Race Car vs Dream Car

Given the choice, would you rather have a race/drift car for track days or the car that you love and would cherish?

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I race the car I love and cherish.
Do not reccomend.
Get your dream car and 2k on some beater, rollcage and a hacksaw.

For my I'm having trouble deciding between getting a 240sx (or some other missile car) for Club Loose since it's close to my house or an R32 Skyline. In the end they'd both cost about the same.

race car for sure.

you can actually push your self to the limit in a controlled environment without endangering anyone elses life other than your own.

I don't mind driving a boring shitbox during the week and something actually fun during the weekend.

Well realistically I would only be able to drift 1 weekend a month, assuming nothing breaks that will take over a month to fix. Where as an R32 I could drive every weekend, just on the road

where do you live?

Also you should stick to a basic E36 325i.

cheap easy power. see - chelsea denofa


you'd just be paying JDM tax on cars like the R32 GTS-T or 240sx.

are you talking about an R32 GT-R or a GTS-T

I hope a GTS-T isn't your dream car lol.

Just get an E36 and hoon the shit out of it.

My brother actually offered me his old e36 but it has a blown motor so I declined which was probably a bad idea in hind sight.

there is a kind of person out there that enjoys destruction and determinism
crash ? does not matter its just a beater don't even bother trying to fix it
slow or made obsolete by newer cars or rules ? get rid of it
costs more to fix than its worth ? KILL

all it comes down to is cost and numbers
pure cold rational

think racing is fun or exciting ?
nope its all averages
any time something goes wrong is just a deviation from the Median

>racing is all numbers
Uh, no. It's all the driver.


so many E36's nearby you that are for sale







Why not both? Suit up a Miata to track standard. Easily less than $5000.

>hurr durr miata good

No offence to the Miata or its drivers, but there are better all-around options. Maybe not at its price, but take the S2000 for instance.

Not OP but I think he wants to drift and having a Miata for drifting is a terrible idea.

a person who is looking into getting into racing for the first time will take a Miata over an S2000 as its cheaper and WAY more forgiving.

At least someone who is smart. Only a dumbass would start with an S2K

>It's all the driver.
being weighed and measured
treated as yet another instrument

tell that to a dead guy / any driver over 30
or to the time when Ferrari was going bankrupt spending 10x as much on r&d than all other f1 teams combined

its an issue in the Olympics too
during training or practice they can perform throws and jumps better than what is latter officiated
even in training athletes risk injury or death

>this gets worse when the coach is involved
enzo Ferrari would put him self in charge of time keeping
and then lie to the drivers saying they are a few seconds slower than what the records show
when they found out a few drivers got upset that they had risked life chasing a lie (cant think why lol)

imagine you train for 30 years and another 4 just waiting for a chance to get gold
in training you throw a shot put 100 meters easy on the regular
then on the day you only throw 95 and have but 5 chances to get it right

now on to Olympic swimming
at one point only two athletes could afford the swimsuits needed to get records

and you'd pretty much need to be a GMO to beat Michael Phelps
or the most potent roid fiend to beat any of the soviet hammer throw records

What makes the Miata bad for drifting? I understand most don't come with a lim. slip dif. and they aren't quite powerful enough, but with the right WHOLESOME modifications, I'm sure a miata would be a good beginner drifter

Too short of a wheelbase.
>literally the only racecars that exist are international-level multi-million dollar team cars
>still not realizing that no matter how fast the car, it doesn't mean shit if the driver isn't good

First off its because of how short its wheelbase is.

You'll easily spin out more than you would drifting a 240sx or something similar to the 240

Right now, right this second the best car to start off with that is dirt cheap and has enough power and won't be a total POS is an 325i E36. Just weld the diff and get some coilovers and you're good to go.

Miata's aren't good beginner drifter cars at all, people just thought that because of the whole Haggard Garage thing and now they aren't using a Miata anymore, shit they never actually used one in an actual drift event, just in empty parking lots.

And thats all they are good for when it comes to "drifting" ,doing donuts in an empty parking lots.

THAT being said you plan on spending serious $$$ on modifications, it can be done. but also you have to know how to control the car as well because if you put in too much steering input you'll just spin out every single time.

pic related is a 13b swapped Miata, not sure what he has done suspension wise but I'm sure its not cheap at all.

your not human on the scoreboard
sentiment is for amateurs loser and fans

>the only racecars that exist are international-level multi-million dollar team cars
give it time
1337 happens to any sport given enough time

Dream car, the nearest track is hours away having some track monster would be next to useless for me even during the weekends and such when I'd normally track it since it'd be trek to get there.

Just isn't worth the effort for me.

Acting like I'm trying to be the next Ken Gushi. I just wanna whip sum t0tally 3pic skidulehs on the track and have fun

and if you have to destroy countless shit box Nissan's on the track to do it
so be it

>implying you can't do both

poorfags at it again