American engineering

>american engineering

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american engineering

what message is this shitpost trying to convey?

That a $50k truck is just as good, if not better, than a $150k mercedes suv.

The best selling car in America can perform on the same level as an expensive Mercedes. Probably more comfortable too.

At least our cars don't have something broken every 5k miles and our repair cost isn't a fucking fortune

That it took the americans the better part of 40 years to put out something that can keep up with a G-class.

Keep trying faggot.

Why do Americans drive European cars, even considering regular brands like Audi and BMW as "luxury" whereas no Europeans drive American cars?

taxes, faggot

Except there are loads of japanese cars in Europe you retard

your president is donald fucking trump

and no american cars in japan either
really makes you think

Displacement taxes. Also our larger vehicles don't sell well in areas with smaller roads like Europe and Japan. But you already knew that and are just posting garbage for the sake of garbage because you're not right in the head.

Your cars are garbage and can't corner for shit


I bet your ass der donald didn't have a single american made car before he started running for puppet.

>1992: horribly inefficient but otherwise capable offroader
>1987: Introduction of the YJ Wrangler
Oh, so the better part of a decade, and only one of which is fit for military use as well.

here in the land of nowhere we drive on the left side of the road and our cars are RHD
and in my land only 500 LHD cars are allowed to be imported each year
not just any LHD is allowed it must be of cultural or historic significance

want to guess what over half if not three fourths of the LHD cars imported per year are ?
>oh and that's not even all the Chevrolet
>nor does it include the dodges
>or the fords and Shelby
>not even the pontacs

Veeky Forums has file size limits and I cant be arsed to find the pdf
but I hope you understand that parts of the world just love American cars

>All dem 90s and 00s era Camaros
Come on at least get some classics

Yeah our country is also 50x the size of your shithole.

not like it matters anymore; presidents aren't allowed to drive cars while in office

oh and don't worry euro ppl
I went though the same pdf with 19 pages and 40 cars per page...
to pick out ALL THE EURO CARS
enjoy this extensive list

I don't get the image. usually when i see a greentext i assume the comment is trying to make fun of what has been texted.
though i guess by people's reaction usually in response to shots being fired towards them OP was not making fun of the raptor? with this much booty agitation i would've thought some american meme mobile was being mentioned in the same sentence as a beloved exotic.

An image
A greentext. that's it.

Was OP making fun of the raptor? if so what was it?

And your prime Minister, king/queen, president, warlord, tsar, or any other title you want to use is who?

Because Japan literally taxes anything that is bigger than a vespa right to hell. Sure they make gt-r and LFA monsters but the average car there is small shitbox tier.

>because every daily commute is on a race track.
I wouldn't take a dd car out to the track, and I wouldn't consider my silverado or explorer a track car. They turn plenty for standard roads and daily commutes.
All that said though, the focus is selling pretty well outside of the states for somthing that "can't turn".

OP was showing that he's an underage busrider who will never amount to anything in life or even get a license. The ONLY thing I can think of Is the Raptor's axle being at an angle because it had a different set of bumps.

You don't tell Donnie what to do

The Jeep isn't in the military because the military doesn't specify it wants a Jeep sized vehicle.

The focus is a European design

the American classics are here to
we even have a Cadillac club with cars dating from 1908 to 1970
its just harder to tell when they were first imported and how long they have been here

have one of my photos
the quality is low but at lest I try to censor number plates : people and store fronts if I ever upload
(tiny country)
(a single new York burrow prolly has more people living in it than our largest city's)

Still made from an American company and wears an American badge.

Are you going to say the fiat 124 spider is a Japanese car because it's identical to the mx5?

European cars are only sold as luxury in the US, except VW and fiat. We don't get base model BMWs or Audis


What the fuck did AFSWC need this thing for...



Working on nuclear propelled bombers

I was thinking of the wrong AFSWC, it's AFNWC now.

What are portal axles? Increased differential ground clearance?

He has been riding in and driving Cadillacs since forever

>American engineering


>muh nippon mecha

Well, assuming the Raptor has portal axles by looking at where the shaft goes into the hub... well, that only makes it a fair comparison because that's a G500 4x4^2²-vs-hennessey-raptor

that's a drone fag. not transporting anything

I know, its awesome.


>two planes at the back

no political posts

>clearly not the centerpiece

90s and 00s era corvettes and camaros aren't bad,

Though i question the sanity of anyone who wants a late 90s camaro.


smallest engine that american car offer is a 4 cylinder turbo that get like 250 hp. Everything with a smaller engine is a an Opel or a Korean shitbox.

No, I mean the axle being not level because one wheel left the ground sooner than the other.

>cuck daddy btfo

If you drove like that on the public road you deserve to be called a maniac

>Not driving the Fiesta
Pick 1



>american car