Trunk Storage

>The MX-5 isn't practical.

And yes, the trunk closed without hitting the speaker at all.

I've transported a dinner table in a E30 Convertible, practicality is only practical in how you define it.

Congratulations you were able to haul ONE speaker.

Top kek, my 205, which is smaller, lighter and still a lot of fun, would've fit a dozen of those speakers.

This is the equivalent of one person's luggage. Who the fuck is this supposed to be impressing, Atom owners?

I put the other one on the ledge behind the seats with the top up. I even fit a bunch of clothes in the space in the trunk to the left of the speaker, put my suitcase in the passenger floor, and my desktop, 2 monitors, and cables on the passenger seat. I could've easily fit more in the interior too.

It's incredible for a roadster, which usually can only carry 3 golf clubs for midgets

>not packing an organ to achieve perfect weight distribution

It doesn't need to be practical. Nobody should reasonably expect it to be. I have a Miata for fun and a classic wagon for hauling shit.

Incredible for a roadster is still shit.

Not sure what roadsters you've seen but the miata has fairly standard cargo capacity for one.

Congrats on hauling ONE item.

The point is that people act like a MX-5 isn't good enough for day-to-day use, which it actually is. When I was in college I moved all of my stuff across several states to school each semester - I couldn't see out of the rear-view lol but it was fine.

I hauled a legal size 2 drawer filing cabinet in my NB, had to hang it out the back but the miata trunk is incredibly spacious for how small and uncompromising the car is. Plenty of space for luggage for two and extras.

sick b3 m8

managed to fit a week's worth of camping gear for 2 people in mine (no homo) and drove it from the UK to the nurburgring and back

my passenger was buried in bags the whole way though

okay, now what are you going to do with the other speaker? take two trips? lmao

nice fj bro

i've hauled bigger things in my parents' FJC

I put the other speaker there for the photo; otherwise it would be hard to convey their size.


But where did your boyfriend sit?

It's a Ford Escape. You should see when the Leslie 910 is in there.

On her dick


The Pontiac/Saturn roadsters, S2K, Z3 and Z4

>mx5 owner
>putting something big and black in the trunk

In any other car you could put both without any issue.

Nice white van speakers lol

would an ND be able to fit a 5' surfboard and a passenger with the top up? my NB can.

It amazes me that someone considers the ability to haul one speaker good.

The MX-5 trunk is actually comparatively large and there is also a respectable amount of space behind the seats. The issue however is that the opening for the trunk is not large enough to fit an object that would take up the full volume of the trunk.

It amazes me that someone considers the ability to haul one couch good.

It seems that every complaint about the miata itself (not the perceived culture) is either about practicality or safety. I was moving these speakers and felt it was an interesting opportunity to show that the car is, in fact, reasonably practical for day-to-day use.

I am in no way trying to say that the Miata is secretly a Ford Explorer on the inside.

I'd imagine a convertible would be the next best thing to a pickup truck to move stuff, cargo doesn't need to fit IN anything
yes, YES

>all this shitposting about a woman's car

Normie detected. I've never met a woman into drifting before.




Shit man that NB trunk is bigger than I expected it to be. My NC trunk has an even smaller opening.

i've never met a man that was into it either

I dislike living here for many, many reasons. However, I love everything car-related about this state except for the lack of a "car scene."

-No rust. It is very rare to see a car with rust, then you'd assume it was from the north.
-No emissions testing (or even laws!), I've been running catless since 2005.
-Small police force (but they're mostly rednecks who hate nerds in imports).
-No front plates.
-Cheap registration, tag fees, and insurance rates.
-Decent pavement, few potholes in most places.
-Very little traffic unless you're in Birmingham.
-TONS of curvy, empty rural roads that don't have traffic or police.
-Gas is some of the cheapest in the nation (currently $1.89 for 87 oct.), and premium is 93 octane.

It's a gay hairdresser's car, get it straight.

Do a test for me. Get your miat, and put yourself in the trunk. I'll help you out, trust me. :^)