I miss it bros

I miss it bros

I wanted something to laugh at

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You can laugh at Corvette

I'm still convinced that the concept of the GT-R LM NISMO is valid (Front-Engined, No heavy drivetrain parts in the back to free up space to make the ground-effect tunnels large as possible, bodywork shaped to make downforce by having air flow through the whole car), but Nissan spent more time marketing the project than actually building and testing it properly.

Don't you have a mirror in your bathroom?

It was in the top battling it with aston before it screwed up. Credit where it's due.

I honestly wanted GT-R LM do well even if just to see some variety in the design of Le Mans prototypes but in the end it really was a blunder.

It was nice to have something different, the racing gets a bit boring when all the cars start looking, sounding and driving the same.

I like the Corvette though, I was cheering for them and Toyota. The Nismo was laughable, this is just tragic.

I also like the concept and hope someone would be bold enough to try and apply it somewhere else

At the same time, i'm also kind of glad it blew up in Nissan's face. I don't know if anyone remembers how smug Nissan (or i guess their marketing team) was when the R35 debuted and was handing everyone their own ass on track. To me they tried to do the same thing with the GTR LM.

didn't even have the electric motors for the ~*big debut*~ at Le Mans

fucking stupid

Don't bully the nismo

>nissan will never be this awesome ever again


>le mans will never be this awesome ever again

Oh did anyone see the 2020 regulations proposal?

I haven't. Are they even dumber now?
>cars must have 4 doors
>cars must be over 7000 pounds
>cars must have towing capacity of 18000 pounds

We humvees now

>Each car must be able to pull away from a pit stop and complete the first kilometer of its out lap using only electric power. This will be compulsory for Le Mans as well as the other FIA WEC rounds. There are also plans to have the cars cross the finish line at the Le Mans 24 Hours on electric power only.

The GT-R LM was so slow that it was stuck in the back of the grid with GTE cars, because it was less than 10% of the speed of other P1's in qualifying

They can't make this car 10% no matter how much they fine tune it, it's fundamentally a terrible car

Are you kidding me?
Can I enter my mom's Volt? Or will that be too fun?

those memes were godly

It sounds completely awful. Hell I don't like what LMP1 has become right now.

They could've gained 5 seconds a lap just by using tire compounds specifically built for the car instead of the off-the-shelf Michelins they ran, plus another 5 if the car had proper suspension geometry so the drivers could use the kerbs... And oh yeah, if the damn hybrid system was working as designed that's 10 seconds right there.

So again, to me the concept holds some merit, but the GT-R LM NISMO was horribly executed and it didn't help that Nissan hired somebody new and immediately ordered cutbacks to all of NISMO's worldwide motorsports program.

lol no, that's why every serious racing car since the 1960s has been mid-engined

Cutting back on the program did far more damage than just ending the program. They could have stopped the program and blamed the economy, but they instead became a laughing stock and flushed millions down the drain.


>>Each car must be able to pull away from a pit stop
to be fair a lot of them do this already and then use the electric motor to start the ICE

Anyone got a vid of what happened to it?

If memory serves me right, Nissan literally threw all of their complete rolling chassis out next to a dumpster for the garbagemen to pick up.

Nissan would had won today if they had managed to make the hybird shit reliable, this car was faster than the LMP2s, so with a reliable hybrid drivetrain it would have had stayed in front

anywa, GM today was much more humiliated, Nissan had an excuse, GM doesn't, GM lost due to sheer stupidity

stay blown the fuck out, GM fangirls


best decade of the race. true motorsport

>first kilometer of its out lap using only electric power.
shut the fuck up

>forgetting about the ten self-driving laps



If you actually read about the thing you learn that it used a third party for the hybrid system and the third party never delivered. The Nismo never even used it because it wouldn't work.

We never got to see the potential of this design because of a leadership shake up at Nissan.