Jesse james gay?

I have a theory that Jesse James is gay.

In an interview where he is talking about custom bike cukture he said he isn't a fan of the naked chicks in magazines.

He goes I don't need to see naked chicks in a magazine about motorcycles because I like bikes so much

He also says "sometimes you just want to look at the bike properly but you can't because some woman is covering it with her arse"

This leads me to think he is secretly gay and that's why he has been divorced so many times.

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Doesn't sound gay to me, just sounds like he hates the cringey ass inflated masculinity and manchildness that surrounds and envelopes custom chopper culture.
I can see how it would get old after putting up with it for decades on end.
If you wanna see naked chicks just look at porn, if you wanna see bikes look at bikes, why combine the two?

no maybe its because he doesnt like his hard work getting vaginal fluid all over it.

his shit is art. some could show in museums. putting a naked girl on top just makes them look trashy.

Literally everyone that likes cars and bikes wants those dumb bitches to get out of the way

hes right though, usually they are ugly tattooed pornstar-chicks with weird plastic-boobs as well, id rather look at the bike than a bony chick with implants.

women shouldnt be around perfomrance oriented motorized vehicles never ever

have you ever seen those shitty bike magazines?

going to have to agree with the gay man on this one.

>oh I do not like girls posing semi-naked next to motorcycles because they are the symbol of a exacerbated fake and forced masculinity on bike magazines, as well as it gives a bad reputation to the custom chopper culture in general, even because he works hard on this area of business
>he is probably gay for not liking girls in bikes

No, OP. You are gay.
And to think nearly all straight normies think like you.

A lot of gay people here.

Are you saying Jesse James isn't a normie?

t. Magazine editor
Protip: I'm not going to buy a magazine just because you put women on it.
If I see women in bikinis on the cover of a magazine I won't buy it at all.

That's the most intelligent and rational thing I've ever seen you say, furfag.

But seriously this.

He is sexually attracted to motorcycles (sad).

>mfw you made me remember the infinite number of people in xtube (amateur porn website, mostly) jerking off on high cylinder bikes while wearing their motorcycle gear

The problem is a lot of those models are ugly as fuck. Also doesn't help when many legitimately get in the way of the vehicle.

Basically, good idea, often shit execution.

I'm not saying anything.
He might be a normie but since basically girl butts on bike magazines make his business look futile, he complains. Doesn't mean necessarily that he is a normie or not.

>no maybe its because he doesnt like his hard work getting vaginal fluid all over it.
>his hard work
kek. creating the same loud slow generic looking shit over and over again is hard work, kek stay lazy america

This. It's SUPER cringy when dudes slobber all over a model at a car show or whatever. Nothing is more pathetic than these weak dudes taking shitty cellphone pics of a girl dressed like she's at the beach.

When you work as many hours as the average american every week, your work tends to become watered down and half-assed.

That's not even an American power strip ya poofters

Literally who?

Loud and slow is what the people who buy ready-to-ride choppers want. If people keep asking you for cheese pizza, you don't try to push pepperoni pizzas on them (even though it is obviously vastly superior)

People who want serious performance machines usually have a pretty specific idea of what they wish to achieve, and do as much as they can themselves.
Dropping off a liter gixxer at a custom shop with a note to "make it fast" would probably yield wildly different results depending on shop.

I don't know if "generic" is a word that fits Jesse very well.. Pic related.
I also remember him saying in a biker build-off many years ago that if he made a bike that everybody hated, he would consider that a success.
Cool guy in my book even if he sold his name to walmart. I'd to the same for that kind of money, and so would all of you.

Basically this. I hate naked car magazines with a passion. I also cant stand strip joints. Its a respect for women thing but I also cant stand how laughable "BEING A BIG OL MAN" has gotten....the pretend game is fucking pathetic and I'm breaking that mold since I was old enough to realize how it is... princesses...git good.
Also call me gay if you want I really don't give a fuck.


>Its a respect for women thing

Just stop before you make a fool of yourself

Strip joints are ok. It's a way for attractive women to make money with their body. The problem is most of them get on drugs and/or are whored out.

Okay tough guy, wouldn't want to get in the way of you saving those poor defenseless women.

strip joints are a shit thing. Its sad how grown fucking men who should know better go their to flash dollar bills like they are worth something and throw them at another human being..who is probably at a shitty time in their life...strip joints are for sad sacks of "men"

yeah better watch out. I'm a real fucking human bean

'performance' shouldnt be around custom choppers never ever

It's naked women you can pay to watch and sit with you. The comfort of a warm female body if youve been out of luck with real relationships, but its just a dance, not prostitution. If I was an attractive man and there was a bigger straight market for male strippers I'd probably do it. It's good money.

From the blurbs OP posted I'd just assume he's motosexual. Why must you instantly jump to gay? If you don't like girls you must like men? That's not very progressive of you.

>It's SUPER cringy when dudes slobber all over a model at a car show or whatever

When I go to big car shows I ask the booth babes to move so I can get a proper picture of the car. They get so obviously bothered, but they can't act insulted or talk shit back to me because then they wouldn't get more work in the future.
Fucking 3DPD.

Absolutely savage.

In an interview with Howard Stern, he was also super reserved about his sex life and penis when asked about it. It bordered on him seeming almost offended. It was very weird. Maybe he is just a traditionalist.

Honestly, that's normal imo. What's truely weird is the fact he went on Howard Stern in the first place if he wasn't interested in those prying kind of questions.

women aren't defenseless

I don't know if they need saving either though