>Mazda finally reveals new RX-7
>competes in LeMans to celebrate 30th anniversary of their LeMans win

What are the chances?

Considering Le Mans introduced piston only rules after the 787B whooped everyone's ass in '91, not good.


Pretty slim.
Even though everyone wants to see what a modern-day dorito would look like and whether it would be a viable alternative to ordinary piston engines.


Mazda is never making a comeback.

Rotary is dead brah. Mazda is putting all their efforts into increasingly exotic piston engine technology in an attempt to avoid tarbos

Reminds me of that broken LMP thing they made for Gran Turismo

looks like that new mercedes amg roadster thing.

it's sexy, but the chinks probably won't make it

Zero as they're confirmed to not be making another rotary

Considering that even the race winning Porsche was out for 65 minutes for repairs, I was wondering how a completely unchanged 787B could have fared in LMP1. Naturally aspirated rotary reliability is what won them Le Mans.

>everyone wants to see what a modern-day dorito would look like
We're going 3D


It would have smashed LMP1 considering the hybrid failed all of them

Could an electric rotary become a thing?

What about torque?

Try and explain how an electric rotary would work?
Do you mean hybrid rotary

>Try and explain how an electric rotary would work
If you stretch your imagination a bit an AC induction or brushless PMAC motor is an electric rotary

Yeah, I should have put a "/" between the terms. Like that range extender that mazda toyed with? Did that go anywhere?

It would be the RX-9.

It's almost like people don't realize that the RX-2 through RX-6 were actual, mass-produced cars.

It was actually a mistake on Mazda's part to call the FC and FD FX-7s, as they should have been the RX-8 and RX-9 respectively.

Also, OP, the chances are slim because it just wouldn't be profitable these days - not many people under age 40 have a massive disposable income.

AFAIK, they made a hybrid mazda 2(?) that had a small low revving rotary range-extending engine. Think it sold only in europe/japan though.

13B is a great engine. I just hope that housings, rotors and eccentric shafts will be produced in the future to meet demand for vintage enthusiasts and freaks like me.

Considering their sales have been shit, 0

The laser ignition was a huge leap forward, IMO. That alone was set to make the engine block out of aluminum, allow for cooler air flow (better tuning opportunity), and a cleaner burn for greater mpg/hp/torque. That alone would make the renessis quite formidable.

To incorporate any other advancements they had to have made by now would be a truly competitive engine. And since the rotary is a profound track engine by itself, I'd be willing to bet, at least for the enthusiasts, people would reinvest their interests. It just depends on if Mazda pulls another retard moment by putting 4 seats in a heavy-chassis sports car with a torque deficient engine that nobody knew how to maintain correctly.