Comfiest Cars

What's the comfiest car you've ever driven/rode in? What made it so comfy?

>bacon foreskin posting
is new meme, da?

It's that or GTR vs Corvette

Rode in RR Wraith
>What made it so comfy?
Most of all the lambs wool carpets, since I was barefoot and they're like an inch thick, but also the quality of the leather and how quiet the car was.

I'm hesitant to ask why you were barefoot in another person's car, but I'm going to ask anyways

Because I was getting picked up from the beach, so I was wearing flip-flops, and he said "feel the carpets with your feet"

a huge 80s/90s mercedes taxi with over 1 million km on it

damn that thing was fucking smooooooth

Much more tame of a story than I expected
Do you remember which Mercedes it was?


my comfiest drive was a Peugeot but ive rode in a RR, and totally agree

Nissan Quest 05-ish

On the highway it made perfect white noise to sleep to. Pure comfy.

Mercedes S class. Comfy seats, comfy interior, comfy shock absorbers, comfy everything.
But it's not a car I would buy or drive. I don't really care about all that, I like hard sports cars.

My 7's. All that effortless power, smooth cruising, comfy seats, everything.

2014 Chrysler 300C. Was a rental and it's a modern landbarge just perfect for cruising.

What is this boards obsession with /comfy/?

Also, a limo on my great grandmothers birthday

plz tell me your a grill
asking for a friend

T3 VW camper van


'88 Town Car with black leather seats

Softest suspension ever

i work at a car wash, got to sit inside + clean something very similar to pic related. old leather and carpets were very clean and well kept. the key looked like a regular house key , however it was automatic

A meme car. For a meme thread.

1987 subaru gl wagon.
The interior was just so comfy and retro
Comfy road noises as well