Drives through gravel in last minutes

>drives through gravel in last minutes
>fucks up the car
is this the biggest racing fuck up of the year?

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It also crashed in quali

Ferd is a fuckup as well

At least that fought for first place
These losers were completely irrelevant. They are on course to become the next corvette racing. Next year they will crash out like the corvette probably.

have the new version

God bless you user

Honda is the biggest racing fuck up of the year



Leading the btcc bitch

Irrelevant sport

it got a flat because of the contact.

god, is O all retarded or just a handful of shitposters?

>contact rear left
>flat front left


It got a flat because the stupid kid repeatedly skipped the track by cutting corners

The AM hit the rear of the vette, not the front. The tire and brake issues may have started before the gravel pit, but it wasn't because of the contact


might want to look at the left front of the car...oh , right, that's gravel damage ..... *ROLLS EYES*

see, that's me rolling my eyes.

Let me post that webm you've been spamming. Notice how after the Aston tapped the Corvette's rear, there's a shot of both cars from the front, where the Corvette still has both of its headlights.

>Seeing all the GM fangays saying sperg more then GM gets BTFO
Is there any greater satisfaction?

Seeing how Ferd has also been beaten the fuck out by superior British pedigree


>owned by ford
ROTFLMAO. gm. btfo 2 times

Ok, I'm waiting...

They think the steering arm to the left front tire broke, which caused the car to be unable to turn properly through the gravel pits, and the gravel crossings likely punctured the tire.

Meanwhile in a GM cuck mind

Not any more :^)

yep. sperg more. lol

Why is the ford gt laughing in the background?

I'm an Aston fanboy
I'll let you yanks squabble amongst yourself what I enjoy the fact an 8 year old car beat the pinnacle of US automotive engineering

>owned by ford
rotflmao, sperg more

The Poo2Loo own it, and unlike the Ford era, they don't have to listen to their overlords and are allowed to do what they want

nope. sperg harder

Hmm, sorry hun xxx
Think you have your facts wrong xxx

who even thinks burgers can build cars anymore?
let alone drive them?

topest kek of the internet


so, how many times has vette failed so far?
gone up against gt-r and overheated?
gone up against gt-r again but got rekt by Martin instead?
I'm sure I'm missing something

oh right, wall-ramming

>GM oil spillâ„¢

Ford fangirl here

I'd rather have Aston Martin win over cuckvette and I was laughing the entire time, made the loss feel so much better and the reminder that GM will never ever win le mans

>8 years

This class is a joke.

same here kek

>gone up against gt-r again but got rekt by Martin instead?

>unable to turn


>be there battling for 1st till the end
>end up 3rd
>OMG BTFO!!!!1

you want to talk BTFO look at toyota lel

Here we go. Here is to a another year of fucking shitposting.

Srsly, I was rooting for the vette in the hopes of ending the meme. Not that it would have really had any effect though

Didn't the mismo make 7 laps and then go dnf?

naa, 2 DNF and the 3rd kept trying for some reason and still didn't complete enough laps for it to count

This year's results. Dead last 7 laps nismo

my bad, i was thinking their other blunder of the century

literal assmad GM fangirls detected, Nissan was not even participating in this race, ByKolles simply bought their engine and were too dumb to keep it running

GM got blown the fuck out, You WILL suffer another year

Literally no one cares. It could have been Porsche, Ford, GM, literally anyone and no one would care after a week.

Yet you will continue to shitpost for months, half the time getting no replies or (you)s and the other half getting replies from newfags. Go ban evade on a different board you alphonse impersonator. You're like store bought Haggis: Awful, even if you were real.

Le Mans is LITERALLY the only reason to even build fucking cars.

Get fucked faggot. Why even fucking post here if you don't care about cars endurance or performance? I mean really?

Do you post about how your grocery getter was good at getting groceries or what?

stay assmad, stop bing a GM fangirl and join the Ford master race already, it's your own fault for being a GM fangirl

besides, I was shitposting here before alphonse arrived

I will only ask you again once, stop being a GM fangirl and join Ford master race

Le Mans is great, but so is Moto GP, rally racing (specifically group B), and F1 (although not so much recently). Why ruin in it with brand shilling/shitposting?

moto gp is shitposted all over dbt, rally si no longer homologated so no one cares and f1 is simply no longer about racing but about making money for the investors

GT racing is and always has been the most interesting form of motorsport

You aren't wrong, but why do you make it the least liked thing on here with your sperging? Who the fuck likes GM? Ford has been BTFOing them for years. Especially after the bailout. This is why no one cares.

thjere are tons of GM fangirls all over Veeky Forums?

Do you remember how Veeky Forums was a couple years ago?

>"hey guys I want to discuss X"

GM fangirls had it coming

seriously just fuck off and die already, all you do is troll and shitpost and its getting old

It was/is faster.... But it is also trash and everyone found out... and the vette faded to the background just like it did with every prior generation...

lol, i wake up from my nap and gm fangirls are having a meltdown.

delicious, sperg more
>t. newfag
you started tripping after i came here and you just outed yourself as a newfag. Soviet was here before me.

ls1 swap was a fucking meme like "shut up and buy a civic"

literally no one on Veeky Forums has genuine strong opinions like that except shitposters.

>it is faster


just close our eyes lmao how is cyberbullying even real

>he doesn't remember the 300 reply rx7 threads

lol newfags

Nigger I've been on here for years. Was here for skullblower, treequinox, etc. I even remember when you were outed as a melanin enriched individual. I haven't always namefagged but I've been here. S/o/viet may have been here longer but he's always been a watered down version of you. Take the fucking complement.

That is arguably the best thing to do to replace that wankel piece of shit


>gets outed as a newfag
>"l-let me mention names everyone knows to prove im not new!"

both of you should kill your selves.

>fastes rx7s are rotary powered

sorry! try again

>arguing over who came in 20th


its the classic "it looks like a fast car, costs as much as a fast car, but is NOT a fast car"

can you believe it? a 90k corvette is more of a car than a 500k ford gt.

maybe it was a marketting strategy by.... fuck if i know. chevy?

agreed, contact was strictly body from what i saw.



the ford GT is faster than the corvette?

the GT is originally a britsh design you fucking retard.


They got BoP'd to shit

the Le Mans officials had to tie up ford's legs so the kids can win too

But how am I supposed to argue on a mongolian chicken farming website if I'm dead?

to be frank, the corvette put undoutbaly more of a fight than the ford.

its like saying porche had a better car than yota last year (or this year seeing the lap time record was S H A T T E R E D by the gooks this year). it just isnt true.


>Ford second
>GM third

nope, Ford was faster

porsche did have the better car
this is endurance racing, not set a fast lap then shit the bed racing

Aston Martin is fucking gay.

AF Corse were nowhere. not even close.
Sam Bird is so overrated. why did Bruni have to leave?

good thread.

i can't believe we get an entire year more to torture gm fangirls.


the fuck does that even mean. corvette was clearly the better car and then got fucked by the brits like this gook got fucked during the olympics

>thumbs gfycat com/CreamyConfusedEkaltadeta-size_restricted.gif

>corvette was the better car
>lost to a detuned v6 f150 in a body kit
gm fangirls actually this delusional

BoP means Balance of Performance

They turned the GT's boost down and forced them to hold a 40lb bag of gravel

why are you shitposting about lemans if you don't know anything about it

GM fangirls are such a bother

>better car
nope, it was slower than aston and ford

ok.. well..

my arguement is invalid.. to set it straight, im not a vette fanbitch, i just found the ford GT to be vastly underwhelming. obviously it suffers from some sort of turbo lag, that they probably should turn to perform in the le mans, but otherwise it was clear the corvette team came to win the lemans and wouldve gotten away with it if it werent for those meddling brits and their stupid AM

except the the c7r had the second faster gte pro lap behind only the aston
the ford gt was behind both astons and the c7r

>corvette came to win
and broke down trying. ROTFLMAO

>melanin enriched individual.
never fails to grab a kek.

>it suffers from some sort of turbo lag, that they probably should turn to perform in the le mans
stop being fucking dumb, BoP does not alter boost response, lag has nothign to do with it, BoP changes boost pressure

get the fuck out of here, summerfag

>mommy the brits hurt my feelings
reminder GM did the same to porsche

>aston: 1st
>ford : 2nd
>chevy: 3rd

sorry! Ford and Aston were better, lemans isn't time attack

except it didnt.

corvette was furious the entire race, screen cap this, they win next years lemans.

>they win win lemans next year




oh you mean like how the vette has to use a 5.5 liter engine rather than its normal 6.2 liter?

>moving the goal posts.jpg
you said it was slower than the GT which wasn't true

>showing a webm of porche making a mistake
>expecting me to be retarded enough to accept your point

I may be relatively new, but I understand that this collision was at the fault of porche and porche alone. rules are rules. the driver shouldve braked to avoid contact, corvette did nothing wrong.

and my point stands, they (ford) obviously lack in accelaration, as they always have. it showed in the turns if you watched, they were getting slow and overtaken every turn.

>oh you mean like how the vette has to use a 5.5 liter engine rather than its normal 6.2 liter?

all of the cars are tuned below their street variants, the GT was tuned lower this year than they were last year

is this too hard to understand?

did you screencap it?

It will happen. just you wait