was unlikely.

Some part of me wants her to be kind and caring, while Tulpaman just created a tulpa based on his own fetishes, while the other wants her to be manipulative, and this part of her personality being shown in his tulpa.

Thats a very interesting theory. You got any more theorizing on that? Regarding the whole ghosts thing it would depend on if the dangan ronpa games were fully fictional or not. If they were history that got covered up by propaganda, then you could use Ishida and Komaru's ability as evidence.

>oh no, it seems that I dropped the soap AGAIN ne
>I will have to bend over to pick it up yo, don't mind me sirs keep showering, kukuku

Not wanting an extreme tsudere nee-san who did love her brother, but also enjoyed tormenting him

They didn't change Monokuma to Monobear and kept Shirokuma/Kurokuma the same, though.

Yeah, I know. I was mostly messing around.

My interpretation is the same. His backstory is probably what I like the most about him.

Considering how badly the v3 cast reacted to his motive, the prisoners would have not held back in the slightest. Tulpaman would have probably encouraged them to go harder

Just because they were asked to leave it as it is.

Oh thanks a lot. Now it's even better.
And no matter what, Tulpaman never talked ill of her. I actually thought that he was kinda indifferent about real nee-san since he never mentioned helping her because of her illness. That's why I still kinda believe that his tulpa is just a fuse of his fetishes.

How did they even let him live after that? Did his newborn tulpa give him some superpower that allowed him to break from his capture, kill everyone and escape?


>That's why I still kinda believe that his tulpa is just a fuse of his fetishes.
What if he actually wants to be a girl so he created a female version of himself and pretends that she's his sister

How the boys fare in an actual prison

Nobody touches him out of fear

>Postures a lot and gets fought a lot

Keeps to himself, maybe one scuffle

Pretty boy cumdumps

Sucking as much dick as he can to stay alive and barely avoiding dying by anal trauma weekly

robots don't go to prison

To be fair all DR characters are autistic

That reminds me of how much prisons... especially western prisons like American prisons amaze me in many ways.

Talked his way out of it? He's a serial killer, so he has to be good at escaping.

tumblr no i could believe it, actually.
why not go full buffalo bill.

Yeah pretty much

>prisoners use him as a cumdump and treat him like shit
that's pretty hot desu

*slaps your gf*

Yeah american prisons are pretty terrible. You're basically fucked both in it and when you get out of it.

Is there not as much of a problem with rape/violence in Japanese prisons?

What if that robot breaks the Three Laws of Robotics

Kaito would get fucked when he postures.

Nah Kaito ain't a faggot. He'd beat them up

>Robot self destructs out of self-hatred
>start from a blank copy
or you could isolate his senses and fuck with his interclock to make time go by much slower for him leaving him to reflect on his actioms for an extremly long period of time yes i got this idea from black mirror

ATKfag....Is that really you? You're finally back?

He wasn't good at escaping from his trial though.
Why didn't those people just kill him for what he did?

don't have to be gay to get raped

ever seen shawshank redemption

It doesn't matter if he's a faggot or not, he'll probably get fucked if he tries to fight anybody.


its possible the serial killing ( and getting away with said killings) was a implanted memory and so was the incest

Oh shit. That Christmas episode was terrifying

I wish . Kaito is being turned into as much as a slut as Shinguuji now despite there being no evidence

not gonna lie black mirror is excellent. aside from the episode with the pig and the 'new technology is bad' moral being a bit heavy at times. The chirstmas ep was extremly good, especially the references to seasons one and two. But yeah, the cookie subplot was terrifying. just you alone with your thoughts for extremely long periods of time


That's right. But I'd like to see a killer Moe

yeah, shungujji is far more a slut than kaito

>the cookie subplot was terrifying
What if the AI copy in the cookie worked out how to modify his environment?

>almost killed 100 girls
I mean yeah I know this is danganronpa and that it's not supposed to be realistic but even Genocider didn't have that much victims. So unless he only killed girls that wouldn't be missed by anyone, which contradicts with the whole admirable girls thing anyway, I don't know

I quite liked the pig episode. It was very British though and not a good introduction to the series. The worst episode was the one with the cartoon bear running for president

The White Bear twist kind of reminded me of the V3 ending in a way

all I want is a dr0 parody with moekiyo and tulpaman with multiple bullshit twists of tsunami having cosplayed as tulpaman and the possibility of the cloned participants theory being real

It's just that one Kaitofag that really want to fuck Kaito

Was it even mentioned how many victims Genocider had?

Danganronpa is crazy anyway but that was definitely a hint it was all fake. That'd make him one of the Top 3 most prolific serial killers in history and he's only a teenager. Monokuma even highlights the ridiculousness of it

Do we even had a canon confirmation of Syo's kill count? I had assumed 'Since Shingujji calimed to have killed 100 girls and is not the shsl serial killer, syo most likely killed more than that' granted that was before the hickshion twist
And now I want tsumugi's execution to be like white bear

I had assumed the cookie had administration access to everything but the cookie itself (or other important things the original felt would be conpromised)

Well Syo was a known serial killer who even had earned the nickname Genocider Syo/Jack. Maybe he was more covert with his killings and travelled to elude suspicion

Oh, that's me.

Reminder I want to fuck Kaito.

You do know Syo is female right? Also her moving around to find more victims seems likely. I think I remember some of syo's free time events mentioned traveling after targets, like a boy who humiliated fuwaka in elementary school but its been a while since I watched the lets plays

The tally-marks on her thigh, that makes it 37

Yeah. Kaito is probably the cute type to boast about having sex but be really flustered in bed

Just want to clarify: did Tulpaman have a breakdown at the trial because flashbacks and shit?