My succes with woman is non-existant. What car can I buy as a poorfag that LOOKS expensive wgike having low upkeep cost...

My succes with woman is non-existant. What car can I buy as a poorfag that LOOKS expensive wgike having low upkeep cost, together with reliability and an affordable price?

Current daily is a shitty fucking Fit/Jazz. Amazing MPG's though, but it dries dem pussies up.

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Buy a Ferrari to attract gold diggers

Real answer: fix yourself and become a better person

I managed to get laid in a leaky, rattle ridden 03 matrix.
The car is not the problem. It's you.

Think laterally. You can ride a motorbike for about the same money you spent of your Fit. Granted all you'll attract are biker chicks, but it's better than no chicks.

Have you tried not being Dutch

toyota sera

Ohh man, Dutchfag here too, I fucking love the Honda Jazz/Fit. But yeah, it's a small semi-family car, reliable and practical. Not the most impressive, muscular or fun ride.

On a small budget, I'd go for a Citroen 2CV or VW Beetle, they are hella cute and girls in their early 20's will love them. They'll require you to work on them yourself though, but you might make new friends and meet new people through that hobby.

Go for a car that makes you happy. Cars that come to my mind as impressive/attractive for a girl, but not too expensive: VW Golf, Ford Focus, Audi A1, Citroen C3, Fiat Punto, Alfa Romeo 159... But all will attract different kind of girls.

Yes, it's better than no chicks at all, but the biker chicks here are definitely not a good catch. They're either dumb as fuck or too old.

Actually, anything but an MPV or stationwagon/estate would be sexier, I think. Cars like the Jazz just scream practicality louder than fun.

An Alfa Romeo 147 or 159 actually looks really hot. I wouldn't drive one, it doesn't suit me, but if all you want is a car that looks awesome for a low price, get this one.

AR doesn't have a good reputation when it comes to reliability though, and a cheap and fun car with good MPG is impossible anyway.

>Granted all you'll attract are biker chicks,

You'll attract women that aren't suitable for a relationship but not necessarily are they all biker chicks.

I've gotten laid becuase of my bike but none of the women I've fucked were GF material and few of them had actually ever ridden a bike.

Girls don't care what car you drive

> cheap and fun car with good MPG is impossible anyway

tell that to my Panda

Oh yes they do. It's not the most important thing, but they do care. Just like the stuff you have in your house or the clothing you put on your body, your car says something about you. About what you like, about how you care for yourself, about what's important to you.

Not directly. The car signals status. That is what they care about. If you rode around in a limo with a driver, that would attract them about as much as driving around in a lambo yourself.

The "chicks love bikers" thing is a meme.

All you ever get is drunk retarded college guys asking "IS THAT A DUCATI" at stop lights.

The women that are attracted to bikers are also dead inside.

Would be nice if OP would reply on the advice

I have the same car as op's but mine isn't even red (metallic grey)

Never had a problem with it. Btw it's comfy enough for a shag thanks to the magic seats arrangement, you can get a flat bed for two.

When I got it I could also get an Alfa 147 for the same price and I'm glad I chose the Jazz

I'm still here, but Alfa's are driven by woman in their mid 30's. I'm 25 myself. Besides, fuck italians. I was secretly thinking about saving up for an S2k or a Supra and just daily drive that as a faggot.

If I need to "fix myself" to get girls I may as well drive something that's actually fucking fun. I'd daily drive my NA mx5 but that shouts gay more than anything else, still fun though. But slow.

What kind of women are you in to? It's pretty vital info to the kind of car that'd match. The cars you mention are the sporty/flashy kind, some girls like it, to others you might come off as a douche.

>buying a car to attract women

Go with the Miata. If a girl doesnt like it she isnt worth it.

If it's a hardtop, it's okay as a daily. If your daily is a softtop and you live in the Netherlands, you're a wanker.

Anything with a hole. No but really, I have no clue. I just sort of need the car to be s head turner/conversation starter. Cars are one of the few things I actually give a fuck about. Oh, and cooking. But I can't walk up to a girl in the street and go "DO YOU LIKE LENTIL SOUP?".

The new VW looks pretty neet, even though I'll never be able to afford it.

I recently took off the hardtop because summer, it'll go back on in the winter.

Jesus Christ you need to die

You people are the worst.

Brings me back to my first reply. A *cute* oldie is a great convo starter.

But muh reliability and gas mileage.

Yup, that's why you keep the Jazz for practicality and your daily drive, and you only take out the fun one once a week.

says the tripfag

And if you can't get girls, maybe you can be the girl and get a guy, if you know what I mean...

Here's a video outlining what kind of car is more of a chick magnet and which kind of car is a dude magnet

Thanks May