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good paint edition

Bring your classic and lets all get rust in our eyes together.

>Cars are considered classic at 25 years old

>Everybody has their own taste, enter if it's of age

>Post your classic, your work on it, and get advice

>Any and all discussion about classics welcome

>Rust is a bitch, and not for the faint of heart; tread lightly

>You will inevitably spend twice your budget, no exceptions

>That classic you're eyeing on Craigslist probably needs a shit ton of work

old thread

well I fucked up and picked the wrong picture

>classic car
>shoves a turbo in it
what the fuck

twin turbo LS

it's a hot rod, hot rodding is fine.

It WAS a classic until it got chopped and fucked with.

But there's so few originals left I guess it doesn't matter.

hot rods are neat

To InternatAnon from the last thread: with your electrical issue, I'd start by checking continuity from the headlights into the cab. Youll probably need a diagram. Or at least see if you have power coming into the switch. I'm not familiar with Mopar electrical circuits, but it may run through your cluster, and if it uses that shitty printed circuit like my Bronco does, it may not be making good contact on the board.

And I went with carpet because I like how comfy it makes the interior feel. I did go with vinyl flooring for the cargo area, though.

i've got carpet in the ferd. It genuinely makes it feel pleasant inside.

It really does. My '72 rust bucket Ford F100 had vinyl flooring and it was not comfy feeling at all.

>figure under dash ac shouldn't be too hard to install
>put off looking it up for a week or so
>units with compressors and mounts for /6 are hard as fuck to find
>find one for sale on a forum
>it was sold 7 days ago
Well fuck me

Have you considered Vintage Air?

Dunno if you've experienced it but 60's cars seem to have so much window space that when the sun is out it feels genuinely bright and cheery inside your vehicle.

That's one thing I love about my 68 Lincoln.
So much glass, so much visibility

Yep. Only problem is the cardboard in my headliner warped after a decade of sitting in the sun so it blocks my mirror.

You get so much light and air flow though. It's p comfy until you get to about 90 degrees out

My Camino, got it on 4 jacks and in a garage now. I need to figure out how to hook up an entire engine and transmission before it will run again

That looks way too clean for a car shoved out to pasture.

I just kept it at a friends house after the engine and transmission swap because I was busy but it was not out there long

The International has a vinyl floor that I've been thinking about replacing with carpet. Probably when I finally get the floorboards patched.

>Corvair gains oil out of nowhere.
That's a new one.
My tC feels like driving a bunker by comparison to these old cars but surprisingly my Duster has even worse visibility.

So I'm told my car would've had factory air...I mean, as pics show it has the ports on firewall, vacuum reservoir, screw holes for pipe clamps, and two-belt crankshaft pulley.

I was previously told (on this board maybe? Or A forum? Can't remember which) that the fact it had button controlled vents rather than an entirely cable system meant factory air, but this seems to confirm it.

Would it be at all possible for a 134 system to work with the piece that is still in the dash (assuming THAT works), or would that have to be pulled out too?

I also looked there, they have nothing specific to Mopar A-bodies at all--at best, one of the universal setups.

Fuck new cars desu. Also how long it's been shut off for and inclines affect oil level.

>Would it be at all possible for a 134 system to work with the piece that is still in the dash

Depends on if it's a fixed orifice tube (FOT) or thermal expansion valve (TXV) type system.

If FOT, you'll need to change it. TXVs adjust themselves for the different refrigerant.

The other differences between R12 and R134 are:

R134 requires "barrier" hoses; the molecules are smaller and they'll leak through an R12 hose.
Not really an issue since you don't have any hoses there.

R134 requires synthetic PAG oil, not dino squeezins like R12.
Not an issue since you don't have a compressor.

You'll need to change your receiver/drier if it's still on the car since it'll be full of oil and moisture.

The hose and FOT are really the only thing that are different between a 12 and 134 system, you can get away with the same compressor, condenser, and evaporator as you would use with R12.

How does one tell the difference between FOT and TXV? Where might the reciever/drier be located? (Pretty sure it's not there but would need to look). The radiator for the AC system that goes infront of engine radiator is also gone.

I may end up having to take the dash apart anyway, since nothing on the controls works (not sure where tow plug the two vacuum lines in the engine bay, and the fan control doesn't work--a previous owner ran a toggle switch strait to the fan motor)

If it has a TXV there'll be something similar to pic related under the dash on the inlet (small) side of the evaporator. If there's nothing like that, and the inlet goes straight into the evaporator it'll use an FOT, which goes inside the inlet line.

As for the receiver/drier, if the condenser is gone it might be gone, too. It's usually near the condenser somewhere. It looks like a small air tank about 3" in diameter and 5-6" long.

Also what's that capped line that comes out of the firewall below the ignition box, in the middle picture

I can't tell, too much shit in the way. No sign of Reciever/drier.
Seems to travel back along with the fuel line before they disappear.

Also, at some point I may change out the Valiant's rear end, so that all wheels have 5x4.5 bolt pattern and I won't have to carry two spares...according to codes, it has a 2.76 rear...would it be reasonable to go to an even taller gear for better mileage, or leave it as is?

Fucking hell, a/c is going to have to happen in my Bronco at some point.

Took a drive today and I was sweating like a pig after 15 minutes. Really don't want to dump the money right now. I'll probably save that project for next year.

Ahh, the joys of summertime in a place where the only time it isn't fuckin humid is winter.


>go racing
>car sitting out in the sun all day
>hot as an auschwitz oven
>burning your hands on the seatbelt buckles
>burning your back on the seats
I need to get one of those fucking dash fans

Where do you live? I feel retarded, a month ago I finally drove with the little doors in the foot Wells open and I tallied they were a vent. Made it a little more livable but no action is still a drag. Wind can only do so much

Kit Kat never make a thread again. A significant portion of the board filters you.

You don't like classic cars now, down you Squidward?

Then make the thread yourself

>muh all original
>muh numbers matching
Fuck off. It's about fun and fast. Autists who care about all original because of MUH RESALE VALUE are fucking stupid. Enjoy your car and do whatever you want with it.

Bought a 30yr old car with almost 90k original miles
Should I pay 200 to have a shop do manual tranny oil change? Might as well have them do brake and clutch fluid flush while they're at it right?

If your going to restore a car, do it right. I find a numbers matching car way more impressive than a bastard pro street car

The odds that you'll find a numbers matching model a at this point are low. And if you do, I doubt anyone is going to drop a twin turbo ls into it and weld a camshaft on as a bumper and not paint it.

Oh boy a "muscle car" with a numbers matching stock 350! 170HP!

I mean a 1967 Camaro rs/ss convertible with a 350/350 should remain stock, but a stripper 307/3 speed car? Who gives a shit. They made a gorillion of them.

If you love classics that's what excites you. I saw a numbers matching 68 firebird 6 cylinder last week and I was super excited.


Gm fangirls on suicide watch

I'm in Colorado, yes


Anyone got good tips for checking out an old ass car? I'm checking out an 82 trans am tomorrow with a 350 and 350 turbo trans. Live in virginia so rust is a pretty big concern

Seconded, will be looking at a 67 Polara with 383 on Saturday, similar area.

Research berforehand what fucks these cars up. Everything that would be a pain in the ass, engine, transmission, driveline, body, frame, etc. have an idea of what the signs are. Body rust is shitty but less shitty if you have a decent welder and grinder for sheetmetal. Frame rust or inaccessible body rust is worse. Do your research, find forums, buying guides, get a wide amount of info before you look.

What about inspections/testing if there's no tags on the vehicle? Listing says it runs aside from some tuning needs.

That's a state by state thing, see what the legislation is for classic vehicles.

My advice would be try every feature there is, and when you go to check the car out make sure that they do a cold start. Tell them you want to see what it sounds like without any prep.

If you here something fucked up, or out of the normal, that's a negotiating point.

I'm sure you could drive it up and down some street a bit if just for a test drive, but I'm no expert in every state's different inspections and registration requirements. Maybe some .gov site for virginia could help you.

I see, thanks. I got lucky with the Valiant, I didn't really do all that much before buying >W> Then again it technically had no tags either, just the unregistered '71 plate...

Also, NC, not VA!
On an unrelated note, it seems that, behind the local autozone, is a shop hat restores late 60s Oldmobiles...4-4-2s and the like.

Texas. No humidity but my black truck felt like a fucking oven. Really wish I had those foot vents like you.


>tfw 95% humidity
You don't know true suffering desu

What's your opinion on these side mirrors? Should I go with the original side mirrors?

it's pretty sweet, '64 Bel Air so it has a curved windshield and rear window

>Texas. No humidity
Say what?


I was wondering if the car show was in Colorado, but ok

That one with the grass was actually an old photo from the good guys West coast Nationals in California from a few years ago. These were from Golden super cruise though

I think they're alright if you have them and they work

>Dad had a bunch of cars when he was in his 30s ish
>Got too busy with work and family, now most are all pretty much too far gone to be worth fixing

Sounds like I might be buying back my 1971 Torino 500 that I sold in 2014 I think. It's 3 hours away. 302/C4, solid with just a few bubbles.

Great looking car

Going to repaint it and make it into something like pic related, but keeping the interior white. Might make it in a console/buckets car, right now it's column/bench.

new gas tank

Shove something in with that hose to stop fumes and gas sloshing out. It may be a shitbox but you don't want a burned-out shitbox.

Dont buy any trans am after 79 and only if the 79 has a PWH block.
Dont touch a 301 turbo or a 305

ellis juan trans am a good though

Fucking what dude?
When I worked at as quicklube we charged like, $60 for a manual trans oil change

took this a few days ago

>mfw forget pic


maybe user
maybe not.

I do know true suffering. I visited Miami. I don't know how the hell people survive in the summer.

>Dont buy any trans am after 79
Try and stop me

After about 2 months and tons of trouble I finally took the truck home last friday, got registration today and everythings fine at last

I may mention that I'm a german and getting an old US-car on the road, that has just left the states and was never seen by a german governmental or technical agency, is like snorting powdered black pepper


are you a masochist?

Why's that? Because of the truck's size?

Why the fuck is there an American format plate that's not actually any state's valid plate with DIN writing on it on your grille?

Because he put up the rebel flag to be as edgy as possible

Because thats my little hommage to the Tremors Movie (the gun nut had an Arizona plate with UZI 4U on it)

But I chose the confed flag because I got friends and family in the south

Nah, not really. Acutally I just wanted to give the truck just a little southern touch - or at least what most germans would call a southern touch

I'm not a fan desu. As much as I love outlaw country, fried chicken and jambalaya, I wouldn't put a battle flag on any of my vehicles. Your truck is really nice though. Good job on getting it registered. It must have been a nightmare

>Bored posting while waiting on inspection on dd


Stop being a faggy yank kit kat the south will rise again!

Memes aside I have a Georgia flag licence plate for my 78 trans am lined up and waiting to be put on.

>buy classic car
>make it modern

Why do people do this shit?

People have been doing it since the 50s. What do you think hot rods are?

They won't.

Nice t/a though

I hate modernising old cars becaus eit defeats the purpose of old cars if you make them into modern cars.

I'm not one of those matching numbers retards.

Cause most hot rods were cars in rough shape to start with and there is no point in restoring a rusty shell into a fully stock, original car when it's prime hot rodding material

A 30's car with 50's technology.

Not a 30's car with 2017 technology.

Just buy a new car if you want something without any character.

He may aswell add plastic pumpers to it as well..

>Mfw i'm a matching number retard
time to kill myself

Absolutely not, he's only playing it up. On the bottom line what you actually need to change for a German registration are

- Euro approved headlights (easy to find aftermarket since old American cars all use the same two or three sizes anyway)
- Euro approved tires
- two red reflectors glued to the rear somewhere
- starting in model year 1970 amber rear indicators (can wire up amber bulbs in the reverse housings and put a new reverse light under the bumper)
- starting in model year 1991 a rear fog light

The rest is just paperwork and fees, and it can all be done in a single inspection including the emissions rating if it's prepared properly.

>I wouldn't put a battle flag on any of my vehicles
I guess its a different thing if youre living in the US, huh? Here it is much less of a political statement

>Your truck is really nice though
Thanks man, I appreciate that.

>Good job on getting it registered. It must have been a nightmare


1) Get it to Europe
2) Pay customs dues
3) Change stuff thats necessary for germany (headlights, rear turn signals must be yellow)
4) Get a regular technical clearance ("TÜV")

((( 5) Register it and pay your ass off in taxes because its a 360 engine with no means of emission control)))

OR (that what I did)

6) Let another agency look over it so it gets the status of a historical car (at least 30yo, good general condition) That makes you pay only 192€ taxes a year

7) Get car to registration office and beg them to give you square plates because the long german ones wont fit the truck

At the End of the day you pay ammout X for the truck, about 2000 for shipping and import tax and another ~500-1000 to get it Germany legal and registered

So yeah, "nightmare" is pretty close.

Have you ever considered that other people like things that you don't like?

Chopping up a mint numbers mass

Whats the name of your cars color?

It is like that, but the way you tell it, it sounds like a walk through the park - which my stuff clearly wasnt.

A mint model b V8 shouldn't be chopped up, I agree. But I'm not going to be a fag and tell you what to do with your personal property. If all classics where just old cars that were factory condition, car shows would be boring

That sounds like a pain in the ass. And if you want, read up on the history of the civil war and you'll understand the politics of it.

It is a lot of paperwork and some fees, but it's not like they come up with random rules to let you fail. The underlying regulations are pretty simple and clear.

Yeah but people who modernise classic cars are still fuck heads.

Everytime I see a classic car with large modern wheels and low profile tyres I want to call the owner a fuckhead.

There is better ways to destroy a classic that are less disgraceful such as destruction derby..

Atleast cars in distruction derbies are shown more respect by their owners...