*blocks your gear shift*

*blocks your gear shift*

get fuckeddddd car

>trying to upshift when ur already at 1.25k rpm

I would deny that shift to faggot

Lol new cars

Is this a Cumaro?

yes with paddle shifters


>muh onboard computah cucked me out of fucking up muh engine.

"Im sorry dave, im afraid i cant do that"


My 07 fit sport has paddles and I can approach a stop light in 4th and wait until RPMs drop to 900 before downshifting.


Fucking hell that car's a cunt

>Torquelet pls go.


>"driving" a computer on wheels

You're a big transmission

> driving an old smart car in """manual shift""" mode
> the computer decides to override downshift at the same time as I pull the lever
> takes like ten seconds to drop two gears
> engine revs to the moon for a second then it takes another five seconds to upshift back to the gear I want

But user, why did you use manual mode? Were you pretending the smart car is fast?
> drive up a hill in automatic mode
> the engine starts revving high in 2nd
> takes 5 seconds to upshift to 3rd
> meanwhile it loses all momentum
> lugs engine for a couple of seconds then downshifts to 2nd
> repeat

>Not wanting to save fuel.

It's like you never went the distance before.


>Have automatic car in manual mode.
>It won't upshift.


I always wondered what DCTs and paddle autos did if you tried to downshift at a super bad time.




For you

If I shift you, will you grind?

Try and Deny me from Shifting

>letting computers control anything more than the engine map

No its a Chevy Cruze. Camaros do it also though.

How do you open the hood?

Even stick shift has a mechanism to block you from entering 1st and R at speeds higher than 15km/h.

Is this bait?

It will be extremely unpleasant

On the camaro's there was a feature on the manual transmission that force you to skip shift. It would lock you out of the next gear and force you to go from 2nd to 4th. I had one for a year and I could never figured out what would cause it to active it seemed to do it at random for the most part.

Quality thread

Protip, the manual tells you what fuse to pull to disable that.

Protip, we were fucked the day we started buying cars that required disabling features to not suck.

It's actually brilliant as a fuel economy/emissions cheat. The manual for corvettes at least is like "guys totally don't pull this fuse, skip-shift won't work wink wink nudge nudge." It's its own dedicated fuse.

Yeah, my car didn't come with a spare.
It's brilliant as a cost saving cheat.

Actually spares being gone are due to fuel economy restrictions and to preserve trunk space now that cars have to be fatter and fatter. I don't see what you have against something that takes literally a minute to disable that lets you have a big, powerful engine.

>I don't see what you have against something that takes literally a minute to disable that lets you have a big, powerful engine.
>lets you have a big, powerful engine
guess not

If I take that off would you die?

Ever heard of synchronisers faggot?

ABS for instance.

It's really too bad.
Designing cars for idiots (which only makes good business sense, as they're the ones buying the largest percentage) tends to fuck those who actually have ability.

dont have to its a chrysler