Why do Americans put up with this bullshit...

Why do Americans put up with this bullshit? Pretty much everywhere else in the world police cars are brightly colored so you can easily identify them, because cops outside North America aren't hostile towards the public, nor do they feel the need to dress/act like tacticool faggots

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>people drive safe with a cop around
>people drive like niggers without a cop around

Gee I wonder why cops in North America blend in.

It sounds like they blend in so they can give people chickenshit tickets for rolling through stop signs at 3 AM

There's some faggoty Taurus Ecoboom cop car in my town that's completely black with dark matte gray graphics and words. Shit's only visible in certain light, not to mention the windows are all tinted to shit (not even legal in my state for regular plebs)
Our normal cop cars that are marked right aren't too bad though

They are some sneaky fuckers.
Saw a grey mustang with dark windows, after market wheels and regular plates pull someone over not too long ago.
>Radar detectors are virtually useless with lane departure and radar cruise control on a lot of newer cars if you get anywhere without stores near by
>How the fuck do you win?

You get unmarked police cars in the UK too

We have a few of those around here as well and I'm from a third world EU country.

Granted they're mostly narcs but still.

whenever you see a charger, crown vic, or Taurus, in white, grey, or black, you will always assume it's a police car, and should. because it probably is.

it's just annoying when you can't tell whether a fucking ford explorer is a civilian car or a police car from a distance

How can anyone trust the police when they deceive people like this?

9/10 cop cars are clearly marked. And as others have said, you can still spot unmarked ones easily enough.

Not for fucking traffic enforcement.

Well for starters, you are posting a picture of an unmarked vehicle which is fairly uncommon in the first place, The majority of police vehicles are plastered in super reflective tape and are easy to identify just based on driving mannerisms, window tint, etc..

I will say though that the police vehicles around here are starting to look more and more like proper military vehicles

I suggest moving out of the ghetto.

I don't know if this phenomenon exist in other countries but in America our police have their own TV show. if that's any indication you should know how unorthodox (putting it lightly) the relationship between the american public and the american police can be.

Wildest Police Chases was also the shit when i was young. nothing like watching some crazy taco man run from deportation in a stolen CRX and then implode into somebody. he really was outrunning those pigfat V8s too.

Here's a tip for Explorer's: look for black roof rack rails, cop car Explorer's don't have them while the regular civi models do.


I live in a quaint suburban Massachusetts county that is 97% white and has literally zero crime.

Yes you do they exist in most of Europe, Australia and NZ

Yup and in Australia they rev their engine at traffic lights to bait people

Last night i was driving down the freeway and i saw two charger hellcats parked on the side by a ramp.

First i saw a white one that wasn't labeled or anything, then a couple of miles later i saw a black one by a ramp. Shit had me concerned

>Pretty much everywhere else in the world police cars are brightly colored
Which European country doesn't have unmarked cop cars?

how about you dont drive like a criminal and you dont have to worry about it?

Cops don't go to the ghetto

>t. Baltimore

He's talking about traffic police. European countries only use unmarked police for criminal investigations.

European countries do use unmarked cards for traffic too.

East bloc or balkan shitholes?


I am talking about traffic police.

This doesn't happen where I live.

Also shit like checkpoints are banned.

Good thing my state doesnt allow for un marked cars. The states official stance is if a car tries to pull you over and is unmarked keep driving and call the police

>the windows are all tinted to shit

Cops and tard wranglers. Think about it.

in cali i see ""stealth"" police cars drive around in white/cream colored versions of normal police cars with no decals and stuff

aside from the obvious shape they still have the chevy insignia on the car, and i can read i can the difference between cursive California and CA EXEMPT from my rear view mirror

>being this ignorant


Thankfully crown vics are completely gone where I'm at, I don't have to slow down everytime some one got one for a grand at a police auction in my county anymore.

At the same time it sad to see them go.

>mfw even the "unmarked" cop cars in my city usually have giant decals at the top of the windshield that say "[CITY] POLICE DEPARTMENT"
At least the ones that are specifically patrolling to catch speeders

all countires use unmarked cars for traffic enforcement.

end the thread now.

>being this ignorant

My local police force has some unmarked cars for traffic enforcement, the Imprezas being the most known. I think they even had a couple Leon Cupra's, I wonder if they're still around.

Burger here, is that based on a golf? It looks like a more attractive golf.

Well yes, it is essentially a Golf mk4 with a different body.

Our state has fucking unmarked toyota camrys

Interstate 5 represent!

I just assume any Ford, Chevy, or Dodge is a police car.

Oh fuuuck, where?

>an unmarked vehicle which is fairly uncommon in the first place
yeah, instead they get a black car with all the markings in dark gray or an equally bullshit color combo.

They go to lengths to disguise who they are here. Photo radar trucks are even worse, they will slap on fake company names and pull out tools so it looms like they are contractors to fix a pot hole or landscape or whatever.

I fuckin hate this city.

>nothing like watching some crazy taco man run from deportation in a stolen CRX and then implode into somebody
*muffled Proud To Be An American playing in the distance*
I fucking love this country.

Damn that's bad. I thought just a tool box in the back was bad.


The sound of that pig screaming makes my dick diamonds

In Aus they have a Hyundai hatch they get people with. I didn't believe it till i saw them bust a guy.

>Pretty much everywhere else in the world
>[speed cameras intensify]

around here we have Explorers with bike racks and baby on board stickers, Suburbans with Civilian wheels and stick figure family stickers, single cab pickups with bed covers. Its bullshit.

>break the law

It's not only in America, silly. First time I got pulled over for speeding, was from an unmarked cop car.

>mfw every police department can have their own MRAP
thanks 1033

4 edgy 5 me

Yes because those are the only people who would drive those pile of shit fleet specials.

Why do SEATs look so based, when VWs all look like hot garbage? Can SEAT designers give VW designers class training or something?

>traffic infringement
>criminal offense

I'm a sovereign citizen stop me and i stand my ground

Judging by the plate on the car, I'd say Nevada.

I saw a bro truck get pulled over by an unmarked Buick Terraza with collapsed rear suspension the other day on 91 near Amherst
they're here, you just don't see them that often since cops don't give a flying fuck under 90 unless they have a quota to fill

meant to quote

black roofrails bruh

Eh, I mostly agree with you, except the traffic signals that are timer based instead of sensor based at 3 am.

I run the same dedicated run every day in my semi and lose about 10-15 minutes between 4 lights just because they're timer set instead of sensors. It's not a high traffic area at that time of night, what the fuck

People still shoot/kill the cops in the US but they just don't learn.

Lots of civilian Exploders have black roof rails. Cop explorers usually have halogen bulbs with projectors while the cili versions usually have HID's but now a lot of cop cars are running LED DRL's with HID headlights.

>can't read a license plate

You deserve it.

Seen it all lad.

When I had one of my old cars in for mapping at a local tuning place there were 4 brand new Mk1 Leon Cupra R's being mapped up to 270hp. Turns out they were all unmarked police cars for the M1.


No fucking way

Lol fuckin savage.

I got pulled over by a mufti Peugot 206 a few years back, gave me a darn spookin since I've always looked out for commodes, maximas and that cunting Lancer in the city a decade ago.

in hawaii the about half the police cars are privately owned


tons of police 4runners and g35s

In my country you need to be extra aware of Volvo stationwagons, both the the V50 and V70.

Omars a faggot.

Truly evil

but from a distance the light bar can look like roof rails and vice versa

how about you don't call me a criminal for going a bit above the speed limits that were set in the eighties based on the capabilities of cars and drivers from the sixties?

No matter how much time passes I will never be able to comfortably believe that they are completely gone and will always instinctively brake when I see one.

speed limits are changed and updated user, and it's VERY RARE to get a ticket going

>speed limits are changed and updated user
not in my neck of the woods

Where I live they don't have unmarked cars but will camp concealed behind stuff in nice straightway, the bottom of hills and other speeding places.
People warn other drivers when they're near by flashing the high beams out of spite lol
They tried to export that show format to other countries. It usually ended being boring shit.

Nobody buys the cars the cops drive (chargers, fusions) so whenever you see those cars here it's almost always a cop car once you get close. Even if it doesn't have a rental car sticker on it, it's probably a charger or fusion "owned" by a melanin-infused individual - equally risky as a police officer.

the lights by my job are sensor based, except they work the opposite you'd want them to and turn red when you pull up to it.

Well they did have soviet union cops.
That was... interesting.

In Indiana they drive Tahoes

>dad has Porsche Boxster S
>I'd do anything to drive it
>Lets me drive it to dealer to get some warranty work done
>daytime so be doing 75-80 in 70mph zone
>Shiny Tahoe pulls behind me and starts riding up my ass for 2 miles
>no brushguard or spotlights so it doesnt look like cop
>come and have a go if you think ur hard enough.jpeg I floor it to get him off my ass and leave in the dust
>cherries pop on
>user do you know why I pulled you over?
>I didnt know you were a cop and I wasnt about to let an SUV pace me even in an meme Porsche
>cop laughs and gives me only a warning
I know I hit upwards of 110 before I saw his cherries. Sometimes it just pays to be honest and/or make them laugh

Just because it's the law doesn't mean the law is right.

Also pays to be white. I'm not disagreeing I'm just saying it's awesome to have the privilege.

>implying cops want to patrol niggerville and get shot

American traffic deaths are at a way higher rate. Cops have to be crafty to combat

Tonight on Things That Never Happened

Slightly related, saw probably the worst whacker job the other day on the road.

>white Dodge Stratus
>can see the pillar was drilled (badly) to put the spotlight in
>spotlight has barely enough room over steering wheel, looks like it probably gets smacked every time they turn
>wheels have retarded truck dog dishes on them
Like I mean they stuck way out, like they're supposed to be on a larger wheel or something
>actually look at the car and laugh
>windows are down
>made eye contact with driver
>he heard me laugh while I was looking at his car
>swiftly turns down side street, spotlight wobbles slightly
>looks like I was right about that
>never seen again