Euro car prices

Holy shit Veeky Forums I just realized why Europeans are so insufferable on all car forums: they can't afford to buy anything! A friend is moving to the Netherlands for work in a few months and I was helping him find cars. A piece of shit Golf TDI (diesel) costs the equivalent of $40,000 or more there! The Netherlands shares a fucking border with Germany. Do these European governments just tax the shit out of car purchases to encourage public transport use? I mean WTF, it's not like the cost of living and salaries scale with the car prices either. Europeans just don't buy these cars and just don't care I guess.

There isn't a "Dutch bicycle culture", these poor saps just can't afford cars. I mean the US has some stupid car regulations but nothing even close to this bad. I wonder if the yuropoors realize that in the US, you can buy a brand new 460hp Camaro with options for what a Golf diesel costs in the Netherlands...

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>muh healthcare
>muh social contract
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That's holland for you. Taxes on everything.
Meanwhile, I saw a car for sale the other day for £300. You can't even get a non-running car for that in America.

Dont worry, in 15 years they will be majority Islamic and will be blown away from history

They have better trannies though, don't they?

Tfw cheapest used car market in the world in the UK

good condition cars for 500£

Now insure it.

Another 500 for a year

>There isn't a "Dutch bicycle culture", these poor saps just can't afford cars.

No, the reason they have a bicycle culture is because the country is tiny as dickshit, flatter then a 11 year old girl, most people work in the town they live in and public transport is amazing at connecting everything to anything. There's supermarket's and bakery's everywhere.

Also Bike-friendly infrastructure, cycling path's everywhere combined with bike-friendly public policy, planning and laws means biking is safe and fast, therefore people get on a bike when they are young, which means they are great bikers by the time they can drive a car if they want to which leads to less drivers since they already have their bike and drivers who are more considerate to bikers.

There's hardly a need for a car.

I routinely buy running and driving cars from free to $500.

Subaru BRZ is 48000$ here in Finland.

Not him but i ran a bunch of vaguely interesting cars through an insurance comparison recently
>cayman S: £650
>S2000: £680
>monaro 5.7: £750
>E90 M3: £1000
Makes me wonder why I bother paying £650 to insure my MX-5 when i could get something more interesting

This is the the truth. After paying my cuck-tax and spending a bloody fortune on petrol driving my wife to Muhammad's flat, I do not have enough money to buy a good car. At least I have taxpayer-funded healthcare to treat the syphilis I contract from my wife (via Muhammad)!

>You can't even get a non-running car for that in America.


Europeans just can't stop losing, can they?

>There's hardly a need for a car.
>government brainwashing

That's what they keep telling themselves.

Britbongs aren't considered european anymore, they have literally no bound to it whatsoever

Wew lads 16 replies and no one mentioned a mustang GT is 120k+ in Netherlandistan?

>Ford MUSTANG Convertible GT 5.0 V8
>Prijs: € 130.530

kill me now senpai

that's like $150,000 btw

Exact same spec Camaro, but one year older, in the Netherlands is 110,000 Euros or $125,000

>American muscle cars cost more than BMW M cars in europoor
that explains a lot

Free data roaming in the EU m8
Also my EHIC card is still valid

$25000 of that is to pay for your medical expenses when some gopnik with no insurance blows through a stop light in his 80s bmw and totals your car

That's because a Golf isn't a cheap car anymore in NL, it's acquired a status with everyone who was a boyracer in the 90's, thus the people who now make decent money.
Seats are considered sportier versions of VWs and are expensive too.
If you want a VAG then you should go to Skoda, you'll get a stationwagon Fabia with nearly every option for the price of a stock VW Polo hatch.
But nobody buys a brand new car, only company leased cars are new. Get an occasion, the average car here is over 10 years old.

Yeah driving a car here is FUCKED. The loophole was to ride a motorcycle but the government quickly caught up to also meme us out of existence.

Only loophole left is get a van/truck that fits EU pallets and can run on LPG.
Alternatively, you can get a 25 year gasoline car and have reduced taxes or get a 45 year old car and pay no taxes.

I saw a goddamn datsun 280z today on the road. Nearly came in my pants. Why dont classics have to pay taxes anyway?

Only a comnplete retard would buy a diesel in the netherlands.

Exemption to prevent classics from being exported/salvaged because their fuel consumption and emission tax would make them unaffordable.
Most people wouldn't dd them, so their effect on total emissions would be minimal anyway. At least they appreciate classic car culture.
It used to be more forgiving a few years ago, any car that was 25 years old would have to pay no taxes. But that law was from when a 25y old would be an absolute shitty rustbucket.
LPG cars have low fuel per litre costs, but that's offset by high taxes. A 25y old lpg car would be practically free to drive back then.

This is what the left wants the US to be like.

This, just get gasoline or lpg depending on how many km you're going to drive.
Ignore all diesels, those are cheap when you live in Germany

Remind the left that mandatory health care insurance in NL was introduced by Hitler.
Before that we were pretty right-wing, we sold coke to both UK and Germany in WW1 and nobody gave a shit about them drugging their soldiers or that we enslaved Indonesia to produce said coke.

yea just get a Mustang, it's fairly affordable

being this brainwashed in favor of having to own a car, go live in boston NYC or DC

And i tought italy was bad .. The prices are fine , but the tax on owning the car is insane , for my bmw 130i with 265 hp i pay 700 euros every year , plus i would have to pay another 120 euro cause i have more than 250hp . Now since the car is 10 yrs old i have reduction othrrwhise it s 20 euro for each HP above 250 . So for a civic type r i think around 1500 euro overall , meanwhile the fagggot with a panamera diesel pays less .

I can find running cars for less than 200$ daily for the rest of my life.
How fucking retarded are you?

...a ton of people own cars in all those cities
or they live just outside the city and commute

But in Canada we get car and all the yuropoor socialist crap.

Would that £300 car pass your cucked as fuck emissions and safety inspections? I don't fucking think so, That's why their so cheap. Somebody should post that story of the guy who would up getting his car crushed for installing the wrong horn button. I've heard of cars failing inspections from a tiny rust spot in Europe.

>be chummy with local mechanic
>total shitbox passes every inspection

>bikes in holland are like guns in the US
o i get it

>get caught by the bobbies or whatfuckingever
>car gets crushed
>insurance goes from $15k a year to $25k a year
>forced to ride the bus for the rest of your life

Yeah, Real free.

>car gets crushed
He's not an American with a skyline or range Rover

Canada has public health insurance and we don't pay anything like that for a BRZ

Yes, you can get a banged up, but working 90's volvo for €700. Getting a small shitbox is easy for €300 and if a car was sold here, it will always be allowed in it's stock configuration as long as it runs well.

This, getting around within a city during rush hour is faster on a bicycle.
If I want to get to the city centre, it takes 15 min by bike, 30 min by bus, 10 min in a car normally and 20 min during rush hour.
Around 3:15 should also be considered rush hour in cities here since at that time you have moms al over the place trying to get their kid from school as fast as possible (all casualities accepted it seems)

when i used to live in London i tried insuring a 1999 BMW 328 coupe
The cheapest insurance quote I got was around £15.000 gbp per year - 18 years old, no accidents
15k for a car I bought for fucking £580.
Moved out of the UK, now paying roughly 240£ per year for my 2005 E60 535d (mapped to ~350hp)

they choose to own cars

they don't have to own cars

the guy I was responding to is a total class cuck who enjoys having to have the expenses of a car, like most of the US

Public transport is also shit, it was privatized years ago, now a single leaf on the railroad is reason the cut the schedule in half. When it snows, they start shitting themselves completely. As we always say here, in Hitler's time at least the trains were always on time. (Though fuck the gerries for stealing our grandfather's bicycle when they went home)
That plus it costs so much it that you can spend less on a car than on train/bus tickets depending on the distance and route.

>12 months mot

try again

>who enjoys having to have the expenses of a car, like most of the US

>posts on Veeky Forums
>is disgusted by the thought of having a car


>Would that £300 car pass your cucked as fuck emissions and safety inspections?
Thats funny because USA has more strict emission standards than the EU, that's why VW got nailed there, here even with the cheating they are to spec, unlike in USA

>Got cars from 500€ up
>you can insure them for 200-400€ depending of the coverage level (i'm paying 340€ for a 05 corolla, i bought for 4000€).

Just for your information, dutch taxes or uk insurance prices are not the average in the rest of the EU...

It only needs to pass the laws that were in place when the car was first sold.
For example, the old golf 2 diesel in my barn doesn't need a catalyst to pass but a newer car will probably be rejected if it's broken or missing.

The US are nazis on production cars and hillbillys on private cars. Half the population can buy a new car and rip the emissions equipment straight out without ever seeing another emissions check. Of course only few will actually do, but the message this sends is a pretty stupid one.

>15k for a car I bought for fucking £580.
Morons keep repeating this argument but it doesn't become any more valid. 18 year olds don't pay ten times their car's value for liability insurance to replace their own car (which isn't even covered by liability), but (AS THE FUCKING NAME SAYS) to cover damage that 18 year olds do to other cars, and 18 year olds do a lot of damage.

>I wonder if the yuropoors realize that in the US, you can buy a brand new 460hp Camaro with options for what a Golf diesel costs in the Netherlands...
I wonder if the Amerifats realize that a third of them and rising are obese bastards.

Bizarrely, used car prices are right in line with the rest of the world. It's just new car buyers that get shafted (120k for a Mustang GT, lol).
Also some of the highest gas prices in the entire world. This country just hates cars, really.

It's not like they have a choice, the entire country would turn into a single suburb with permanent gridlock if the Dutch lived like the Americans. Literally the entirety of the American lifestyle is founded on having brought so much uninhabited land under their control, and the country would turn into a smoggy, polluted, loud hellhole if for some reason it were as densely populated as western Europe one morning.

>Well Americans are fatter on average so it doesn't matter
What a contribution to the conversation

Which is not only directly linked to their habit of driving everywhere instead of doing any sort of bodily movement, but may possibly also have such enormous impact on their healthcare costs that it offsets all savings from their artificially cheap motoring lifestyle.

Cool story, but being fat is a choice. I can choose to be fat but I can't choose the Msrp on a v8 Camaro.

Buying a car is a choice, especially in a densely populated country with great public infrastructure. No one's holding a gun to your head and telling you to buy a Camaro.

You missed the point entirely. You basically said it doesn't matter that high performance vehicles can be cheaply purchased in America because Americans are fat, then said "well I don't have to buy one". America is better when it comes to purchasing a v8 muscle/pony car. This is objective truth.

And Europe is better when it comes to personal and overall health and therefore public costs. I didn't say that cheap cars don't matter because Americans are fat, what I said was that Americans are fat because cars are cheap.

>Americans are fat because cars are cheap
Well that's enough internet for me today.

How else are we going to fund all the diversity enthusiasts?


Whats the context, nigga?

Isn't Spain broke and being financially kept afloat by the rest of Europe?

Percentage non-hispanic white population in the USA.

Just to chip in, is anyone really surprised that cars that are popular and prominent in US car culture, and are produced in the US, are cheaper in the US?
Compare it to Mercedes for example, which seems to have more of a luxury car status in the US, while in most EU countries you see mercs all the time.

Some states are whiter than others.

>food costs nothing in the US
>can buy American V8 rockets for next to nothing
>eat anything to your heart's content and do donuts in your front yard

show me the downside

>the country would turn into a smoggy, polluted, loud hellhole

Wow the government is really effective at brainwashing Europeans

Violent nig-... oh wait.

lol this is a load of bullshit, every town has like 5-6 gyms and there's tons of options for sport and recreation everywhere you look in the US. Driving to work isn't making people fat

>get shot by tyrone
>medical insurance goes from $15k to $25k a year
>forced to ride his big black sausage for the rest of your life

Your population density is 6.5 TIMES lower than my country's, and your air and rivers are already dirtier than ours, and this is a scientific fact backed up by empirical measures, not my opinion.

Honestly you're absolutely fucking garbage at taking care of where you live, and this is my opinion.

>Europe is better

lel stopped reading there

No, but stuffing themselves with corn syrup and also driving EVERYWHERE does.

This is the sign a yuropeon has been cornered in a debate

>C-class in the Netherlands costs more than a Bentley in the US

good point

>muh Netherlands
Stop shilling your fucking misery, you cuntbag. Your shithole is the exception, not the rule. Move already, you whiny fuck.

>your air and rivers are already dirtier than ours,

yea that one piece of shit creek you have is a really doozy

Let me know when you worthless country gets a river like the Missouri river, Mississippi, Yukon, Rio Grande, Colorado etc

In what way? People can eat less if they want to. They choose not to.

Never been to Netherlands. You've probably won this argument if we're still talking about the NL specifically. I was basing my post more on my own experiences.and I live in northern Europe. Here mercs are probably as abundant in your daily life as muscle cars are in the US. Another thing, which I mentioned in my first post, is that people here aren't generally very interested in American cars. My parents live in an area where you can see porsches and such daily, but only a handful of people there own a muscle car. Those people all own some older cars. Only once have I seen a post 80s American muscle there.

Sure feels nice to be post-brexit
Aside from all the terror attacks we keep getting

Americans have their own people kill each other, we have to import the murderers...

Well this thread started by mentioning the cost of a VW Golf, which should be cheap everywhere

Golf is certified boyracer car in west-Europe, so it's unnecessarily expensive. Get a Skoda if you want VAG. You can get a Octavia (Passat) for the price of a Golf.

The octavia is built on the same platform as the golf and also costs just as much. It's literally a golf sedan and not a rebadged passat.

>thinking the Brexit will somehow magically change anything about the British car taxes, insurance system or fuel prices

It's as big as a Passat though, for the price of a Golf.

Not really. The interior space is p similar to the golf (variant) and so is the wheelbase.

That's weird, I could've sworn it was Passat sized.

Correct OP, have you seen how much houses cost here?

We don't have as much free money to spend on cars like burgers.

>tfw cars are more expensive in europe
>tfw europeans make a wage you can live on

enjoy your $2.30 serving job.

>tfw europeans make a wage you can live on
I wish that was so mate. The high cost of the social safety net makes taxes very very high here.

We do our own thing, but car ownership is not something we excel at.

I live comfortably in the US on a wage that is considered a bit over poverty level (grad student). Insurance costs are high-ish but everything else is cheap