I actually bought it.

fix it again tony

Had one park next to my shitbox once. Is it new? Do you like it?

Nice car OP.

1000% jealous thats my dream car

I think it's a cool car that cost $20k too much.

How'd you get over the whole no manual thing?

All that Carbon Fiber. If they made an aluminum version they could have sold the carbon one as a special edition or top trim

>How did you get over the whole poor teenager excuse thing?


It's DCT but it also doesn't have power steering, so it's still pretty "purist"

Bread, hood, etc

>Is it new?
2015 with 3700 miles, price was way better than buying new.
>Do you like it?
It's amazing. The only downside is the attention, I wasn't able to make a single gas/rest stop without someone coming up to me to talk about it. Drove the car 650 miles/10 hours from SC to PA yesterday.

>How'd you get over the whole no manual thing?
The transmission is great actually, it really suits the car. I left it in auto mode while driving between stops (also have the optional cruise control), and then switched it to "manual" when on local roads. The auto mode is surprisingly aggressive with shift points, even when the car is set to Natural mode on the DNA selector.


*bretty nice OP

The metallic red's real nice in person tho.

damn those wheels look fucking dope

Well done boyo, enjoy your pastamobile.

Wheels look cool.
that's about it


>Manual releases of modern sports cars are sold out before they're produced and instantly worth more than MSRP
>Used car market manuals are worth thousands more, sometimes more than double their auto counter parts

Manuals aren't for poor teenagers anymore, this isn't 1994. Manuals are expensive and sought after. Look at any enthusiast car.
One of my cars I only bought because manuals are fairly rare for its model. I would never have bought the car if it were an automatic, and the manuals are notoriously bad and hard to drive in it.

>amazing sources


The absolute madman. Good job OP, you got a pretty car.

All good sportscars cost $20k too much. :/

Alfa have the best stock wheels.

I don't get how they justify a $60k price tag, that just seems utterly ridiculous for what you get from this thing



literally slower around the track than the new type r kek

Lol post your car faggot.

>he didn't post one

Yep, as expected from benchracing faggots



Bread on hood

why would you buy that over an evora with proper manual?

lol whatever fag. Enjoy your shitbox and benchracing.

You better still have your CR.

dont bother, they wouldnt be able to post their balls

Bread on the hood when you take delivery of it pal

Congratulatio if you genuinely have one.

>not Esprit



i hope you don't need to install license plate on the front of the car

>zero sources
>lacks critical thinking, because he doesn't realize auto sports cars are worth less because people actually fucking drive them and have more miles

another filtered busrider

>You better still have your CR.
I do, I have 4 cars now. I plan on selling the Civic though. Just need to get the Prelude back together for winter.

Sure, I'll take a pic when I get home this evening. Drove it to NJ for dinner.

what are they competing with/designed to be similar to? A Lotus or something?

cars don't need to compete or be similar...

but general market position is porsche cayman and lotus evora

>he posts his 707hp monster
>shitposting busriders get eternally btfo in moments

i fucking love Veeky Forums

hellcat user is truly based

>best body lines
>best styling
>comfy inside, nice amount of room
>good for DD, does decent on gas when you tune it down via touchscreen
>insane on the strip
>the best sound in the world

how can euros and japs even compete

Not really. The only direct competitor would be a lotus Elise, and this thing is carbon fiber, with more power and tech.

Whether or not you like that is up in the air, but that's a fair price


Thanks for getting it in the right color. Anyone who gets an Italian car in any other color than red is a KEK.

It's dark, so I did the best I could. (Not shuffling cars around to fit it into the garage until tomorrow)


how much did you end up paying

his dignity

Just over $55k out the door, really not too bad. For comparison, a new C7 with no options would cost more.

neat, how do you like it? how does it drive?

Legit curious, what about this car makes it work 55k to you? I dont know much about alfas.

>quietly hides granito lucente 500 Abarth in the garage
I already gave up my dignity a long time ago desu

I make decent money, but I'm a cheap bastard.

I drive passed the BMW dealership every day on my way to work and I saw a really nice looking M2, but I can't bring myself to buy it.
Just once I wish I was spontaneous enough to buy a sportscar with no thoughts about insurance or practicality.

Avoid modern BMWs if you want a real drivers car.

I used to be the same way, user. Drove a beater VW for the longest time before I got a good job and bit the bullet on a new, impractical car. Feeling a lot more spontaneous and carefree than I used to now. Might even talk to a female soon.

I love it, driving it is very different from anything else I own. It makes all the best sounds, and the turbo takes just long enough to spool that it really kicks you when the boost comes on. The tech Alfa put into the car is really neat too. The different modes (DNA + Race) change the composure of the car a lot. Switching between manual and automatic is fun too, I wasn't expecting to enjoy the automatic rev-matched downshifts as much as I do. You sort of have to fall into the car with how low the seating position is, which is also really neat.

>Legit curious, what about this car makes it work 55k to you?
Fast, fun, semi-exotic. It's like nothing else on the road (there were about 650 cars sold in 2015, under 2k total so far). Driving it is ridiculously enjoyable.

>Just once I wish I was spontaneous enough to buy a sportscar with no thoughts about insurance or practicality.
Just do it. I called the dealer 7pm Thursday night, booked my flight Friday evening, and was driving it home Saturday.

Fully carbon fiber tub isn't cheap I'd imagine.

You best be bringing that to the Veeky Forums meet next weekend. Then you can take it down the drag strip.

Congrats though, very nice buy and kind of jealous. Now that I have a decent paying job I'm looking to get a Citro├źn, just got to sell one or 2 of my cars first.

You know that is his dad's car, right? We covered this in a thread months ago. He's some fat teenager.

Holy fuck LOL. It's mine.

What is soul and passion?

Is this the canned response to anyone posting their cars?


Should have got a Porsche ya dun goofed

>The transmission is great actually
What about in 10 years time? When it gets outdated and its shit compared with modern DCTs?
How does it feel knowing that your car would be timeless if it werent autotragic?

>open thread
>muscle cuck already projecting his insecurities on everyone else

this is why I am happy chevrolet lost, all muscle car fangirls are subhumans and there is literal no moral guilt when they get humiliated

>"Mom feed me"
Just check the prices for yourself

That's pretty cool dude, good job. I wouldn't have gone for the Alfa if I had the money but I'm stoked for you! You're now Veeky Forums elite

Huge heavy car with a unreliable pushcuck engine with shit mpg
You can keep it

I just can't take your shitposting seriously now that I know your a spic. Sad!

>he still hasn't posted his car

Congrats. You spent just south of 60k for an uncomfortable Miata with some carbon fiber and a little more power.

The esprit and evora are incomparable.

Awesome I want a giulia but can't afford it . good for you prelude guy

My nigger.

are you an anglo? if your answer is yes, sorry? you are a subhuman

Shut the fuck up, Ethan

Chill dude, i just got here
My car being worst than a hellcat is expected, since i spent 10% of the cost of a Hellcat, but that doesnt change the fact that the hellcat is shit, and its sold for its numbers alone for the avarage people that dont understand cars or are just basic bros that want to be the fastest in the stop light.
>Shitty interior, 90s mercedes chassis, 70's overhauled engine.

Sweet, Hellcats! Some of my favorite food.

It's cool man, I like Mexicans. Mexican food is god tier.

So you've never driven a Hellcat and never even sat in a Hellcat, and some how I'm supposed to think that you know what you're talking about? You're literally a benchracer, kill yourself.

So what did you fucking pay nigger

I thought you faggots sustained yourselves on water vapor.

don't forget the generous amounts of cock

Many do! I however sustain myself on E85.

I assume you're not just running stock with an E85, right? Because no way you can take a Hellcat with just an E85.

I don't take cock sir, I give it. But do not worry. I am a considerate lover when penetrating Hellcat, Tesla, EVO, Corvette, Viper, etc. owners. When they feel my girth fill their willing holes they quickly realize mine is a gentle, but firm, cock. And they submit readily.

You assume correctly! It is a full build sir, engine parts and fuel system are good to 850 WHP. I am currently tuned for putting down 620.


>I am a considerate lover when penetrating Hellcat, Tesla, EVO, Corvette, Viper, etc. owners.
Stock? What's the fun in beating stock cars with a highly tuned STI? Get the fuck out there and race tuned cars niggerbro.

I do race tuned cars my friend! And that is a great challenge! My best friend has a highly tuned EVO who is a great rival! But I also drive on the streets, and mean Hellcats and other sports cars try to bully me while I mind my own business! But they always forget to ask me what is under the hood until it is too late. I can not help their over-zealous actions, I can only educate! :)

I'm curious, how much did you spend total? You have one fast ass sti. It's kind of nice to see someone on Veeky Forums that is actually a car enthusiast and not some 2006 Corolla owner.

Hey, how much do you think the car will be reliable?

Looks nice

This guy gets it

I don't go out of my way to fuck with people either, but you've always got people who see a fuckin' Porsche Boxster and want to start shit.

Or would see me in my old 240z and think hurrr old sports car lets rayce

i just want to say congratulations

you bought the best new car available

hope you enjoy the hell out of it

You did well, hopefully you will enjoy it without any issues