What's Veeky Forums's opinion on C1-C6 Corvettes? The only Corvette shitting on here mainly consists of C7s

What's Veeky Forums's opinion on C1-C6 Corvettes? The only Corvette shitting on here mainly consists of C7s.

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All corvettes are fantastic cars. Ignore autists.

The C5 Z06 the the absolute best bang for the buck you can get if you're a burger
I dare anyone else to find a better 15K car

C5 Z06 and C6 Z51 is the best performane you can get for under 25k. The only problem is the interior, where the C7 is massively superior. I'd like a C4 ZR1 for the A E S T H E T I C though.

>C1, C3, C6, C7
boomer garbage
>C2, C5
great tier
God tier

Some of them look really nice, but overall they're pretty laughable cars.

>larger than most other countries' two seater sports tourers but still don't even have a trunklid or hatch for several generations
>entire body plastic but still heavier than a ton of other two seater sports tourers
>garbage looking cheap interior for several generations

>boomers drive C7s but not C4s

rly make u thenk

>boomer garbage
>larger than a miata and a heavy duty drivetrain
Gee I wonder why they're heavier than some cars

You can't fucking find a Z06 for 15K. Maybe you can get a base 90s C5. Vettes are the ultimate NO TIRE KICKERS I KNOW WHAT I GOT boomer mobiles

>the most radical corvette design that turned off boomers especially with the rear lights
>is boomer

yes, this does make one ponder.

I love the C4. Watching it drive is unreal.

e46 m3

Close enough?


Not even comparing them to Miatas right now, that would be stupid. But a Corvette C5 is larger than a final gen 300ZX and as large as a final gen Toyota Supra and weighs at least as much, if not slightly more than either of them while being FAR less refined and luxurious.

C1's late model C3's and all C4's aside from the ZR1/Sledgehammer. are shit in terms of handling/power.

Early C3's C6's and C2's are the most attractive aesthetically.

The C7 is just shit all the way round.

Absolutely trash blue flame 6, then they fucked up the styling on the ones with actually good engines.
More than half the car is hood, which ruined the handling and makes it look like an upside down penis. No trunk except for 1982 only collector editions, which only have the hilariously awful Misfire Injection.
Ugly, almost exclusively bought by midlife crisis boomers in automatic base trim
Also ugly, shit cooling system, can't keep oil in the block


E46 is overpriced as fuck at the moment, M3s even more so
The Z06 is priced where it should be priced

$15k is about what a dimail driven c5z is worth. Obviously a garage queen will cost a little more.


C5's were 3300 Supra Miv's were 3400 and 300zx's were 3300 to 3500.

And none of those were luxurious.

What the fuck are you smoking?

They were the first to ditch the godawful popups, so by at least that measure yes.

C7 Z06s are the ones that have slight heat soak problems, but it literally takes a 10 dollar piece of aluminum for a hestsheild for the oil cooler to fix it. Cat delete/relocate helps too.
>best feeling
>best handling
>modern goodies
What's not to like?


>Curb weight
>1,410 kg (3,109 lb) - 1,510 kg (3,329 lb) (non-turbo)
>1,490 kg (3,285 lb) - 1,570 kg (3,461 lb) (turbo)
And that's a 2+2 car, mind you.

>Curb weight
>3,186 lb (1,445 kg) 2 seater non-turbo T-top
>3,373 lb (1,530 kg) 2 seater twin-turbo T-top
>3,310 lb (1,501 kg) 2 seater twin-turbo hard top
>3,432 lb (1,557 kg) 2 seater convertible

Curb Weight (Auto) 3,212 lbs.

As I said, just as heavy. And definitely laughably heavy considering it's got a fucking YOGHURT CUP body and very little equipment. The other two are comparatively luxurious sporty grand tourers and were marketed as such. The Corvette was always marketed as a no-frills everyman American sports car and is still just as large and heavy. Americans can't fucking build small, light cars. Only the Saturn Sky comes to mind, but exceptions prove the rule.

>implying you can't ditch the popups yourself with bonus points for adding MUH RACING HERITAGE to your car


Even gay porn. Isn't as gay as you right now.


C5s are so fucking sexy. I'm a mustang guy but God damn I wanna own a c5 at some point.


I hate most US cars and dislike Corvettes, but I'll admit that the C4 and C5 are extremely good value.

I'd go for a 1996 (last C4) with the LT4.

Why do people keep saying C4 > C5?

Not finding a z06 for 15k unless it has 100k miles friendo.

can we all agree that C6 is the best gen?
zr1 baby

Have you LOOKED at a C5?

C3 looks beautiful imo....
Maybe I'm a boomer in spirit?