Mercsun W202 C-Klasse

hello Veeky Forums
been thinking about buying this merc as my DD
got any tips for me?

p.s.location:southern bosnia(yuropoorshithole)

go for it

it's not like you'll be hard-pressed to find parts

Ante, Mujo or Jovan?
If Ante, then go for it.

not even close mate lmao
however my cousin Anto(we call him Ante but whatevs)owned this one,but passed it onto his wife

the problem is that they're a bit rare in Mostar,but their numbers are starting to grow lately
doesn't bother me though

So you're a muslim?
Istočni Mostar?
Jebo dan kad ne budeš moga nać dijelove za Mercedesa u Hercegovini,il se možes zaletit do Imotskog.Ako nema u Imotskom nema ni u Njemačkoj.

Uzmi ga,sta te boli kurac,ako troskovi postanu preveliki lako ga mozes prodat.Bolje Mećka nego Golf trica

zapravo zapadni i nisam musliman al jes bolje mecka nego golf

buy a Volkswagen Golf mk2 and you now it

Mislia sam zato sta si reka da nisi Ante (Hrvat) da si Mujo.
Uzmi Mercedesa i boli te kurac, jebes Hercegovca sta ne vozi Merdjana.

Oh, good, a bosnian thread on Veeky Forums.

Just came back from visiting family. Why are you even asking this when literally every single person in that country drives a 5-7 year old former german taxi diesel E-Class?

Owning a Yugo would be more exclusive. Also, some of you asking others if they're muslims, are you people STILL fucking bitching at each other over your idiotic religions? Muslims in Bosnia are about as religious as your run-of-the-mill american christian.

fuck off diaspora

Buy an automatic one with the 2.2 CDI engine (C220 CDI)
my dad had one and did 600-700km on it no problem but it got fucking totalled by some retard

They're old
They rust

They're good when everything is working and the rust is under control, but due to the mentioned age and rust you'll often run into problems

The good thing is that every scrapyard in Europe has tons of these

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the W202

>non CDI engines

Funny,people still are bitching about it over here except a few people that don't give much shit about it.
Croats/catholic christians bitch about Serbs/orthodox christians starting first in the 90's war while Bosnians/muslims started to bitch about Serbs for genocides.They also turned on Croats by jailing their soldiers(even after 20 fucking years since the war)

There will be another war real fucking soon.

send my condolences.
retards that cause accidents like these and bad owners deserve to be waterboarded to death

and to add
that's why they include religion in their conflicts.
the reason why user asked my religion was regarding to the merc and my sort of "stereotypical ownership",not the history

I prefer petrol/gas when it comes to passenger cars

are you not an eurocuck?
mercs are 70% diesels here
also why the fuck did they scrap the single front wiper from the w202 when they made the w203

How come? I much prefer diesel.

Btw, I'm not a frequent Veeky Forums poster, but I can't seem to find good info on the mini diesel from before they switched to BMW engines. (1.6l)

Any chance you could point me in the right direction? Also, again, why do you prefer petrol? Personally I much prefer diesel, though I drive the 5.2FSI S8 now I think I liked the way the 4.2L TDI behaved a little better. S is stock though and the 4.2 was chipped, so there may be that...

Looking into a mini for my girl now. I may have totalled her car, I'm surprised I'm still alive after a truck hit me and I hit a tree. Medics were surprised I was even able to walk afterwards.

Insurance'll need some time, but I want to get her a new car within 2 weeks. I can't properly drive for a few days so she's got mine now. Which might not be such a great idea going from +- 100bhp to 450+.

Ah well, for a car that small and with how it went i'm lucky i'm still alive.

Sure - diesel is still the cheaper option, but petrol is more "sporty", warms up quicker, no problem with EGR shit, starts up easier in the cold and so on

For something that I'll use for towing, carrying heavy stuff and so on I'll prefer diesel, which is what my Hilux runs

As for single wiper; more expensive to make the mechanical mechanism than just having two wiper motors