>noodle chassis
>live rear axle
>costed over 30k (in today's money)

>great chassis
>independent suspension
>costs less than 30k

The only advantage the AE86 has is pop-ups.

I don't get why people say the GT86 needs more power. The whole point of the car was to make a car that you could get sideways easily. That's why it is small Prius tires on it.

the 86 also looks like shit.

>Veeky Forums is one person
Some of us can think logically and realize both are shitty cars.

Because it's 30k fag. You can buy a faster wrx for the same price and can fit more people/space. I get the rwd thing but the value is fucked

>Get it used 20k!
Then you can buy a vette that'll smoke it

Wait, did that actually have a live rear axle?

I thought the only cars made with performance in mind and live rear axles were American muscle cars.

LOL that's not why they put prius tires on it. They did that because of cost. It has NOTHING to do with "making it slide around." People that said that have no idea how car companies work.

>Both cars refered to as 86

ACKSHUALLY it's because the engineers aren't retarded benchracers and know people will put the performance tires they want on it anyway. The trunk is literally designed to carry an extra full set of wheels.
At about 24-26k, it's right in line with the Miata Club and the old AE86's MSRP.

ah yes this user knows every in and out of every car company, their schemes, ideas, thought processes. Please tell us o wise one how do car companies work??

Yup AE86 h as a LRA. It's cheaper for RWD cars than IRS, it's the main reason the mustang had it for so long.

>Let's forget taxes and irl pricing

Nice objective argument dude

The mustang had it because the 8.8 is a gift from God, it makes for better drag racing launches, and the fifth gen actually had really good geometry.

AE86 - 118hp, 2100lbs
Corvette - 250hp, 3200lbs
Mustang - 175hp, 2600lbs
Ferrari 308 - 240hp, 2400lbs

FRS - 200hp, 2800lbs
Corvette - 460hp, 3300lbs
Mustang - 435hp, 3700lbs
Ferrari 488 - 660hp, 3400lbs

Of all the sports cars that existed in both 1984 and today either the horsepower has doubled without much weight increase, or with a weight increase similar to that of the 86 the horsepower has near tripled.

>83 mustang 2600 lbs
No. 3000-3200.


Here's one way car companies DON'T work: purposely designing cars to oversteer and lose traction on public roads. They know none of the people who but them will actually drive like that. Marketing ploy aimed at fucktards like you.

Most cars of the time has LRA, and no American muscle car uses a solid axle anymore. (unless you count the factory drag cars)


>only advantage AE86 has is the pop-ups
I feel like that's just one more thing to break or did you mean it as a cosmetic thing?

>he literally thinks car companies design mass production cars to be more dangerous for average drivers

>he thinks engineers have the final say and not the accountants
LOL, you kids are so cute.

they did in the corvair

Going farther than that, the 86 has the same suspension design as the Fox. Macpherson setup up front and a four link trailing arm LRA in the back.

Well, there's more to it than than. You can't engineer a 4 link much worse than a fox car has, or steering geometry worse than a fox has.

>they know none of the people who buy them will actually drive like that
sure bud that's why they made it RWD, lightweight, and cheap. For people who aren't young and want to drive carelessly. Quit being a fucking tard.
>what is marketing to a specific group of people

I hear what you're saying, but they shouldn't have made it look like it had so much potential if they just wanted a cheap thrills mobile.

My mate has an 86 and everyone who sees it thinks it'll be rapid, but it gets shit on daily by diesel Audis, and he nearly cries when he tries to follow me in a shitty old JCW mini

popups arent an advantage

they are objectively shit in every way

actually wasnt the 510 the first cheap jap car with a irs?


no, it has stock michelin primacy HPs for mileage. the Primacies are LRR summer tires and even with sports cars they need to work towards a fleet MPG average

>if its not a fast car it should look like a camry

the car is plenty fast in the environment it was designed for, and there aren't that many street cars that can match it in hairpins without getting squirrelly (miatas, s2ks, etc). Now, whether you should get one over a s2k solely depends on if you'd rather have a new-ish car or not

>there aren't that many street cars that can match it in hairpins without getting squirrelly

It's literally slower than fwd hatches with LSDs.
Having said that, it is a fun car on lakeland B-roads, it just attracts attention from people who want to show how big they are in their FiST or Corsa VXR and it's unable to hold its own



>hating on popups

With all the work that has been down to the flat 4, if you really claim it's an enthusiast car, the first thing you could do is add a decent oem turbo. I don't know anything about the car so I don't know what happens if the boost goes past 8 psi, but still.

Having driven a Focus RS on this same road, I agree that it is a faster car, but note I said squirrelly - torque steer is a thing and I was not happy taking repeated corners at high speed. The 86 is very able to hold its own on these types of roads.

>needless complications
>ruin aerodynamics
>ruin lines of the car (literally goes against design)

they are complete shit

there are no laws against them its just that they are awful so no company is retarded enough to make them when they dont need to

>>ruin aerodynamics
>>ruin lines of the car
The exact opposite is true.


as soon as they come up they ruin the car

also worse than a properly designed car anyway

I'll definitely concede it's a much more fun car to drive than something much more powerful on roads like that. It is a great car on its own merits. It's other people's expectations that ruin it when I've driven it


bitch which one are you reffering to

not him, but they both look like dogshit 2bh famalam


Corvair they told the idiots how to inflate the tires.

Idiots keep filling the fronts too high anyway

The AE86 originally gained it's popularity from competitive drifting when it first began, since the body and build is decently suited towards the sub sport. As well as that, back in the 80s average horsepower was much lower, thus so were our expectations.

GT-S: it was as fast as it looked
GT86: it looks faster than it is

>The AE86 originally gained it's popularity from competitive drifting when it first began

it gained popularity in the 80s for rally and touring car racing

I'm convinced everybody else sees a lambo with a Toyota badge when they look at a gt86.

to me that's a personal problem

its the same group of uninformed retards who look at a chevy SS and think it's a malibu then wonder why the "malibu" dusted their old c5

Get new eyes. You're clearly blind.

Only in the coupes which had double wish bone. The sedans and wagons had live rear axles.

>I have never taken a statistics course and therefore do not know what voluntary response bias is

just wondering, any actual toyobaru owners here?

I was going to argue with you, because I couldn't believe it with how light my old one felt, but hot damn looking into it, you're right.


Please don't comment if you don't know what you're talking about.

Fuck no, before i came here i didnt know jack about cars but i saw one commuting on my route every morning not knowing what it was.
Had an Erlkoenig wrap and the TRD spoiler, but i instinctively knew by looking at it that it was a Toyota. Mistook it for a new supra tho, so there's that.

the Prius tires is for fuel economy.

Veeky Forums only likes the AE86 because it was in an anime

Honestly the car has nice outlines.

Is there anything wrong with that?

>mfw everytime a gt86 tries to race my r34 at the traffic light

they never learn

Same logical procession as "I only like x brand of handbags because I saws Kim K wearing it".

It's not the "only" reason. They're nice little understated cars that make people dream of fantasy drift races. The only people buying cars for technical qualities alone should be racing teams.

You cannot compare old cars and new cars in performance and power. the advancements in technology, materials, and processes make it a void comparison. I find it also very dumb to do so.

You can however compare them in spirit. Which I think they are pretty comparable; Slow, tossable shitboxes marketed at a young crowd.

B-but I like both.

>You can buy a faster wrx for the same price and can fit more people/space
Reminder that Veeky Forums would prefer an LS swapped Fiat Multipla over an 86 if it had good skidpad numbers.

Inb4 what's wrong with the Multipla

Toyota vs Subaru

No, the actual performance models that everyone wants (GTV and GT Apex) had a factory LSD, only american export versions had a LRA. America also got a detuned engine and less chassis rigidity pieces.

umm no

every AE86 and 85 had a LRA

LSD has fuck all to do with that and could be had with them in the USA

USA version is also more stout due to safety regs

doesnt mean much because the chassis is still shit

>ITT: people who haven't driven a car with motorsports pedigree and a reputation for being a good drivers car calling it shit while other people who haven't driven it defend it

is there any point?

The AE86 has a great motorsport history in circuit and rally, it's also universally heralded as a great drivers car by those who actually drive it. The opinions of people on the internet who probably have never seen one in real life are irrelevant.

no that is the logical procession of buying New Balances because they're in Initial D, and I say that as someone who does exactly that.
The AE86 has a pedigree as a rally and touring car, as well as being an anime superstar.