Sex inside your car/shitbox - Y/N?

>Disclaimer: If this isn't "auto-related enough" then give me a warning instead of a 3 day b&, you losers

What's Veeky Forums's take on having sex innacar?

>(hopefully) climax
>if the girl is into the exhibitionist shit, that's points you score with her
>cross something off your bucket list

>get your seats dirty if you don't put a towel/blanket down
>car might be too cramped
>might get arrested if you don't park in the right spot
>dumb slut might not take off her shoes and scuff up your dash if she rides cowgirl and her legs are long enough
>somewhat limited in choice of positions unless you're a creative kama-sutra sex god

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i lost my virginity in a car. the guy had an amazing mouth. men are just universally better at blowjobs.

OP here: I'd do it again, but the next time I'd put down a fucking blanket/towel on the seats.
>tfw mom asks "what are those stains" every other time she rides in my car

Lost my virginity in the backseat of my Chrysler at 20
Never selling it

come on you virginwagons

It's fun, I've done it a few times when I was younger, wish my gf was more adventurous cause I wouldn't mind doing it again

What kind of cars, lads? What positions (except for gay blowjob dude I guess)? I drove & still drive a MKV golf shitbox so I'm pretty much limited to "bend her over one of the seats and do her from behind while standing outside the car door" or "make her ride on top"

Was it a miata?

What virgins can do on this thread? Sit and watch, perhaps cry?

I'm a virgin and I don't think anyone would have sex with me, let alone on my girly car that I own.

Well at least fantasize about how you'd bone a girl in your car and what positions you'd be able to use taking into account the kind of car you drive.

I'd imagine guys with trucks are the luckiest (esp. with a camper shell), since they can just throw down some blankets and go to town on that bagina

nah camry

I've only successfully cum like ten times in a car I'm just too tall and it's too cramped, even my pickup and it takes some pretty good head to get me off. Dani could do it pretty good but every other girl ended up pulled off and bent over.

Does it count as sex in the car if it's a convertible with the top down but all four of your feet are in the passenger compartment? I would say "or six" but I've never even attempted a threesome in a car. Might have to put that on a list.

Cowboy and missionary, back of a '99 Chrysler Concorde


Lost my virginity in the back of my ex's prius. Kinda wish I could have sex in the back of my car, but not really sure what to do with the plastic cup holder bullshit that's right in the middle of the backseat.

You know what's funnier is this meemay image was made BEFORE LeMans

I got road head once. Does that count?

Say it with me

Shaggin wagon.

Last time was when the gf missed her flight and instead of having said goodbye I got to go back and we hooked up in the cell phone lot.

Got my first roadhead to completion in the mighty Max too. I90 through Syracuse.

OP here:
RRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, the only time I've ever gotten road head I didnt cum from it because I was so nervous about not fucking up my driving or not getting pulled over

Lost my virginity in missionary position in the back of a 2003 sunfire. Im 6'1", shes 5'2. Proceeded todo it 50 more times in that car in like 3.5 mos, now have a 97 accord I purchased specifically for car sex, and iunno how many times we have done it in there. We just dont have any other form of privacy.

>What's Veeky Forums's take on having sex innacar?

Honestly the back seat would be the ideal place since my car's roof is more tall on that specific area. Windows are tinted to the point you can't see shit on the outside at night, so not getting caught if I happen to choose the right place and don't shake the car too much.

And now it's just a matter of waiting for the nearest thot to desperately hit on me.

I don't know if this means I'm a smooth talker or anything but I'm just throwing it out there:
>I fucked the shit out of my girl in my Nissan Cube when I still drove it
There I said it.

I've fucked a few girls in their/their parents' cars, it's tight if you have the room but honestly the seats get ruined if they're uncovered cloth.

>>(hopefully) climax
Top kek.

>tfw too tall to do it in my sportscar

We've had sex in my car a few times, easy to do with the front seats folded forward. Pretty sure an old Japanese man saw my dick in her mouth once. Our fault though, road wasn't as deserted as I thought.
>mfw I saw that Suzuki Carry coming up the hill

really want to fuck in my camry wagon but haven't had good opportunity
friends wedding is coming up tho so i am hoping this is when it happen
>tfw she has a wagon too

She fucking knows you idiot

saturn ion?
use passenger seat and pull it all the way back and have her ride you

that or passenger side back seat and push the passenger seat all the way forward

if you're both kinda short you might be able to do some prone bone doggy type thing or just have her ride you if you cant fit

would be tight for me, but that doesn't matter because
>implying anyone wants to bang in a yellow 2nd gen beetle

enjoy your car reeking

Of victory maybe

It's a lot easier in my truck than any other car I've done it in other than my Lexus rx300, I just folded the seats down and then you have a lot of room for activities


Anything sexual that doesn't result in more children being born into secure families is wrong and should not be done.

Doesn't matter how cool it is.

I know she knows, you virgintrain

grandpa pls go

hedonist boomers are old enough to be

I lost my virginity in a 1986 Supra last year. Was nervous as shit, but wouldn't change it for the world.

Ive gotten head in the back of a Toyota Camry, and have almost fucked in a Freestyle

Had sex in the back of a jeep compass about a month ago.
Seat's folded down so there was bit more room, but still, at 6'2" I was cramped.
Aslo they got off, I didn't.
It was a disappointing birthday.
If you don't have to, I say don't do the dirty in a car.

I have a 2010 Honda Fit.

All I've ever had to do was put the backseat down and I have all the room I could ever need.

I've fucked three girls in it and counting.

That's gotta smell like shit.

Carpet Extractor/10

My Fit smells like pussy, cigarettes, and vape juice.

Good thing it's just my beater.

Hey Bill

any sex outside of committed monogamous relationships is disgusting and degenerate

delete your shitty thread and go back to /b/

>Current year
>being a moralfag

>current year
>not realizing the Age of the Boomer is coming to a close

keep thinking you're hot shit because you got latrina to give you a handy in the back of your daddy's s10 though

Boy, I lost my virginity when you were still sucking titties, the ONLY titties you've sucked in fact

fucked in my car once
girls pussy stunk up the back seat
still smells like her snatch when it gets hot out

you mean HAWT

lol good for you gramps, you're a real moral exemplar, I'm sure people will look back on your legacy with fondness

Your damn right they will, better than looking back on your legacy of defiling yourself in front of the Lord and arrogance from trying to shame anons online, stupid little shit

Managed to bone in this a few times as teenager. I just folded the rear seat down. Not too bad. I didn't have tinted windows though, so parking was a bit of a bitch.

sex everywhere in an Isuzu Rodeo

I usually lean towards girls, but that said I let a guy fuck me in the back of my Mazda Astina.
Was fairly fun honestly, roomy enough and the windows fogged up like in titanic.

I've gotten road head as well, the model of my car being BJ as well

How can I have sex in my miata ?

I'm 6'1 tall and she's 6'4

you forgot to say that sex should only be for purposes of procreation, and only in the missionary position, which kind of lets out sex in most modern cars.... Maybe in an SUV...

I could almost kill for losing my virginity, messing up my car would be worth it
LOL. The fucking NISSAN faggots are delusional. Nissan entered a fucking LMP car to Le Mans and it got fucking beat by the street Corvette.

You are fucking DELUSIONAL if you really think these memes have any value.

Where was Nissan at Le Mans this year?


>the guy gave me a blowjob

I was kind of thinking to put a folded blanket over that center piece, but I'll definitely try those if I ever get the chance

>mfw my girlfriend won't do anything but missionary or cowgirl on a bed
>I'll never have sex in a car

>literal assmad GM fangirl