Is the Volvo 850 R the best sleeper Estate?

Is the Volvo 850 R the best sleeper Estate?
Also general sleeper thread.


This is a better investment than buying stocks these days.

There's literally one for sale in my country and it's listed at 60k. I don't doubt that's gonna steadily keep going up.

What about the v70n R?

A few for sale here around 7k$

RS2s? They never even made it to the US, did they?

No idea, im from Denmark

Ah okay, I got confused by the dollar sign.
Still though, an RS2 for 7k? Jump on that shit right now if it's real.

It could be, but the engine is mounted sideways.
shitty haldex awd and 100 computers that are guaranteed to break

Also a turning radius of a fucking megatanker, absurd fuel consumption, an engine that's prone to cracking cylinders because fuck you, and a retarded adaptive suspension system with shitter-shattering parts replacement costs.

I think the V70R is the single greatest dream-crushing car yet made

as a former owner of a volvo 850 Turbo...find one well maintained cause one that has beaten up will rape your wallet and leaving it crying in the shower

SRT-8 Magnum.

But the V70R is just the sexiest Volvo ever made. Period.

Really good if you also work as a mortician

No, giving your wife the W212 E63, a few instructions on how to drag race, and an aftermarket exhaust that's quiet at low revs is the ultimate sleeper.

Used to ride in my bros 850R smoking local ricers. It also handles way better than an estate should, despite its turning circle.
This must've been the reason it died too. Damn I miss that thing.

>33ft turning radius isn't good enuff
nigga 850s are nimble as fuck

Looks big and old but it's only 2800lbs with a V8.

I was talking about the V70R, which is 43.3', 10' more than the 850. It's insane. All of the P2 cars are bad, but the VR is absurd. It's really the primary reason why I dumped my S60R, which is just as bad. I shouldn't feel a surge of obscene joy when I drive any other car and realize that I can make U-turns and pull into parking spaces without making a 3 or 5 point turn. Backing into my space at home was often a 7-point maneuver.

The tire rub at lock was another annoying problem, and I was very tired of explaining to passengers that no, nothing was wrong with my car, Sven was just drunk when he designed it.

>I was talking about the V70R, which is 43.3', 10' more than the 850. It's insane.
Is that for all V70s or does that not include the first generation which is just an 850 with rounder lights?

>Sleeper Thread

Heck yes.



Oh, that's the P2 V70R I was talking about. The P80 is a little better, although the 33' circle that was mentioned was for the FWD sedan. Add AWD and wider tires and the V70R was around 40', I think.