The most autistic thing you've done

I put a pretty big dent on my father's new C7 Z06 after yelling at him for not buying a better car. (This was in late '15)

Bought a lamborghini

3/10 for effort

I put a glock in my rari

In all seriousness I raced a guy in a civic in my aw11 on the way to Walmart with my gf he lost and followed me all the way to Walmart parking lot asked me to pop the hood and it was all stock the guy started to spurg on how I cheated and then left

Dude don't tell anyone.

gr8 b8 m8

Tried to get some guy in a lotus to race my 10 year old car lel

>impromptu street race

>y-y-you cheated

>looking at hood to see motor

Yeah i saw you say the same thing in a previous thread weeks ago. You said that the guy was mexican but you were too and tried to pull bullshit about why you won on a small red light race, right?

>Pop hood
>Nothing there

I removed my cruise control module just to make the engine bay look nicer.

I do not regret it.

>be 18 in 2013
>parents bought me a brand new AUTOMATIC Ford Focus

I got angry and didn't talk them for 3 weeks. At the end dad caved in and returned the car and got me an MX-5.

Please tell me its bait.

was thinking the same thing


2 things. Blew up my motor in my truck drifting, broke off a stud on wheels tightening with just a tire tool.

In your Miata? I have to do the same thing to put in my intake.

Not like it even worked to begin with though.

>be me
>watch drifting vids
>decide I want to drift my Chrysler 300c
>go to parking lot for a local pond during broad daylight
>engage the ebrake
>not an actual handle ebrake but one of those that you pull out under the steering wheel
>slam on the gas
>skids for one second and then stops
>ebrake doesn't work now
>go home

I live pretty white trash and went mudding in a 96 Volvo 850, did pretty well but i broke the power steering rack somehow.. I went into a foot of mud and got stuck...broke into a quarry with it and regret every second of it.

One time someone was making a K turn right in front of me and i thought he was backing into a driveway. I sperged out because there was people behind me and put my foot on the accelerator and sped past him while he was completing the K turn while he was blaring his horn at me.

Spaghettid and drove all the way home and made sure he didn't follow me

Is that not just him being a dickhead, or did you start going past him before he was completely in the driveway?

He was slightly in front of it but he was never really in it. I thought i saw that car parked there before so thats how i justified my sped driving.

Ask it nicely