Happy Fathers day bl/o/kes in this thread we post the car that reminds us of dear old dad

Happy Fathers day bl/o/kes in this thread we post the car that reminds us of dear old dad.

this reminds me of my dear old dad because he too is the best of the world.



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his first car

now he has an f150 but

either this or a buick station wagon

how many dicks did your dad suck to get that f150?

When I was a little kid, my dad had a 67 Thunderbird parked beside our house but he didn't drive it over some kind of issues. It ran and he could move it around but I don't think I ever rode in it. He loved it and I remember him being sad when he finally sold it, but I don't really associate it with him.

He got a Malibu after that but didn't keep it very long, I have more memories of him in his AMC Concord - wish it'd been an Eagle.

The car I most associate with my dad is pic related. He always called it his "Park Avenue" and ultimately he said he loved it even more than his Thunderbird. When he pulled out in front of some insurance-seeker and got it totaled later in life we got him a later model Park Avenue that he didn't really like and only drove for a couple more years until his death.

It wasn't until years after that I discovered his beloved car was actually an Electra and "Park Avenue" was just a trim package for it at that point. If he walked in my front door I'd buy him one today without a second thought.

his first car

he drives a 2016 f350 now

my dads 1970 impala that was his first car and still has. god bless the Green Machine

it's a 1998, bought used so not many


My dad was more of a plane guy, and he last flew T-6s training Navy recruits, though he was Air Force and Commercial.

He's had a blue '98 Suburban since he bought it new and they always remind me of him.

He's got a 69 Mach 1 that looks almost exactly like this. It's pretty nice.

Fathers day was two weeks ago you mong


>thought I lost the photo of my old man and his '71 240Z because last computer was kill
>remember I posted this in a thread about Veeky Forums dads a little while ago
He's always been a Mazda guy and owned several FB's but I don't have pictures of that.

In what fucking country?

My 1967 chevelle
It was my grandfathers who then gave it to my dad who then gave it to me on my 16th birthday

When I was a kid my dad would always tell me stories of how much trouble and good times he and his friends had racing eachother and said he had the fastest car of them all
>it's a small motor so I knew he was full of it atleast about the fast car thing
Just like the chevelle my dad may not be the best but he's the best to me and that's all that matters.

Pic semi related it's the same car but I don't have an actual pic of it since I moved all my pics to a hard drive recently

The unkillable 1985 Dodge D150. He's rebuilt the engine at least once. It once sat for 5 years without running, and we put a new battery and fresh gas in and it fired up instantly. It'll likely outlive he and I.

Truck in the picture isn't it, but similar. Think the same truck only rust covered and red.

Forgot pic, am an idiot

His first real car, he said he'd always wanted to restore one if we found it.
Died before we could though

regals remind me of my dad because they kind of look like they have mustaches

or maybe i'm just retarded idk

Anything pontiac or corvair related...or really anything with an engine.

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>almost made it all day without thinking about fathers day
>OP fucks it up
an '85 honda accord since he almost killed me in one

He was also one of the engineers working on the Comanche and was a test pilot for quite a few years. My mom made him quit when saddam invaded kuwait when he was there.

I love my pops, almost killed him this weekend hiking though.