"Once you win your class at Le Mans, there is nothing less that is acceptable," said Jim Campbell...

>"Once you win your class at Le Mans, there is nothing less that is acceptable," said Jim Campbell, Chevrolet vice president, Performance Vehicles and Motorsport, as his team was battling for the lead in the final few hours. "It's a race that is binary. You either win or you don't."

>This one will stick with the Corvette Racing, and with Campbell in particular, as Corvette was trying to make it to the top of the podium for the ninth time in 18 years.

>That success makes Sunday's heartbreak even more difficult to take for Campbell, who carried the memory of 2016's second- and third-place finishes with him all the way to Le Mans 2017.

>"When I get to Le Mans, I always turm my wrist watch to the local time," Campbell said. "Last year, I never changed my watch from Le Mans time. So, every day for the past year, my watch has been on Le Mans time as reminder -- a reminder of all the preparation we are doing every day, every week, evey month for this race.

>literally waiting entire year to win
>fail miserably on last lap
i actually feel bad for them

picrelated: alpha who was driving the vette


he lost because he fucked up

>a V6 ford
>faster than gm's halo car

I can feel bad for him for a moment, but then I remember how much I love seeing burgers get BTFO.

Some say he sank under the pressure of the veteran Aston Driver, others that he raged and wanted to cheat his way by skipping corners.

I think the brakes gave in, that's why he couldnt turn that well.

On top of that the Aston driver was experienced and hungry for blood, with a very very good car, and this faggot was probably with his balls on his neck the entire time, more focused on not fucking up than going fast

Look at his mullet, what the fuck America?

Its funny because this kid is probably a fuckup and a favourite of some GM boss or something, so they let him finish the race so he could say he won, instead of the spaniard who is an actual full year Corvette pilot.

And the inbred retard managed to fuck up


A great end to the Aston cars.

To be fair, he did pretty well up to that point, he was driving cleanly. He fucked up the braking, maybe because the brakes in his shitbox started fading, and went into the gravel and damaged the car. That's the impression I got watching it live.

>alpha who was driving the vette
alphas are alphas because they do not fuck up

if you make don't get results you want, you are not alpha

Is that a fucking mullet? Fucking hell no wonder you claps can't win not only your cars can't turn but you let hillbillies behind the wheel.

I think it's the brakes that started fading, but also the pressure the Aston driver put in and the fact that I unironically think the Aston performed so much better overall.

GM blown the fuck out

hopefully they will lose next year aswell

>"It's a race that is binary. You either win or you don't."
You kidding me?

I would be fucking ecstatic if i got a second place on a 24 hour fucking race. Or that i even managed to fucking finish it without a problem to begin with unlike several other makers.

Second place is the first of the losers

If you wanna have that outlook then great. Life's too short to be sad about not being the very best. There's always another chance to get first place. Sometimes shit happens.

>not having a mullet
lmao gayboy

stancefag detected

i dont even like extreme camber and i dont see how you make the link but ok.

Life is too short to waste time being mediocre

Life is long, you stupid millenial. You just gotta learn to stop worrying about stupid shit. There's time for everything and more chances than you could ever think of.

>There's time for everything and more chances than you could ever think of.
says nobody old

If you wanna live your life hurrying up about being first in everything and not being happy with anything else i dont think you will enjoy your life a lot.

chinese team won some category? with what car?

jackie chan in lmp2

but Jordan is normally a good driver. he was driving last time Corvette won GTE Pro.
I thought he was safe after the Aston blew it at Arnage and Jordan got the cutback.

still less of a faggot than ricky.