Honda Civic Type R

Is there a single fucking person on this board that actually likes the new Civic Type R? I just don't understand it.



Most of us like the performance aspect of it, it's just
>50k for a civic
And the bodykit is atrocious but that can be fixed.

What performance aspect? There is no performance aspect. It's a turbocharged four cylinder that makes 300hp at the crank. That isn't even noteworthy

>t. mustang owner



There is too much shit going on everywhere.

here, actually own a mustang, the chassis engineering on the type r is what's neat obviously. Testing laptime benchracing like end-all be-all is dumb but head to head against proper sports cars the thing holds its own. That's insane. That's some of the 90s Honda magic right there.

If i had the money, the type r would be on the list, as long as I had a few extra bob to sort a cleaner bodyskit for it

This car is making normies like hondas.

I prefered it when all the dumb normies thought hondas were slow retarded pieces of shit.

Honda's designers must have caught whatever the Lexus designers had.

>It's a turbocharged four cylinder that makes 300hp at the crank. That isn't even noteworthy

Anyone else think that the new hatchback looks like a crossover/SUV

it looks way huge and the type r looks like some soccer mom car that her kid decided to slap a body kit on

its been too big for a while

The factory rice I can forgive, so long as it serves a purpose. The 300hp seems like it's good enough for a 4 cylinder. The price tag is a bit high, but I guess it's understandable when you consider the entire package you're getting.

What I can't forgive is its size. The new civics of today are the same size, if not larger, than the accords of yesterday.

Whatever happened to the 2,700 pound sports car that didn't need much power to be competitive?

All the safety standards of today are making cars unnecessarily beefy. In the 90's you were expected to understand that you just won't survive a 100mph t-bone accident or head-on collision. Today, if you can't re-enter Earth's atmosphere upside down and escape unscathed, or if you don't have 20 different sensors that will stop the vehicle or give an annoying beep everytime someone enters your blind-spot, the car is a "death trap".

Eventually we won't even be driving ourselves anymore in the name of safety and efficiency. I say let Darwinism do it's work and make people be responsible for their actions.

I like it, its a real monster and destroys shit on track.
Who cares how it looks if you see it in top 5 all the time anyway.

this is exactly why there is only one reasonable choice in this class of cars.

pic related, the GOAT.

>bloated, fugly, not even fast anymore
lol subaru fanboys you make me laugh. The STI is a fucking joke.

its not that ugly it just needs a diet. the evo x was the ugly one

MUCH slower around the track than the type R

Dude, the new STI is ugly as fuck.

This, it's a great car by modern standards, it just needs to look less ridiculous.

I like it. It's just too fucking expensive for what it is

The Evo X doesn't exist anymore so I don't know why you're even bringing it up. The new STI is indeed ugly as fuck. It looks like a riced out camry

Man, these Honda shills are even worse at blending in than the Clinton shills were during the election.

>Less power
>More expensive
>Ancient engine
The AWD is nice though.

This car is an absolute fucking mess

Oh come on the STI is fucking hideous pigfat. So is this why is it not an Accord Type R or something i thought Civics weren't supposed to be boats

>50k for a civic

Fifty thousand for a front wheel drive? Hahaha, well in that case I have no problem with anyone buying this car. Because you are showing the world what a retard you are.

I like the design. It isn't afraid to be Japanese as fuck, and that's fine.

I would never spend money on a FWD shitbox, though.

>all of this nonsense
>STI still a FULL SECOND faster to 60

Truth is is that the RS/STI/R are in one class, and the CTR is in a subclass with the WRX, etc.

What? Shit cost like 35 thou CAN, unless fucking trump slapped import duty tax to foreign brand unless they jump into "made in muricca" meme

I really wanted to like it, but Honda did such an awful job that I went and bought a car from another manufacturer for the first time (my last 3 cars were Hondas).

I think they want to appeal to the college kids that buy the WRX/STI.

Man I'm so glad I still haven't buy a new car yet.

I've got like 20 grand just for new car and I think I can get at least few grand more if I sell my old g6.

>Muh 0-60
Seem me on the track gay boy

>0-60 times
They aren't drag cars. Who cares?

>I like the design. It isn't afraid to be Japanese as fuck, and that's fine.
It's not "Japanese as fuck", try Mexican as fuck.

Post finances

It's $33,900 msrp in the states. He's stupid. Also the president isn't a dictator. KYS.

Atleast it doenst have that retarded drift mode the RS has

i dunno why you would buy a Type-R when this is a thing

Currently making 4 grand/month, is still single, no mortgage (living in a 2 bedroom apartment), no student loans (GI bill yo) and I'm covered by vet insurance scheme

It's $20,000 cheaper

This. Everytime someone makes a new sportscar everyone splerges about how it'll beat the STI in every catagory. One RS, a Golf R, and an out of production EVO and everyone's only made cars to evenly match or perform one second faster on the Burgerring desu.

what are you on about? where does the M2 cost 70k?

And 20,000 cheaper to maintain over 5 years too.

Civic - $33900
M2 - $53495

If you paid attention numerous dealers in the states are marking these up ay minimum 10k

>Implying this isn't temporary because new.

Nice backpedal logic.

Early adopters tax.

>t. 4+ liter v8 user with 301HP

This is true. The CTR has missed the mark and the STI/RS/R remain uncontested.

where did this meme come from, it's 33k

damn, i thought you meant the RUF for a second

>doesn't have any wings


It'd be better if it wasn't a 4 cylinder being squeezed till it melts instead of a comfortable 6cyl

Every V8 besides the 5.7 hemi is making over 425hp

>2.0 Liter 4cyl = 310HP
>155HP per liter
>77.5HP per cylinder

>5.7 Liter 8cyl = 425HP
>Only 74.5HP ler liter
>Only 53.5HP per cylinder

Lardtards any their over-sized bodies and over-sized engines.

>not hp/lbs
310/??? golf is ~3200 focus is 3500= somewhere in the ballpark of 0.092hp/lbs
pigfat civic confirmed

The Civic has a better hp/weight than all but the focus RS

>laptime racing tests

they're always shit, and they're a fucking terrible metric. how does this EVER relate to normal people? How would it EVER, fucking EVER relate?

Shit on a burger, you really are retarded.
You're also comparing the wrong car.

310HP 1428KG = 0.217HP/KG 2.0 Honda 4cyl
455HP 1697KG = 0.268HP/KG 2017 Camaro 6.2L LT1 V-8

Wow... 0.051HP/KG more...
So impressive, much difference.

Also since it's a 6.2L

>6.2 Liter 8cyl = 455HP
>Only 77.5HP ler liter
>Only 56.875HP per cylinder
Still way below the Honda.

Oh and the Honda can be driven EVERY where, unlike the American tanker on wheels.

>he's so shit at driving that he can't drive a car that is slightly larger than a civic

hmm...makes u think

>American with total lack of spacial awareness

hmm...makes u think

Good luck parallel parking that Cuntaro SS in a parking space that is 1.8m to 1.9m wide and 4.4m long.

Oh wait, you can't.

you're talking about cars you will never own while in a country with parking spaces that don't fit 90% of vehicles on the market?

boy, that REALLY makes me think

>That fit almost all cars in EU.

I can only imagine the shithole you live in if that accommodates almost everything

god forbid someone drive a truck there, or a luxury auto

>Driving a truck
Let me guess...
>Buh I need it to haul my sorry ass and my company didn't give me a company car so I have to damage my own car through wear and tear, and I also have lifted suspension to further make sure people see that I'm a gutless redneck from a mile away.

i'm impressed you were able to psych101 a Veeky Forums post so quickly with a syrian cock down your throat

keep talking about cars you will



own though

>in a parking space that is 1.8m to 1.9m wide and 4.4m long
those don't exist in the US compact spaces are 7ft+ wide and 16ft+ long

Oh and on that topic, My dad who works in construction had 8 bags full of working clothes and shoes that he gave away to donations to poor people because he get full set of clothes, tools and shoes every year, and that company car he drives.

Never WANT to own is not the same as WILL.

But keep sucking your own shaft since you seem to get off on driving slow over-sized cars that can't fit on a normal road or in a normal city.

I'm not talking about your 3rd world country.

>normal road and city

a challenger is fine on every single street and parking space in america, you just can't drive worth a shit you goofy busrider



>a tugboat is fine on every single street and parking space in my 3rd world country.
Who cares.
The majority of your subhuman race can't even drive stick.

shhh the autists cant make 80% of Veeky Forums threads then

the majority of you SWEDEN YES children can't even drive period, because you're a bunch of literal busriders
>4k lbs is a tugboat

really makes u think

Its $35k USD after taxes and shipping u fuck.

Close, but no.

Also Scandinavians are the best drivers, deal with it, walking Big Mac.

>1800kg is pig fat, but for a pig like you that's the normal size, just like your BMI at 35 is considered slim in USA.

>I'm not talking about your 3rd world country.
but I don't live in Germany

My mistake, 5th world.
You're so behind that you're on the temporarily made up scale.

I love the sti, I really do. But god damn when are they going to update their anemic engine?
A fucking civic is making the same amount of power as an sti. Subaru needs to nut up or shut up

Idk the evo x did the "angry face" better than the sti
probably because subaru copied them but whatever.

Maybe STI will do something with the FA20. The new WRXs seem to make decent power.

I don't know why you'd buy either if this is a thing

The fucking 90's sports cars you all love so much are on average ~260 HP

Everyone marks the M2 up $10k. At least the Type R price spike is temporary if it actually exists, I know in Canada Honda isn't letting dealers sell it above MSRP.

>STI/RS/R remain uncontested.
Lmao ok. Have you read the articles coming out?

type r is faster around the nurburger than this, not even lying

we have.

*********************5.7 to 60mph******************

Honda BRZ

who gives a shit

not even who you responded to but you're a memeing busrider if you think that track is citable for literally anything

>went to dealership I used to work for to reserve the first one coming
>it's Championship White
>already sold to some guy who paid $10k markup
I'll just wait for Honda's anniversary car that's supposedly coming in 2018.

>Seen the articles
You need to stop looking at the bodykits on DuPont Registry boyo.

A not even fully loaded Accord is around $35k in Canada. There's no fucking way they're selling the R for that much.

>High strung, high stressed 4 cylinder boosted to the moon
>not high maintenance

Based on specs so you guys think the new CTR would outrun a 135i on a track?

It's not a Subaru where burning oil is considered normal and the solution is to use oil designed for diesel motors so it burns slower.

Honda splurging aside, it would be hard to say, but most likely due to it's torque delivery.

If the 135i isnt ranked above 65 on the burgerking then yes.

Just use a catch can, your bearing clearances haven't changed why run a heavier weight when it's not needed.

>inb4 muh track car

Yeah... Don't act like Honda's don't have horrible oil burning issues. They needed to extend their warranties to cover the issue. And that's a engine putting out a little over 100hp...

>meme metric strikes again

Ask the retards on the Subaru forums.
It put me off from buying a WRX because of how delusional their customer base is, made me really question their actual reliability.
I ended up getting an Accord.