If you won $100 million dollars (USD) jackpot

>If you won $100 million dollars (USD) jackpot

>What would your garage look like?

Don't tell me, show me!

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Probably the same

>muh mc chicken F1 LM
>muh boogadi
>muh meme shitboxes (AE86, twingo, fox body, etc)
>muh initial D cars

covered most of the commons.


>win lotto
>buy home and fill it with useless shit
>buy garage and fill it with car you will never drive

If you win the lotto and dont buy a van/RV and travel everyday for the rest of your life....you are doing it wrong, m8.

>2017 Ford GT
>Daily it
>Smoke blunts in it all the time

I will be using the rest for maintenance and buying new ones when needed.

>$100 million dollars USD
>100 million US dollars dollars US dollars

this would be babby's first build.

One of these, a bunch of projects and one or two "regular" cars for everyday use.

I'd buy a Bronco II, an XJ Cherokee, a third gen Trans Am, an NA Miata, and a garage to put them in.

a new miata everyday in every color

That sounds like the most miserable existence imaginable, if you win the lotto and live as a gypsy, you should probably kill yourself.

real talk if I won the lotto Id just invest most of it into the local community and lots of lsd

>Win lotto
>Still young enough to live like meme opossum
>Immediately move to Oregon or Washington in the kinda 'burbs and pay for house in full
>But shitbox
>Try to organize meme team posse of friends who I'm always smoking with or hanging out at home with but they start wondering what I even do since I never go to work or work like 4 hours a week at a supermarket and can't afford the house.
>Never tell them.

The rest will go towards savings, buying property, and probably buying a super clean Datsun 240Z

I would probably buy a lot of stupid and quirky shit just to have it. H2, Fiero GT, Typhoon, Syclone, XLR-V, Crossfire SRT, etc.

Also import a well spec'd Skyline to daily.

>win lotto
>drive around in a smelly dirty van without a toilet or running water

>$100million jackpot
>$65million if you want lump sum
>40% of it is taken out by taxes
>Still have to report it as income each year

I'd be stressing out about the taxes and my family suddenly acting like they care about me before worrying about cars.

pic related
fj cruiser with a 3ur out of a land cruiser
f type svr
110 defender dual cab
zl1 camaro
+ my current car
that's it i think

Pretty much this.
I'd put money on a new crown vic just to have something comfortable and reliable. I'd rather spend my money on owning large swaths of property out in the middle of nowhere and guns. Maybe a hacked up surplus BMP turned camping van for maximum comfy.

Suped up shitboxes, probably 5 of them


Lol Americucks

25% is federal limit, state % varies
You take the lump sum, so why are you still paying taxes after the payout?

Id buy all AE86s and destroy them so that the weebs cant have them

You don't report it as income each year on a lump sum tard. You only pay "income" tax on any money made. You pay a one time tax when you win.

LOL the feds take 39.6% dude. That's the top income tax bracket.


Wait, when did this happen? Last time I saw it was 35% by the Fed

Wait are telling me that once you pay your tax, you also have to pay them every year on the same sum? Until they take all of it?

No, lump sum means you pay taxes once
20 year payment plan is when you pay yearly taxes

>Buy a Z06
>Drive it until it overheats and breaks down
>Shitpost on Veeky Forums about how bad it is
>Buy a GT-R N-Attack
>Shitpost about how bad it is also.
>Buy a Bugatti Chiron
>Shitpost as user
>Post bread on hood
>Watch autismals have a mental breakdown
>Sell Chiron for a used Veyron under the pretense of 'investing in classic Bugattis'
>Send Veyron to Hennessey
>Post car gore and wood screw threads
>Sue Hennessey
>Receive damages

2012 was the last year of 35% tax.

No, that's not how it works at all. You pay a tax on income ONE TIME on it, unless you get the yearly installments. Then you pay it every year on the money they give you.

Buy it and crash it in honor of Veeky Forums

probably just buy something nice but basic as fuck like a MB, BMW etc. Probably don't want to be too flashy driving around something exotic that screams "I just got really rich please rob me"

better to just invest most of it after buying some property and retire/travel

Electric car and scooter

Would this be before or after we get raped by the lottery tax?

Regardless, it's still below the limit where I can splurge on nothing but cars, so I'll just have a 20-car garage filled with a mix of American, Japanese, and European cars made from the 80s to now, while putting $5 million aside for personal insurance and repairs.

But before I can spend $20 million on cars, I'll need a house and some land; I'll most likely have a large $300k -$500k house built on 10 acres of land, which will have a studio and fallout shelter in the basement and the garage will be underground to avoid any obvious signs of my wealth.

This will probably leave me with $75 million remaining, which I'll keep $60 million to myself, but the other $15 million will go towards my family and close friends.

Buy several acres of land. Build a nice 3-car garage home for my wife and I.

I would build a pole barn in the backyard with several bays, lifts, hangout spot for friends with plenty of storage area for projects.

The driveway would be a small, low-speed circuit that would have turn offs for the house and garage.

I'd also have a little shooting range on the property aswell. Probably 500 meters.