ITT: Spicy vans


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T3 twinturbo V8

Supposedly 1200hp

forgot the link


Astro's are based, Especially with a V8 swap.

Posting the godmachine of vans.

Lol maybe 400hp by the looks and sounds

The uploader of the video is fucking CLUELESS too.

>hurr, why do you guys downvote it?

>meanwhile he claims the car has 1200hp while only showing it idling or cruising along a rural road while having the camera focused on his buttbuddy's faces, spewing words in an ugly language

He has no fucking clue what people expect when he advertises a complete madman bus.


Came here to post this.


Bus riding and bench racing at the same time. If anything this image is the definition of Veeky Forums.

Y'know, becaue buses have a bench you sit on, and that particular one is going around a track

came here to post this to post this

The only thing that I don't like about it is the front mount. I feel like the execution could've been done better.


F1 V10 700hp

Not sold on the Abt kit, it doesn't fit the T5 or T6

Quad tailpipes on a diesel van, it just seems wrong

The two-tone and the stripe is nice though

>Bus riding and bench racing at the same time.

Just imagine sitting in the last row of that bus like all the cool dudes do, having your laptop on your lap and playing forza while that bus you're sitting is going around the Nurburgring!


She not so much spicy

so sexyyyyy

Those THICC wheels though are

They just turned that Astro into a 2017 hatchback.

Well done.