Why haven't you swallowed the hoist pill yet Veeky Forums ?

why haven't you swallowed the hoist pill yet Veeky Forums ?

>found a Domino's employee struggling in the Domino's car park trying to drop his diff
>let him use my hoist to work on his car
>spent the following few days getting showered in free pizza and garlic bread until he finally got fired for speeding during a delivery.

That is called a lift, not a hoist. Anyways, cool story if true. Good on you mate

they're called hoists in Australia, I assume Americans call them lifts

What do you call this?

Made in China

engine crane

cherry pickers

>tfw long-term goal is to get a lift/"""""hoist""""""
>it's one of my motivations to dig myself out of the pov-hole

can I use it to change the diff in my w124

What do you call this?

A basket crane

im limited on space but looking into one, might get portable one that way i can still park 2 cars in my garage, they just dont lift as high and only $1300-1600

Having one of these would make car maintenance so much easier.

where you at nig nogs?

You guys could pursue s career in the automotive field.

Honestly I wouldn't recommend it but having an entire garage, lifts, tire changers and balancers, alignment rack, has it's perks.

Tfw garage isn't level and has a low ceiling

Lift: 2k
Garage repave and minor remodel: 5k+

wiggly lift

Is that your car? Jelly, always wanted a wagon Galant.

sadly no it's the domino's drivers car, I drive a thrashed BA falcon

tug-tug up-see-do engine lift


engine mount bolt tensile load tester

Thats a jlg or manlift