Notice girl on sidewalk with thicc ass

>notice girl on sidewalk with thicc ass
>gaze longingly
>run stop sign

Who else?

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wow fuck you

Almost rear ended a car for that

>see petite grill with bolt on fake tits on sidewalk
>basically target fixate and drift into sidewalk
>she knew exactly what happened

>he lets himself get attracted by butts while he's driving
>while he's supposed to know that he must not distract himself while driving

Its only because car butts aren't good looking anymore. We need to fix this, for safety of course

>Not constantly getting distracted by girl's asses
The yoga pants trend is a dangerous one

Yoga shorts are a thing now.
Take my fucking license.

>fuck my GF every day that I see her
>having sex regularly raises your libido
>mfw you're the virgin because thicc doesn't distract you

I know it is, but it will never leave the trend. But we must look forward instead of eating a girl's butt through your eyes, or else accidents will happen.

You mean car design?
Eh, when i'm driving i'm mostly listening to the local news radio thinking about more important things.

Virgin here.
Can conform thicc doesn't distract me that much.


>Have 3 qt3.14s in the car
>Area I'm unfamiliar with
> Run stop sign at 55mph
>"Oh my God user, you ran a stop sign!!"
>Realize my mistake, respond
>"I'll stop twice on the way back"

Ended up dating the petite blonde for a few months.

Shortstack a best

>run stop sign

>think about 2D girls
>can keep eyes on road instead of being distracted by 3D thots

>looking at PAWG in yoga pants walking down the street
>almost hit a kid riding his bike

Those fucking yoga pants should be illegal.

>see gril with large breasts and a kinda low cut top riding her bike on opposite side of road
>coming up to rail road tracks
>stop and watch them jiggle as she rides over the tracks


come back once you've had a 3D girl like this in your car and tell me it's not worth getting distracted for once in a while.

No because I understand that I'm operating a heavy and dangerous machine that requires my full engagement to drive so I don't kill or be killed by idiots like you.

>I'm a huge fucking homo

i once reversed into a wall because i was staring at a cutie

>AMC AMX passes me
>Speed up in the lane beside it so I can look at it
>Almost ram into suv in front of me

This happens to me alot.
Past week there was and R8 and an NSX.
Why can't I stop staring at cars.

>3D girl

Absolutely disgusting. Imagine her farts. She poops too.


Also virgin here.
Can confirm thicc distracts me all the time.

100% worth it.

>if she wasn't a fictional character incapable of having communication with

stop being a nigger

america's decline directly correlates with its transition from a boobs country to a butt country

No, because I'm not a faggot attracted to girls. Dicks only for me, please.

i nearly curbed my dad's car when learning how to drive because a fine piece of ass on the sidewalk. even my dad was looking because he didn't notice until I had to correct

Please, elaborate on that concept. I'm legitimately interested

Like faggot, like faggot.